How to Build Muscle?

So, you may want to build muscle, but you may not be sure how to do it correctly. It is important to understand the question “how to build muscle fast?” is enough in itself to keep a lot of gym-goers and fitness fanatics debating for hours.

While there are still some myths and contradictory information about it, there are still tried-and-tested routines that are surely going to help anyone build muscle. You should understand that building muscle is actually a balancing act with various variables. The most important ones include your workout regime and the foods you consume. But as you can guess, you should consider numerous factors about each of them. How you train, how often, how intense, and so on, including how you eat, what you eat, how much, and so on. There are other things such as how you rest, what else you’re doing during the day, other compounds that you use, and others.

  • For example, some SARMs are immensely helpful in building muscle. There are SARMs such as RAD-140 (Testolone) or LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) that were proven by numerous studies to be highly effective. Still, with or without using them, you’ll still need to learn ways to build muscle mass.

So, below, you will find ways to build muscle, but before we do so, we need to define what “building muscle” actually means. Understanding it better (deeper), can help you do it easier.



What Exactly Means To “Build Muscle”?

This may sound like a pretty straightforward question, but a lot of people do not know the internal process that leads to hypertrophy (the medical term for muscle growth). As said, that’s important because learning the internal processes that cause you to build muscle can actually help you build muscle easier and faster.

Muscular hypertrophy occurs when our muscles are trying to adapt to the stress that we regularly place on them when lifting weights in the gym. The muscles are trying to cope with that strain. They tend to grow in size so they can adapt to that change. This way they can complete the work required of them. In short, this is the response of muscles to stress. However, this is a matter of adaptation. Considering that your muscles adapt this way, you will need to progressively overload them (constant increase in stress) to ensure they keep growing. Otherwise, they fully adapt to the stress you place on them regularly, and they stop growing, as there’s no need to keep on growing since there’s no extra stress. Therefore, if your workouts and nutrition are not pushing yourself, you won’t really see much results.

You either struggle in the gym (and kitchen), or you struggle to see any results. Still, this doesn’t mean that your gym sessions should be from hell. They can still be enjoyable as long as you’re doing it correctly. You need the right plan. Then stick to it. You can still have a lot of fun both eating and training, while having lots of results when you want to build muscle!

Steps To Build Muscle

Consume lots of protein

Protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery. That’s why you can often see a lot of people in gyms all over the world talking about protein. Your muscles are 80% made of protein. If you want more muscle, you need more protein. Therefore, it’s no wonder why people who aim to build muscle tend to eat significantly more protein than an average person. Your body’s protein reserves are constantly being used for necessary repairs all over your body. You will need to stock up on it if you want to build muscle too. I recommend consuming one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. You should add a lot of protein-rich foodstuffs such as lean meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, lentils, and others. To up your protein game, you could also use protein powders.

Eat more

You need to eat more protein and you need to eat… more. This is one great thing about building muscle. To figure out how much more you need to eat, find your calorie maintenance (use online calorie calculators to have a rough idea) and add 500 more calories every day. That’s how much you need to eat. Do not eat more as it may lead to fat gains (unless you use SARMs, which will convert that extra calories into muscle). Yet, eating less than that your body doesn’t have what it needs to build muscle.

Use multi-joint (compound) movements

It can be fun to work with isolated movements such as bicep curls, but I would recommend multi-joint movements that use multiple muscles when it comes to serious muscle building. Good examples are squats, deadlifts, or kettlebell snatches (or swings). You can still have isolated movements, but focus mostly on compound movements that work multiple muscles at once, such as bench presses, rows, pullups, and others. They will help you use many muscles at once, making you able to safely lift heavier weights. Heavier weights, as we all know, lead to muscle building.

Lift heavy

High-rep sets can be very valuable, even for muscle gain. However, they are usually best for muscular endurance. When it comes to muscle gains, you generally aim to lift heavier weights for fewer reps. Still, you do not want to go for super heavy weights for very few reps, as those help gain strength, but not so much hypertrophy. There’s the “hypertrophy rep range” which most people agree is anywhere between 6 to 15 reps. Less or more reps can still be very valuable, but it depends on what you’re searching for. Planning to build muscle? Then hypertrophy rep range is for you. Have 3-5 sets with heavy weights, particularly using the compound exercises I mentioned above and you’ll see yourself grow! You can also get the best of both worlds, including both high and low-rep exercises with more experience.

Protein shakes

According to studies, gym-goers and bodybuilders who drink a protein shake close to their workouts will improve their protein synthesis, which leads to muscle building. Some studies suggest that it is better to drink them post-workout, others suggest to drink them pre-workout, whereas many suggest that there’s no difference in protein synthesis. You can choose whichever suits your needs best. Drink your protein shake (whey protein) about 15-60 minutes before or after your workout. Do not confuse it with casein protein which is slowly absorbed by the body. Many people have casein before bed, and whey before strength training.

Get enough rest

Rest is an extremely important element you need to consider if you want to build muscle. Your body needs rest to grow, and it needs lots of it. In fact, your body will build muscle particularly when you sleep and rest. If you’re training to exhaustion and your body barely gets any rest and sleep, it will never be able to repair muscle and grow. It must go down the “battle mode” and stay calm to heal. Your muscles need rest and sleep. Aim for 7-10 hours of high quality sleep every night! Also, try to reduce stress. Moreover, if you’re doing tough workouts, you need to space them out over the course of the week. Your muscles need to recover between workouts. This way they can continue growing.

Consume carbs after a workout

When you’re going full beast mode in the gym, you will need carbohydrates to aid your recovery. You will also need carbs as a fuel source in the gym sessions. Your body looks for carbs when it comes to lifting heavy weights. Moreover, carbohydrates will increase your body’s insulin. This will slow the rate at which protein breaks down. A fruit, smoothie, sandwich, or recovery drink – anything can help.

Eat regularly

You need to eat more than your body burns in order to keep growing. But instead of eating all your daily needs in just one sitting, better spread out your meals throughout the day. Eat something roughly every three hours. Since you’re trying to bulk, you can eat high-calorie snacks and meals. You should regularly eat even when cutting, but you aim for low calorie snacks and meals. Have a healthy and regular eating routine. To do so, you could calculate the number of calories you need in an average day (the maintenance calories with the extra calories to bulk up) and divide it by six meals a day. Eat six times a day with the given number of calories throughout the day. You’re never too full, nor starving so you keep on building muscle.

Reduce stress

Yes, that’s something easier said than done, I understand. However, it must be mentioned. People living under high stress will never be able to build muscle. In fact, they may lose lean muscle tissues. According to studies, stress, anxiety, and depression are linked with muscle loss. Try to be calmer. Lifting heavy will help reduce stress, but you often need to work harder for it. Talk to your family and friends if necessary, stay in the sun, and do what you love more – they’ll all help you build muscle directly or indirectly.



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