How To Grow Bigger Arms?

To grow bigger arms is perhaps the dream of every guy out there. Whether you’ve just started your bodybuilding journey or you’re a seasonal bodybuilder, you most likely want to grow bigger arms. Everyone wants it. It doesn’t only look awesome, but there are also a lot of advantages to having bigger, stronger arms. Muscular arms will definitely give you a sense of confidence and boost your self-esteem. Everybody who has bigger arms can confirm it. But having bigger, more athletic arms goes beyond having aesthetic benefits to your upper body. There are also other benefits that may help with your everyday tasks such as picking up your kids or moving heavy items.

Overall, growing bigger arms will provide nothing else than benefits for most men. They look awesome and boost your confidence and functional fitness. Moreover, they will also contribute to improving your overall muscle endurance, strength, and tone, lower chances of injury, and increase metabolism, helping your body burn more calories even when you do not exercise.

Having all of this said, it is no wonder that every man wonders how to grow bigger arms. After all, muscular arms are a sign of masculinity. So, if you wonder how to grow bigger arms, then this article is definitely for you.

In summary, to grow bigger arms, you need to work out in the gym, eat in a calorie surplus, high quality foods, get enough sleep and rest, and use SARMs which will help speed up the results from doing all this hard work and grow bigger arms. Want to find out more? Read on!

Bigger Arms Muscles

There are two main muscles in your upper arms: biceps in the front and triceps in the back. The biceps and triceps are two opposite functioning muscle groups. This means they will require different exercises to build strength and muscle. Therefore, if you want to grow bigger arms, you will need to ensure both these muscles are getting enough attention in the gym and you work them as necessary.

When you plan to do each of these exercises, it is important to remember that you should choose a proper weight that allows you to do 12-15 reps with good form. This means that you shouldn’t swing the weight around and shouldn’t move other body parts than necessary. Also, the movement should be done in a slow and controlled manner, otherwise, you’re not exercising with the right weight for you.

When you just start, you can start with one set of each exercise 2-3 times a week. Have at least one day of rest in between working out the same muscle group (such as biceps or triceps). Make sure to have at least 2-3 sets of each exercise.

An essential tip for you to get your arms bigger is to focus on form and technique. It is important to understand that it is much better to do ten reps with perfect form than to do 15 reps with poor form. You will reap much better and much faster results.

Best Exercises For Biceps

The biceps brachii (or simply biceps), is a double-headed muscle that runs from your shoulder to your elbow. It is the muscle in your arms that is responsible for lifting and pulling. According to the research done by the American Council of Exercise (ACE), the best exercises for your biceps include lifting or curling weights towards your shoulders.

Below you will find the list of best exercises for bigger arms that will target your biceps.

Concentration curl

If you’re wondering how to get big arms, then be sure that concentration curl is one of the best exercises to start with. According to the ACE study, this exercise provides the most significant muscle activation. It is highly effective as it isolates the biceps, working out the muscle on its own.

Cable curl

There are different ways to do a cable curl, and they are all extremely effective. In the end, which one to do depends on your preference, but you may also do all of them to reap the most effectiveness. You may use a low pulley machine attached to a cable that has a handle. You could also use a resistance band if you can safely tie or attach one end to something sturdy.

Barbell curl

This exercise is a must when you want to grow bigger arms. The barbell curl is a classic in the gym and in bodybuilding circles. As with most other exercises, the form is fundamental in barbell curls. It is essential to keep your back straight and avoid moving any part of the body other than the arms. Ensure that your biceps do all the work. As with most other exercises, you must start with a lighter weight to perfect the form and avoid injuries.


When you’re doing this exercise, ensure that the bar is strong enough and far from the ground, ensuring that the arms are fully extended with your feet not touching the floor. If you’re a beginner, you may need help. If you’re a pro, you could add extra weight.

Best Exercises For Triceps

The triceps brachii, or simply triceps, is a group of three muscles located at the back of your upper arms. The triceps are the biggest upper arm muscles so if you want to grow bigger arms, ensure you offer them enough attention. They are running between your shoulder and elbows, and they help strengthen your arm as well as stabilize your shoulder.

Check below some of the best exercises for bigger arms that work out your triceps very efficiently.

Triangle push-up

According to a study by ACE that analyzed the best exercises for growing your triceps, the triangle push-up was considered among the most effective for working out your triceps. Not only that, but the triangle push-up is an awesome exercise as it does not require any equipment, you can do it using just your body weight.

Tricep kickback

According to that ACE study, tricep kickbacks are almost just as effective as triangle push-ups, both being contenders for the top spot in the best exercises for triceps. Therefore, if you want to grow huge tricep muscles, ensure that you include both in your training. This way, you make sure that you give your triceps an effective workout.


Dips are also highly effective for working out your triceps. Moreover, dips are also an exercise that you can do even at home as long as you have two sturdy chairs or parallel bars. The bench dips can be done both at home and at the gym.

Overhead extension

Another exercise that is going to be extremely effective at helping you to grow bigger arms is the overhead extension. It works your triceps extremely effectively. They can be done with a single dumbbell, or with two dumbbells in each hand. Whichever you choose, ensure you go for a lighter weight until you get the correct form. You can increase the weight only after mastering the form and technique.

How To Grow Bigger Arms: Include Back and Shoulders Exercises

While you may want to grow bigger arms, it is essential for you NOT to neglect other muscle groups in your body. While you shouldn’t sleep on any muscle group, meaning that you must train ALL muscles all over the body, you will need to include back and shoulder exercises to get bigger arms. Therefore, for anyone who wants bigger arms then exercises that help strengthen and grow bigger muscles in your back and shoulders are essential as they support your arms. Even this way, you still need to work your legs, core, and chest as well. All of them help smash your goals of increasing your aesthetic physique, come with benefits and lower the risk of injury.

There are A LOT of exercises you can and MUST include in your workout to support your gains. Moreover, remember that there are numerous other exercises both for your biceps and triceps that you must give a try.

Grow Bigger Arms With Enough Sleep and Proper Diet & Nutrition

If you want to get bigger arms, then working out in the gym is essential. But you shouldn’t neglect the recovery and nutrition part. If you skip your nutrition and sleep needs, you won’t grow bigger arms! So, to ensure that you build muscle effectively and push muscle growth, you must ensure that you’re eating the right foods and resting enough. Without proper fuel or enough recovery, you will limit the results of your workouts! You basically need to focus on:

  • Boost your protein intake. Protein supports muscle growth and speeds up recovery after workouts. I recommend a protein intake of at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day.
  • Opt for complex carb intake. Similar to protein, carbs are essential to fuel your muscles with energy, keep you satisfied, and literally build muscle mass. However, you better focus on complex carbs (high quality ones). Avoid simple carbs such as sugary drinks, baked goods, candies, cookies, and other foods with no nutritional benefits.
  • Balance out the fat intake and focus on healthy fats. You get healthy fats from olive oil, salmon, avocado, peanuts and seeds. Avoid unhealthy fats. Fat is necessary to provide energy and make sure that the body does not use your muscles as fuel.
  • Get enough calories. You need to get enough calories if you really want to grow muscles. You will hinder your muscle growing abilities if you stay in a calorie deficit. Ensure that you meet your calorie needs, however, with complex carbs, healthy fats, and quality protein with enough fruits and veggies.

Sure Way To Grow Bigger Arms

If you’re searching for a sure way to grow bigger arms, then you need to add exercises that target your biceps and triceps regularly into your workouts. These are essential for making real gains on your arms. Aim to work out your arms at least 2-3 times a week, with at least one day rest in between. Aim for progressive overload, increasing reps, sets, and/or weights as you build strength. Moreover, do add exercises into your workout that will strengthen all your muscles including your core, chest, back, shoulders, and legs!

Besides exercising hard and regularly, you also need to follow an eating plan that is rich in nutrients, balanced, and varied with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Ensure you get enough calories to fuel your workout and recover from workouts. Also, get enough rest, reducing stress in your daily life.


If you’re doing all of these and adding SARMs to your regimen, then you can be sure you’re on the right way to grow bigger arms. is the best SARMs source as we work with the best manufacturers on the market, offering the best prices for the best quality SARMS. These compounds were proven to be highly effective at helping you smash your goals, be it making huge gains or building bigger arms, or both. They also help burn fat too.

So, work out correctly, diet correctly, with a proper lifestyle and sleep while adding the best SARMs and you’re sure on your way to bigger arms and getting overall stronger and leaner. We offer compounds for very low prices from the best manufacturers and that’s how we ensure quality and the fact that you save money whether you choose compounds meant to support your bulking or cutting goals.


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