How To Eat Less Sugar?

Determining how to eat less sugar is not an easy task. Especially without help. That’s especially true considering that nowadays, there is sugar in seemingly everything. You may be surprised if you start determining where you can find it. For example, you may find out that there’s added sugar even in various meats! For this reason, having a low-sugar diet can sometimes feel impossible, or extremely hard, at the very least, whenever you watch out for your diet and do the weekly shop.

Almost everything contains sugar, from bread to beer – you eat sugar without even knowing it. The trick to learning how to eat less of it is to learn which foods contain more. Of course, you should remove them from your diet, or at the very least limit their consumption.

In this article, we’re going to run through various valuable information that would help you determine how to eat less sugar. While it is almost impossible to completely cut sugar out of your diet, reducing it will significantly help your goals. It is healthy, it helps you look better, perform better, and feel overall better. Why? Check below.

The Effects of Sugar on Your Body

Sugar is obviously not going to kill you instantly. It is not literally poison, but it does act like poison in your life. In short, sugar does play havoc with your body, after all, there’s a reason why it is called “the white death”. This statement alone should make you realize how bad sugar is for your body. Not only does it ruin your physique (as it makes you gain fat more easily than other forms of carbs), but it also leads to cancer, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and numerous other issues.

One important thing to note, however, is that we talk about added sugar. There’s natural sugar, such as those you find in fruits, for example, in strawberries. Such a type is fine. Especially because fruits are also packed with nutrients, unlike added sugar which has no vitamins or minerals. You still should avoid overeating fruits, as it may still lead to various issues. But let’s be serious, are you really eating too much fruit?

Instead, most of us, whether we are aware of it or not, tend to eat FAR too much sugar on a daily basis. According to studies, most people in the US tend to eat at least twice as much as the recommended daily maximum. On average, people in the US consume around 70 grams of sugar a day, whereas the recommended maximum is 25 grams for females and 36 grams for males!

Eating 2-3 times more than the recommended limit daily will surely bring some effects, and they are surely not positive.

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Ways To Eat Less Sugar In Your Diet

Say no to desserts

This is pretty straightforward, but it must be told because people tend to get most of their daily sugar intake from sugary desserts. Most people already know the importance of ditching desserts to reduce sugar intake, but I just can’t stress out the importance of doing so. Yes, I know that desserts are very tasty so it is often hard to say no to. But you should learn to say no. They offer almost no nutrients, having almost no nutritional benefits. Instead, they are full of sugar, which causes your blood glucose levels to suddenly spike, and then crash. This leads to tiredness, hunger, and a desire to consume even more. By the way, yes, people get addicted to it. Reducing the amount you consume will make you want to consume less of it. So, ditch those desserts!

Almost a fifth of the sugar in the US diet comes from desserts alone. That’s because they are full of it! For example, some desserts offer about 60 grams (or more) of sugar for 100 grams. This means that by eating just 100 grams of such a dessert, you’ve already doubled the daily limit. That’s not to mention that you’d obviously eat something else too, adding even more over that limit. You could opt for healthier desserts instead, such as fresh fruits, yogurt, or dark chocolate. They contain significantly less sugar, so won’t expand your waistline, won’t make you feel sluggish, and won’t make you feel guilty.

Avoid the sugary drinks

Almost half of the amount of it that a US citizen consumes comes from drinks. Soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, juices – they all have a lot of added sugar. Even when you go for fruit juices and fruit drinks that are marked as “healthy” they are still full of sugar. Yes, some of these sugars may provide some nutritional benefits too, and that’s what they usually tell you. But they do not tell you that by drinking just 200 ml of a certain drink you’re reaching (or well getting over) the daily sugar limit!

Generally, drinking is a very poor way to max out your daily calorie allowances because drinks do not satisfy hunger and offer little nutritional value. Instead, they add lots of calories and sugar. The worst is that most people tend to have desserts with such sugary drinks. Therefore, you’re not only reaching, but you’re well over the calorie and/or sugar limit of the day, and you haven’t even finished your breakfast. Lots of people add a lot of sugar, without even knowing, through drinking sugary drinks. Avoid them. Opt for water, sugarless tea, or a bit of sugarless coffee.

Opt for whole foods

Remember I told you that you can find added sugar even in meats? Well, they add sugar to processed foodstuff, such as sausages or others. They do it for various reasons such as: increasing the product’s weight (making a profit out of it), making it last longer, enhancing its taste, and so on. This is one of the reasons why you should opt for whole foods instead. Go for foodstuffs that are not processed and are full of additives. Try to cook from scratch at home, ensuring your food is not processed.

Highly processed food, such as particular kinds of desserts, soda, junk food, and others usually tend to be high in sugar, but also in salt and fat too! Opt for homemade sauces, vegetables, herbs, whole and unprocessed foods. This way, you’ll be able to eat less of it you weren’t even aware you were eating before.

Choose low-sugar cereals

Breakfast cereals are popular for being loaded with high amounts of sugar. Even those cereals that claim to be healthy, are full of it too (similar to “healthy” fruit juices). A lot of the most popular American cereal brands contain almost half of their weight in added sugar. In fact, a lot of breakfast foods tend to be full of sugar such as waffles, pancakes, and muffins. This is a tendency that became popular because sugar is a quick-release energy form. People tend to believe they need that energy to get started on their day. Now combine with the “healthy” fruit juices that are full of sugars, and you exceed the daily allowance limit without leaving the breakfast table.

In reality, you’d get enough energy from healthy breakfast food options, without wreaking havoc on your health and physique. You can avoid the negative effects of sugar by opting for healthier breakfast options. You could go for fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, avocado, eggs, and others. These products are packed with nutrients and are low in sugar. Not to mention that they are super tasty too!

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Double check labels

I hope you’ve realized that it was sarcasm when talking about “healthy” fruits or “healthy” breakfast cereals. Many brands love to use this word, but that’s just a lie. They use this word because they claim that their products contain many nutrients, which may be true, but they try to avoid telling you that they contain huge amounts of sugar too. For this reason, it would be much better if you would always read the label of anything you’re about to consume. Pay close attention because a lot of foods that claim to be low in fat compensate for being high in sugar (or vice versa).

Therefore, you should take a look at the ingredients on the back of the food. I know it can be frustrating, but this is what you should do in order to ensure you eat less sugar. Also, look out for sneaky alternative names for sugar such as caramel, maltose, dextrose, molasses, rice syrup, corn syrup, cane juice, or others.

Add lots of protein foods and healthy fats to your diet

Protein is going to help you keep full for longer. Protein keeps you fuller for longer. A lot of protein rich foods are slowly broken down and digested. So, you get fuller faster by eating protein rich foods, and you will feel fuller for longer too. On the other hand, sugar will increase your appetite because of its relationship with insulin.

Generally, this is why it is so easy to overeat and binge on sweet, sugary foods such as candy and desserts. Instead, opt for the protein that will help you stay fuller for longer. Moreover, protein is important for muscle building and repair post workout. Protein is also least likely to be stored in the body as fat. Also, go for healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, avocados, and fatty fish. It also helps reduce hunger.

Use natural sweeteners

As said, sugar is very addictive. You may not even realize it in your daily life, but you may get addicted to it. Moreover, as with tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, we tend to gain tolerance to it over time. This means that the sugary craving won’t only become bigger if you continue to feed it, but it will also require you to increase its amount to feel satisfied. It is even possible to experience withdrawal symptoms from lack of it if you quit a high sugar diet.

Start eating less sugar now, and the withdrawals are likely to be less severe than stopping eating less sugar later. Nonetheless, giving up sugar in the food can be pretty difficult. That’s why, for beginners, you could try natural sugar alternatives such as stevia, erythritol, and xylitol. These are just as sweet, but they do not cause such a huge spike in blood glucose as sugar does and have fewer calories.


Learning how to eat less sugar in your diet can be tricky. Moreover, that’s unlikely to be a rapid process. It requires knowledge and experience, and you’re likely to eat it within the limit over time if you get used to eating significantly more. But that’s all worth it, because, over time, you’re going to experience all of the positive benefits of eating less sugar.

Not only do you reduce the fat amount, but you’re also going to start feeling much better and perform much better, with the benefits of reducing cancer risk, less chance of heart problems, more energy in your daily life, less body fat, and so on. is here to help achieve your goals. While SARMS are not here to help suppress your appetite or cravings for sugar, they can definitely boost your fat burning process, protect your lean muscle tissues, boost energy, stamina, endurance, and strength, and support your overall physique and performance enhancement goals. Not only that, but there are compounds such as SR9009 (Stenabolic) that are thought to have some appetite suppressing effects, which may help your journey of eating less sugar. Buy the best SARMS online for the best prices at to support your weight lifting and dieting protocol, and you’re sure to become the best version of yourself in no time.



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