Start Bodybuilding For Beginners

If you think to start bodybuilding for beginners, you should know that there’s just one true way that will get you there: hard work. Not only that, but you will need a lot of patience and dedication because this path is very long. The journey of bodybuilding from a beginner to a professional is very long and tough. You need to be aware of this. Nonetheless, in no way I’m trying to say that it is impossible, however.

When you start bodybuilding, you simply need to ensure that you start the right way, have the right bodybuilding habits in place, and set real goals. Moreover, keep in mind that as a beginner, you need to do bodybuilding workouts for beginners, rather than just jumping straight to extremely heavy weights. That’s not recommended for various reasons. For starters, you need proper technique and form. It is hard to have a proper technique and form when you go for heavy weights. Moreover, heavier weights, especially with improper technique, will significantly increase the risk of injuries. That’s why beginners are most susceptible to injuries. Not to mention that heavy weights can damage your muscles in an unwanted way.

  • So, when you start bodybuilding for beginners, there are a lot of things to know. In this article, you will find everything you need to know when it comes to bodybuilding. Even if you do not plan to compete, but you simply want to enhance your physique and/or performance, these tips will still help you. We will talk about nutrition, workouts, rest days, and supplements. So regardless of your goals, as long as we talk about physique and performance, and especially bodybuilding – you should read on!

Bodybuilding For Beginners Guide

Find your motivation

Before you even start bodybuilding for beginners, it is extremely important to remember that it is not easy. It will take grit and there will most likely be times in your bodybuilding journey when your motivation is going to be low and you may even want to give up. Either because you may think that the results you deserve do not come, or because you lose your motivation – regardless you need to keep it up. That’s why finding your motivation is so important. Without motivation, you are likely to give up way sooner than you should. Therefore, you must find your own sense of purpose and motivation when you start bodybuilding for beginners. It must be something that will keep you pushing when the chips are down.

It doesn’t really matter what exactly – as long as it motivates you to keep on going. Any reason is valid, even if it may sound stupid, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you keep pushing forward. For some, it could be to simply sculpt their body in the best possible form. For others, it could be health reasons, to look good, set personal (or competitive) bests, and so on.

Avoid common mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes that people who start bodybuilding for beginners tend to make – attempting to bulk up too fast. While I understand that there’s no time to wait when it comes to building muscle and it is natural that you want to do it as fast as possible, many try to do it too fast, gaining fat, not muscle. The term “bulk” in the gym is more for experienced bodybuilders who know how to pack on muscle quickly and efficiently. Beginners can bulk up too, of course, but they need to learn how to do it correctly. Remember this is a slow and steady process. You won’t get huge overnight, and not even in a month! In fact, it takes years of continuous hard work!

That’s why, do not expect the same results as professionals when you just start bodybuilding for beginners. Instead, you need to focus on perfecting your form and slowly moving up the weights. This way you will keep your motivation and you will not hurt yourself easily when you move onto higher weights and more intense training programs.

Work out between 3-4 times a week

Overtraining is a real thing and it will do more harm than good, that’s why you need to avoid it. This is why you just can’t work out 24/7 and become huge fast. Overtraining is when you are working out so often that the muscles do not have enough time to repair themselves and grow. Going too hard and/or too frequently to the gym is another common mistake among those who start bodybuilding for beginners.

That’s why, you shouldn’t work every muscle of your body every day. As said, your muscles need time (rest) to repair and grow. In fact, if you try to work every muscle of your body every day, it will significantly slow down growth, as the muscles have no time to repair. Instead of working out daily, go for three to four workouts a week, spread throughout the week. May try three times a week as an absolute beginner, and four times a week when having some experience. Four times a week is the norm for most bodybuilders.

It is the ideal amount because it allows you to target your upper body on two separate days and your lower body on two separate days. Moreover, it provides your muscles enough time to grow and heal. Your rest days are extremely important. They are the days when your muscles are actually growing and healing. That’s why your performance is better when you come to the gym well rested. In the end, when you start bodybuilding for beginners, your career and daily routine will be a big factor in determining how often you can (and should) train. Keep in mind that you need to focus on your life outside the gym too! It may seem useless, but that’s important for bodybuilding.

Get the movements right

So, if you start bodybuilding for beginners, it’s obvious that you will need to lift a lot of weight. Yet, you don’t just go straight to the first machine or dumbbell in the gym you see. You need to have a calculated plan and sort the exercises that you want to be doing when you train as a bodybuilder. Regardless if we’re talking about the upper body or lower body, you should start with basic exercises for each body part.

For example, you could start with two different exercises per body part (such as chest, shoulders, triceps, and so on). Aim for 3 sets of between 8 to 12 reps with good form that feels challenging for each exercise. For example, let’s say you work out your chest. Go for 3 sets of 10 reps of bench press, then followed by 3 sets of 12 reps of dumbbell flys. Or it could be 3 sets of deadlifts followed by 3 sets of lunges, if we’re talking about legs, for example. Therefore, when we’re talking about bodybuilding for beginners, you do not really need to add a lot of more complex exercises. The basic ones will work great. You would add the more complex ones when you have more experience and need more results. As a beginner, the basic moves will use all major and lots of secondary muscles.

Keep in mind that basic exercises help strengthen other areas of the body (such as lateral pulldown won’t only work one back muscle). Also, you need to aim for a weight that leaves you pretty exhausted after 3 sets of 12. For arms, you could try supersets, although supersets can work for many other muscles. Train abs at the end of every workout, and may even have 10-20 minutes of cardio.

Get your diet right

You can work out as much as you please, but if you do not get your nutrition right, you will not reach your desired results. Food helps fuel your body to properly perform in the gym and bring the necessary results. The correct diet will also help your body recover from grueling training programs. You need a correct amount of calories and a balanced diet in terms of macronutrients, with enough micronutrients. Overall, your diet is crucial when it comes to bodybuilding. If you want to start bodybuilding for beginners, you need to start eating right. You should have great discipline in the gym, with regular, intense, and correct workouts. Yet, you also need great discipline in the kitchen, with correct macronutrient balance, the proper amount of daily calories, and enough micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

To start, you need to cut out sugar and reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates, fried foods, white flour products such as white bread, and other processed foods such as meats, cookies, and numerous candies and baked foods. Moreover, aim to increase your water intake. Aim for at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight a day.

Then, you need to add a lot of protein. A lot of it. Aim for at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day. Instead of simple carbs, go for complex carbs. Instead of trans fats, opt for healthy fats such as those from avocados, olives, olive oil, and fatty fish. In terms of protein – egg whites, chicken, tuna, salmon. Carbs – quinoa, oats, potatoes, rice, and others. Also add some fruits, berries, vegetables, green leaves, nuts, and seeds. Do all of it and you’ll see huge improvement!

Want to know how to start bodybuilding for beginners?

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