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My 8-Week Cycle LGD 4033 Results

Ligandrol Results

Lots of people want to find out what the LGD 4033 results are and I decided to share my 8 weeks cycle results with this SARM. I am going to share my experience with Ligandrol and hopefully, this will be helpful for you to understand what you can expect from it.

Before I share it, I feel it’s important to mention that before I used LGD 4033 cycle, I have done a few cycles with milder SARMs such as Ostarine (MK 2866). I’ve also used other compounds such as Cardarine and Stenabolic. I’m saying this because Ligandrol can cause more side effects than the milder compounds I just mentioned.

For example, Ligandrol (LGD-4033) is popular as a SARM that is likely to cause natural testosterone suppression and water retention even at low doses. So, if you plan to use it, I strongly recommend being careful with it. You should be careful with any compounds you plan to use, but especially with those that are more powerful.

LGD 4033 results can be awesome, due to its great effects, but they can be pretty nasty since it is so powerful.

Running a Ligandrol cycle with great care is what I strongly recommend. When I started LGD4033, I was both scared and intrigued. If you feel the same way as I did, you will find the article interesting.

Important to Mention…

  • My stats and where I started: I was 27 years old at the time, and 185 pounds with a body fat of 10-11%. I am 6’1” and I had 6 years of experience in dieting and lifting. I started my bodybuilding journey at 21. And I wanted to bulk up a little bit. While my maintenance calories were 2200 kcal/day, I was eating 2700 kcal/day for the entire 8 weeks cycle with Ligandrol to bulk up. Yet, I decided to take a very low dosage. First off, I wanted to avoid nasty suppression and other side effects as well as I didn’t want water retention.

Therefore, I was lifting right and dieting right with more calories and a low dosage of 2.5 mg per day of LGD-4033 alone. I decided I would not stack it with anything else for the first cycle so I would get a feeling of how it works for me. That’s why I only stacked it in later cycles. I’ve run the cycle for a total of 8 weeks.

But let’s check my very first LGD 4033 results from the very first cycle with this compound.



When I Just Started LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

My morning routine is to take my SARMs on an empty stomach right after waking up, about 20-30 minutes before starting to work out. That’s exactly what I did when I started to use LGD4033 too.

I was shocked to see that Ligandrol started to work immediately. While it may take some weeks for milder SARMs to make you see some effects, Ligandrol is powerful enough to see it working almost immediately. SARMs generally do take some time to break through the cellular wall of the androgen receptors. Nonetheless, they are almost immediately acting on the central nervous system and muscle tension.

That’s the reason why I could feel it working on my very first workout 30 minutes post-first dosage of LGD 4033. I remember that during that workout, I had an amazing pump at the gym and I was having great levels of energy with huge endurance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have remembered it at all. I was having some kind of excitement too. I was having great energy levels and thanks to better endurance, I could feel an overall better workout session. Also, I loved the pump too!

First Two Weeks (1-2 weeks)

I could feel this compound immediately and as I was having great benefits from it, I was noticing the first side effects from the very first weeks too. While the first few days I was feeling full of energy, the next days were completely different as I was feeling lethargic. This started a few days after the cycle and lasted for 3-4 days if I remember well. It was most noticeable after the gym session. While I could still work out very well in the gym, I was barely able to do anything after working out. Especially right after working out.

This feeling disappeared later. I still think that it is the adaptation period. I used this SARM for a few days and it started to “build up” in my system. My body required a few days to “get used to it” and then I was fine. It’s just my assumption. Anyway, I was lucky enough as I didn’t suffer from lethargy anymore until the end of my cycle.

  • I remember that by the end of the second week (14th day), I broke my personal record at various exercises. Not by much, but I was feeling very proud of myself. For example, I added 5 pounds more on both my bench press and deadlift. Not bad at all considering only two weeks into the cycle.


Next Two Weeks (3-4 weeks)

After about two weeks of using it, I remember that I gained a few lbs of muscle, but what I remember well is that my power and strength went higher than I could ever expect! They truly went through the roof. I am a natural sweater in the gym, but with Ligandrol I was sweating even more and my lifts were so damn good that I felt I could conquer the world. I remember very well that I thought it was a very fair exchange. Except for huge strength and crazy sweating, I was also having an extraordinary pump making me look way bigger than I ever did.

Generally, due to all these reasons, and maybe due to Ligandrol (LGD 4033) itself, I remember that I was feeling some kind of euphoric feeling. My confidence and assertiveness increased a lot, alongside my libido and self “respect”. I was feeling great, ready to conquer the world and have sex at any given moment.

  • The best part is that although my body fat percentage seems like it remained the same, I managed to add about 5 pounds of total weight. I assume that in these four weeks (30 days) I managed to add 5 pounds of lean muscle mass. But when talking about strength and power – numbers will do the talking. I was stuck at 260 pounds max. 1 rep for months at the bench press. During this short time period, while I was on LGD 4033, I could easily lift 270 pounds for 3 reps and I felt like I could do even more but I wanted to avoid possible injuries. My deadlift significantly improved either. I added about 20-25 pounds more if I remember well.

Weeks 5-6

I could feel that I am training a lot more intensively on the same workout routine that I’m always doing. I was getting fatigued much harder and I felt as if I could continue pushing more and more. Moreover, I was full of energy and stamina with great overall endurance!

Lots of people say that they experience water retention with the Ligandrol cycle, that’s why I was looking after my diet very closely. Pretty sure that I didn’t experience water retention thanks to that. I was not feeling any side effects that are noteworthy, yet I was doing better and better in the gym.

  • I continued to break my personal records (with proper warm up and just one rep) at major exercises such as bench press and deadlift. Remembering that it feels amazing and somewhat indestructible when you’re making progress every week in the gym. I just can’t explain how it makes you feel, the confidence and the euphoria that you keep on going for more and more. I was getting even more motivation to continue lifting considering that I was also looking different. It’s easy to remember when I noticed that my arms and shoulders look somewhat bigger, my chest fuller, and my back wider. That’s obviously all amazing!

LGD 4033 Results The Last Two Weeks (7-8 weeks)

During the last two weeks of my LGD4033 cycle, I started to notice the first signs of natural suppression. Considering that I was on a low dosage of only 2.5 mg a day, I didn’t have any bad signs. But I could still notice some suppression considering that my libido wasn’t the same. I was still having some sex drive, but I could definitely tell a difference.

If you want to see how much you’re getting suppressed from using the Ligandrol cycle, you should be having blood work before and after the cycle. This is going to offer specific information about testosterone suppression by noticing how much your total/free testosterone diminished.

  • I was still getting stronger and I was still gaining muscles and mass, but the results started to hinder me. I was not getting the same pup either. At the end of the eighth week, I gained a total of about 10 pounds and less than 1% of body fat. This means that most of that gain was lean muscle tissue. Needless to mention that I was looking bigger.

I planned an 8 week cycle and the LGD 4033 results I got during this period were great. I was honestly satisfied and I realized that I could stop the cycle there.


LGD 4033 Results Conclusion

Ligandrol (LGD 4033) is a great SARM for bulking cycles as it can greatly help you gain muscle mass and strength. I feel as if it helped me to add some less body fat than I would have added without it too. LGD4033 is overall an amazing physique and performance enhancement that is worth giving a try. You may love it as I did and use it for multiple other cycles in the future.

However, I need to warn you that although LGD 4033 results can be amazing, this SARM is no joke. You should be very careful with it and read as much as possible about it before you attempt to buy it. It is definitely capable of causing side effects and I’m pretty sure that you may experience way worse side effects than I did without using it cautiously.

In the end, I gained a total amount of 8-10 pounds of lean muscle mass and a lot of strength. But I was religiously following my diet and putting a lot of effort into the gym. This helped me stay away from water retention and adding too much body fat, despite eating in a calorie surplus.

PCT Plan…

ligandrol-lgd4033Moreover, a few days after the cycle, I started taking Nolvadex in low dosage. I thought that I could cope with the side effects and testosterone suppression. But then I realized that it was not worth indulging in it so I was taking Nolvadex 20 mg/day for 2-3 weeks. Everything came back to normal and at the end of PCT, I was already 192-194 pounds with the same body fat and normal libido.

Overall I had a great experience with Ligandrol (LGD4033) but that’s because I used it carefully with a great diet. I also made sure that I got a real LGD 4033. Low quality SARMs that are floating on the market nowadays can cause more side effects and they are definitely not as effective. Go for LGD 4033 for sale from and you will get the best quality stuff for the best prices on the market.


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