Protein Before Bed to Build Muscle

Is protein before bed going to help you grow muscle? Find it out here! Whether you’re bulking up or going through a cut, getting a lot of protein in your diet is essential for your goals. In fact, protein is essential to stay healthy, but it is even more important for people in fitness circles.

The recommended daily intake of protein is at least 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight (0.35 grams per pound of body weight )per day. However, those people who are physically active need even more. Additionally, if you’re trying to build muscle, then you need significantly more protein! This means that increasing the amount of protein you get in your diet (from 0.8 to about 2 grams per kilogram of body weight which is around 0.9 grams per pound of body weight per day) will significantly support both weight lifting and resistance training, supporting your goals.

For example, an active guy who weighs 200 pounds would need to consume at least 70 grams of protein per day to stay healthy. However, if he’s physically active, he would need at least 140 grams of protein per day. If you want to grow muscle, you’ll need no less than 140 grams a day, up to about 200 grams per day to support muscle growth.

So, generally, protein is extremely important. But we also have carbohydrates and fat. According to the Dietary Guidelines, your daily calories should be broken down as:

  • 10 to 35% of protein
  • 20 to 35% of fat
  • 40 to 65% of carbohydrates

May slightly adjust according to stats, goals, body type, and so on. Also, when talking about protein, lots of people wonder whether there is a right time to consume it.

The science of protein

You may have noticed that a lot of people are suggesting that post-workout protein is best to support muscle repair and therefore, muscle growth. So, you may wonder whether having some protein before bed may help build muscle. Well, it does seem that protein before bed helps build muscle. Moreover, it seems that having a protein shake before bed would do the thing. Let’s dig deeper into it.

In order to build muscle, we need amino acids. Since our bodies need that organic compound, protein is the perfect source.

We tend to build muscle when we lift weights. That’s because when we lift those weights, our muscle tissues are under stress, causing micro tears in the muscle fibers. Then, when we’re sleeping, the muscles are repaired. We basically grow as we’re snoozing the night away. During our sleep, the growth hormone increases, boosting muscle growth and decreasing body fat. In short, we basically grow muscles when we sleep (because we tear them in the gym). We take advantage of protein before bed when growth hormone increases. You are able to increase the secretion of growth hormone by adding MK677 (Ibutamoren) in your cycle too. That is proven by a lot of studies.



What does it mean to have protein before bed?

It’s not hard to understand that since we grow muscle in our sleep, and since we need protein (the amino acids in the protein) to repair and grow muscle, then having protein before bed will significantly help build muscle. Eating protein before bed will take full advantage of that spike in hormones that help repair and grow muscle.

That’s something proven by studies. For example, this study suggests that casein protein before bed is going to increase muscle protein synthesis, which helps boost post-workout overnight recovery. One more study indicates that drinking a protein shake before bed will result in bigger muscle strength, size, and muscle fiber size. Another study done by the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that casein protein before bed will acutely increase muscle protein synthesis and metabolic rate as you sleep. More studies suggest that protein will improve metabolism too. It can also help protect your lean muscle if you’re a fan of early morning pre-breakfast workouts, or if you simply do not love eating in the morning. Protein before bed can benefit muscle growth and prevent muscle loss.

The only thing to mention is unclear whether those results were delivered specifically from having protein before bed, or because of an increase in daily protein amount. Still, having protein before bed will definitely not hurt. Unless you’re doing it wrong. High fat foods before bed can disturb your sleep quality and reduce the amount of growth hormone secretion. So, when you plan to have protein before going to sleep, go for protein only and avoid high fat foods. May have a protein shake.

Is protein before bed only for bodybuilders?

Generally, while only athletes and bodybuilders prefer to drink or eat protein before, they are not the only ones who can benefit from it. According to studies, having a protein bar or shake before bed will benefit those who are searching to build muscle fast, as well as help aid muscle growth in older people and those who are less active.

In that study, participants were given casein protein before bed with positive results. However, according to that study, overweight people having protein before bed may increase insulin levels the next morning. That’s why overweight people should abstain from protein before bed. But athletes, bodybuilders, those people who are less active, and older people can all get a lot of benefits from protein before bed.

The Best Protein Before Bed

When it comes to the best results for muscle growth and repair, you need the best protein before bed. There are foods that are packed with protein and low in fat, which means that they are perfect as a snack before you go to sleep.

Here’s what I would recommend to have before bed to build muscle:

  • Protein shake
  • One cup of 1% fat milk or cottage cheese
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Hard boiled eggs

Here are other great sources of protein, but they may not be the best as a protein before bed simply because they may be harder to digest or they may have higher fat amounts, which may disturb your sleep quality. These are awesome protein sources, and you may still have them before going to bed, but pay attention to the quantity. They include:

  • Legumes, lentils, and peas
  • Poultry
  • Tofu
  • Eggs
  • Fish and seafood
  • Nuts
  • Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese

Any of these can easily provide you with your needed 20-30 grams of protein, without eating too much of them.

Protein supplements before bed

If you want to go for a protein shake before bed or a protein bar, I recommend being careful about the type you choose. That’s simply because a lot of those protein shakes and protein bars are packed with artificial sweeteners and/or are high in calories.

Where possible, it is best to get your daily protein needs from foods. Only go for protein supplements whenever you can’t fulfill your daily protein needs from foods.


testolone-rad140In the end, protein before bed does help you build muscle. But you need to be careful if you’re overweight. Moreover, be careful with the type of protein you choose. Otherwise, it is a great way to support your physique and performance enhancement goals.


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