Ways To Boost Your Bodybuilding Progress

There are various ways in which you can boost your bodybuilding progress by changing up your workout routine. If you noticed that you stopped gaining size or if you really want to speed up your progress, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, there are different things you can do to break through a plateau or speed up your bodybuilding progress and here we’re going to share some of them. We will share what you can switch in the gym so you can continue growing.

Generally, our bodies are amazing. They are highly adaptive, including to your workouts. It is due to this adaptation that athletes and bodybuilders are experiencing those “plateaus”. The plateau is the period where you stop gaining strength or getting bigger, regardless of how hard (and regularly) you work for it. Luckily, we will share some ways that are going to help you break through it.

The process of building muscle depends on your body adapting to increasing loads and stress. This means that when you’re lifting a particular amount of weight, your body grows more muscle to cope with that weight. Then you increase the amount of weight, and the body increases muscle to cope with it again, and so on. But unfortunately, it’s not all that simple.

  • People who continue lifting know that you won’t continue growing if you constantly follow the same program. It’s because your body will adapt to the stress, and your routine won’t yield any results.
  • Regularly changing your workout is essential for continuing growth. Pro bodybuilders always switch their workouts, change the exercises, add varieties, and other advanced training techniques. They have a lot of experience and they know exactly what to do to build muscle.testolone-rad140


Generally, there are lots of techniques that professionals are using. You can use them too in order to stimulate muscle growth. While we’re all different responding differently to different techniques and exercises, there are some trial and tested ways that were proven helpful to boost your bodybuilding progress.

Moreover, keep in mind that a lot of pros are using a lot of different compounds that help them a lot. Some of those compounds are SARMs, which are relatively new, and extremely effective. They are called much safer alternatives to steroids, yet similarly effective and helpful at growing muscle and burning fat. Buy SARMs online for sale of the best quality and for the best prices at SARMS.to!


So, let’s check those ways that you can implement into your workout routine to avoid plateaus, and speed up your results, and your overall bodybuilding progress.

Make it more intense

This is the first “way” to boost your bodybuilding progress because I believe that it is by far the most important. It is the intensity that builds muscle. If it were easy, everyone would be muscular. You must make it intense if you want to build muscle. In fact, lots of the tips I will share here will involve increasing the intensity of the workout in one way or another. There are many ways to increase the intensity of your workouts. Some examples are: taking shorter rest periods, doing circuits, forced reps, and others. If you’re following the same routine for a while the intensity may drop without even realizing it.

Change up your exercises

Keep in mind that all muscle groups have a lot of different exercises that you can use in order to train them. A lot of gym goers end up getting stuck in the same routine of moves, week by week. Moreover, it is fairly common for a lot of people to simply leave out the exercises they do not really love for whatever reason. Nonetheless, to continue building muscle, you will need to work your muscles with a very wide variety of workouts. In fact, many leave out exercises because “they are hard”. Well, the harder it is, the more muscle it is likely to build, so you should do those you don’t love. You will start noticing the benefits of switching moves regularly, as you work different muscles from different angles in different moves.

Introduce drop sets

This is a truly amazing technique that pros are using to blast their hard plateaus. It is a shock technique that will surely boost your bodybuilding progress. Drop sets have been around for a long while. They work by getting more reps out of you by gradually dropping the weight off. This way, it causes more muscle tearing and more blood targeting the muscle group. This leads to muscle growth. Theoretically, drop sets are very easy. You just keep going with your set until you can do one more rep, drop the weight, do another set, and so on. Ideally would be to do about 3 to 6 sets in total. This is also known as “down the rack” as you start with dumbbell bicep curls with your weights and start going down the rack.

Work different muscles each day

Switching up the days you work out may have a huge impact on your results. For example, you could start training your weakest muscle at the beginning of the week when you have the most energy and motivation. But similar to anything else in your routine, you will get the benefits of changing. Moreover, working different muscles each day will allow them to rest while the others are doing the work. This leads to growth. Moreover, plan the muscle groups well. For example, if you train back on Monday, it is not a really smart idea to train your biceps on Tuesday, because your biceps will already be tired from yesterday’s pulling exercises to strengthen your back.

Get into supersets

When it comes to promoting serious muscle growth, one of the best ways is to have a combination of big compound exercises and an isolation movement. An example of that would be bench presses and flat bench flys. This will make your chest muscles burn and grow! It basically means that you’re completing a normal bench press and then immediately go smash out the dumbbell flys. You do not need big weights for that. Instead, you just need to focus on muscle contraction. This basically means that you’re doing it slowly, in a controlled manner, while squeezing at the top of the moment. There are numerous other examples of compound and isolation supersets for all types of muscles.

Weekly reps cycling

Weekly rep cycling means that you’re changing the reps amount each week. You usually start the first week with 12 reps, then gradually reduce to 2 reps per set each week until you reach 6 reps per set at week 4. You’re doing that because it is unclear how many reps you need for optimal muscle growth. However, most agree that it is anywhere between 6 and 12. That’s why, with the weekly reps cycling, you start at 12 and end with 6, so you just can’t be far wrong. Of course, you’re increasing the weight weekly, to increase the intensity of the workout. Following this workout schedule with a proper diet, you should find that by week 5, you are able to lift more weights at 12 reps than you did back in the first week.

Sometimes less is more

You do need to increase intensity to see muscle growth. However, there are times when less leads to more growth when it comes to bodybuilding progress and muscle-building goals. For example, one common mistake among new lifters (full of motivation) is working out too often. If your goal is to get bigger, especially for a beginner, then it won’t be beneficial for you to work out every day. Work out less often, as your body requires the rest to continue growing. It can’t grow when you continue breaking it apart. So, instead of working out 6 days a week, you may need to lower it to 3 to 4 times a week. Unless you’re a professional and you know what you’re doing, usually working each muscle individually.


If one of your main goals is to build strength then negatives are going to be extremely helpful to you in breaking through plateaus. Negatives are focusing mostly on the negative part of the movement as you’re using some very heavy weight and moving very slowly. This is the reason it is important to get the help of a spotter for almost any type of negative. Do not do it if you train alone because the chances of injury are high as you use both very heavy weights and try to do it very slowly.

Slow reps

With slow reps, it is all about control and contraction. While that is always very important when it comes to building muscle and strength, with slow reps, I am talking about very slow reps. You will need to use a lighter weight and move very slowly as you do the same number of reps. You could use the 3-1-3 method to understand how slowly I’m talking. By that, you’ll need to count “one one thousand” 3 times on the way down, pause for “one one thousand”, and then count “one one thousand” 3 times again on the way up. Since you do the same number of reps and do it so slowly, even a lighter weight is going to feel very challenging, as the muscles are under stress for a longer period.

Partial reps

Similar to slow reps, the partial reps are going to work your muscles by keeping them working for longer. When going for partial reps, you are modifying the exercise by not finishing the entire rep. For example, you’re doing dumbbell curls. Instead of allowing your left arm to hand while the right arm curls, you do not complete the full rep and keep the left arm bent. When you do so, the blood won’t escape the muscle, making it harder to hold onto the weight. This will place twice as much strain on your muscles, leading to more growth.

Switch up your gym routine

When it comes to the order of exercises, everyone knows that big compound first, then isolations. That’s actually a great plan, but as with anything else, it may be beneficial to change this order every once in a while, as your body adapts to everything. This means that you may change up exercises, such as going for dips on chest day first, for example, Or extensions before squats on legs day. I guess you got the idea. This is also known as pre-fatiguing or pre-exhausting your muscles. This is a great plateau-breaking technique for a long time. Pre-fatigue your muscles by hitting an isolation exercise and then immediately go for a big compound move!

Forced reps

Forced reps are one of the most popular ones in all gyms around the world, at least for anyone who trains with their gym buddies. Training with forced reps means that you are doing as many strict reps as you can without any help. Then, a spotter will basically force you to have 2-4 more reps. As you’re pushing 12 instead of 10 reps, the spotter can help you reach the next level, as it forces you to increase the amount of reps.

Pyramid sets

As the name of it already suggests, the pyramid sets will start from low weight and work their way up to heavyweight or vice versa. Also, you can get it back down (or up) again, for a perfect way to finish. It goes like this: you complete your warm-up, and have the first set in your pyramid that you can pump out 10 reps from (with good form). For the next set, increase the weight and aim for 8 to 10 reps. The next set – 6 to 8 reps. The last set, around 4 reps. Ideally would be to push yourself harder and work your way back up to the 12 reps to finish off. It is very important to have great technique here. You should not cheat. Do all the reps in a slow and controlled manner.

Have a week out

Well, we left this as the last “way” to boost your bodybuilding progress because sometimes, this is `what may really help boost it. It doesn’t apply to everyone, of course. It only does for particular people in particular cases, but it may be helpful. Keep in mind that bodybuilding and weightlifting are not like training for a marathon. As I’ve already mentioned, sometimes, less is more. There are times when you may need to have a week out in order to help you boost your bodybuilding progress. Working out every day, or working out for a very long time without rest may result in your progress being halted. Your body and mind may require a break from intense weight training to keep growing. Workout routines place a lot of stress on your entire body, not just the muscles you work!

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