SARMs Before and After Results (Photos Included)

This is going to be an awesome article for those people who want to learn more about SARMs before and after results and body transformation. We’re going to educate you in learning what to expect out of using SARMs. We’re going to share SARMs before and after results with photos, making you have a better visual understanding of the body transformation you can expect. You would find helpful information, as we would share the SARMs cycles alongside the pictures and explain everything.

What are SARMs?

First things first – what are SARMs? It stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. This is a fairly new class of drugs that were first discovered in the 90s. SARMs are similar to steroids, but they are selectively binding to tissues, unlike steroids. That’s what makes SARMs a lot much safer.

SARMs are androgen receptor ligands. When reaching your blood system, they are stimulating the release of these receptors. Steroids do the same, but SARMs only target some specific androgen receptors. Therefore, they do not affect all the organs as steroids do. That’s why they are safer and might be even more effective too.

These products are yet to be fully studied. Until then, they are not approved for human use by the FDA. However, the numerous tests that SARMs undergone in the late years show very promising results. That’s because they are highly effective with reduced side effects risks.

The most studied SARM is Ostarine (MK-2866). Therefore, it is on the list of the best SARMs alongside other popular ones like Testolone (RAD-140), LGD-4033 (Ligandrol), and others.

  • Through our blog posts, you can find a lot of helpful information about SARMs. Such as SARMs side effects, the best SARMs, SARMs stacks, and others.RAD140-Testolone-photo

Anyway, SARMs are highly effective and fairly safe. When it comes to SARMs benefits leading to astonishing SARMs before and after results in terms of body transformation, a few benefits include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • An overall increase in libido and sexual performance
  • Boosted fat loss
  • Improved healing properties
  • Strengthened bones and bone health
  • Increased vascularity
  • Enhanced strength levels

SARMs Before and After Body Transformation Results

I highly recommend everyone to learn about SARMs as much as possible first. If you did and want to see some results then check below.

Another important thing to consider: there are compounds like:

  • Cardarine GW501516
  • Ibutamoren MK677
  • Stenabolic SR9009

Those are called SARMs, but they are not actual SARMs. They do not bind to androgen receptors. Nonetheless, because they are also “selective” in tissues and because they are highly effective, people often stack SARMs with them. Moreover, we would share their results too.

  • Before I share the results of SARMs before and after, I have to mention you need to follow a very healthy diet and a strict training regimen if you want to achieve similar results as the people in the pictures you can see here.

If you are not honest with yourself in terms of diet and working out, and you expect SARMs to help with your body image improvement without you working on this – you will be disappointed!

Moreover, people react differently to SARMs (and anything else). While some respond extremely well, others may develop side effects and/or not experience the same level of amazing results. It depends on the dosage, level of tolerance, genetics, and other factors.

MK2866 Ostarine Before and After

According to scientists, Ostarine should offer the least side effects. That’s why it is the most studied SARM out there. Based on this, it is quite obvious that MK 2866 is a very popular SARM. It’s the best SARM for beginners and is still awesome for professionals.

Read more and/or buy Ostarine here.


Here’s our first SARMs before and after example with this guy who administered Ostarine. This is a unique SARM that you can both cut or bulk with it. From the picture above, we can notice that this guy was cutting and he managed to preserve all the lean muscle mass. His fat percentage is clearly lower and that’s why he is looking even more muscular.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that he actually managed to pack on a few lean muscle mass on MK2866 while cutting.

If you ever attempted to lose body fat in a cutting cycle (keeping calories below maintenance) then you already know how hard it is to keep muscles intact while fat doesn’t seem to go away. With Ostarine, everything changes.

Ostarine cycle plan: 8 weeks of 15 mg/day.


This is another body transformation that this person managed to achieve with Ostarine. However, this guy also added Cardarine (GW501516) in an attempt to lose even more fat. We can see that the results are awesome.

Body fat was reduced, strength increased and muscles preserved. Harder overall body image. We can consider this cycle was successful.

Hard work, a great diet, 20 mg/day of Ostarine, and 15 mg/day of Cardarine can help you achieve similar results.

LGD4033 Ligandrol Before and After

Ligandrol is an extremely popular SARM, especially among people who want to grow muscles. That’s why people who are in bulking cycles really appreciate the effects of LGD4033. It’s a very powerful androgen receptor agonist, that’s why it is among the most potent ones for hypertrophy goals (muscle growth).

Being very powerful, it may suppress your testosterone production. You may need SARMs PCT. But overall, Ligandrol seems highly effective and safe. Most people using it report awesome results in terms of bulking up.

Read more and/or buy Ligandrol here.


It’s easy to see the SARMs before and after skinny to muscular physique transformation. That’s one of the most impressive results I’ve ever seen, making me think that this guy is genetically gifted too. Even if so, we can’t deny the fact that LGD 4033 tremendously helped him out.

It’s easy to see the huge increase in overall muscle mass. His arms, shoulders, biceps, chest, etc. everything got to a completely new level.

I think that he managed to gain more than 10-12 lbs of lean muscle tissues. And that’s in an 8 weeks period only. To me, it sounds like a huge success.

Ligandrol cycle plan: 8 weeks of 15 mg/day. After the cycle, prepare a PCT plan. Usually, that’s with Nolvadex or Clomid. A PCT is important to recover back natural testosterone production and avoid low testosterone symptoms after the cycle.

So, when you eat right, go to the gym regularly and use some LGD4033 correctly – you can expect crazy mass gains.

RAD140 Testolone Before and After

Testolone is another SARM that is great for bulking up and is similar to Ligandrol in terms of efficacy, results and gains. This compound allows you to put on drier gains and is less suppressive than Ligandrol. It’s still very powerful and is still likely to require a PCT. You’ll be adding a lot of muscle mass with it.

RAD140 is a popular SARM, the compound of choice for many of those who want to bulk up and remain aesthetic. You have to use it carefully to avoid side effects and yield maximum results.

Read more and/or buy Testolone here.


The guy in this example has changed his physical appearance thanks to RAD140 in combination with a good diet and workout plan. Again, do not expect unrealistic results and do not expect any SARM to offer awesome before and after results without a proper lifestyle.

This guy had an awesome cycle, not only because of swallowing Testolone tablets but because he’s been dedicated to a training regimen and diet plan.

This guy was eating about 500 calories above the maintenance which allowed him to grow. He said that he hasn’t used any other SARMs – just RAD140 solo. Moreover, he confessed that it was his very first SARM cycle and he started training and dieting 2 months prior to starting the cycle. Again, it’s clear genetics could be important too.

In the end, this guy managed to add about 6 lbs or so of lean muscle mass. With a PCT plan with Clomid for 3 weeks after the cycle, all gains in strength and muscles are preserved. RAD140 dosage was 10 mg/day for the entire 8 weeks cycle.

S4 Andarine Before and After

S4 is another extremely popular SARM, especially when it comes to physique improvement. You often find it as Andarine. As you can see, it has a close name to Ostarine. That’s because they are actually very similar. Andarine also went through numerous tests and reached human trials. While it was found safe, the research was still abandoned, unfortunately. That’s because S4 was proven to cause vision impairment when you use them for longer periods and/or in higher doses.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped a lot of people all over the world from trying it out for their performance and physique improvement. That’s because while Ostarine is effective, Andarine is an even better SARM when talking about cutting cycles. People using S4 SARM experience mind-blowing results from their cycles.

Read more and/or buy Andarine here.


That’s just one example of Andarine results you can find online. As you can see, this guy had an impressive body transformation, with a much harder body appearance and overall definition. With the help of SARM S4, this guy achieved his goal of becoming shredded.

But remember, S4 Andarine only helps to achieve such awesome goals. It would be a huge mistake if we would say that all of this is thanks to S4 alone. A very strict diet including a training regimen is extremely important. Not even steroids would help you achieve such goals without diet and exercise.

So, this guy has lost approximately 8% of body fat and managed to gain lean muscles at the same time which is extremely impressive. He said he had vision impairment but it disappeared after the cycle. Dosage was 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg before the evening training for 8 weeks.

YK11 Before and After

This is a SARM that inhibits myostatin and that’s why its effects are impressive. YK11 SARM can offer such amazing results, that many consider it a steroid. It’s not an anabolic steroid in any way, but its results resemble steroids. This SARM offers mind blowing effects in terms of muscle mass growth but is also very powerful, so is suppressing testosterone pretty bad.

That’s why I would recommend YK11 only to those people who previously used SARMs and have a better idea of how they can work for them.

Read more and/or buy YK11 here.


No, this is not an example of a single cycle. Not even steroids can help you grow that much in such a short period. This guy had 2 cycles of YK-11 and he said that he just started going to the gym as soon as started using YK-11. He also started a clean bulking diet at that time. The time between photos is around 24 weeks, 2 YK-11 cycles, a lot of bulk, and hard work. He risked and started right away with YK11.

His body fat might not even change that much, he was low body fat even when used to be skinny. But because of so much new lean muscle tissues – he seems to have a much lower body fat amount too. He also managed to fully recover and maintain all his gains after both those cycles with a proper PCT plan. He had Clomid 50 mg/day for 2 weeks then 25 mg/day for 2 more weeks.

Both cycles consisted of 10 mg/day of YK11 for 8 weeks with some time in between cycles.

Single YK-11 Cycle Results

The next example is a guy who used only 5 mg/day for 8 weeks and had a PCT of only 3 weeks with Nolvadex 20 mg/day without losing gains.


We can notice that this guy didn’t gain as much as in the first example. But he said his diet wasn’t the best, plus, the dosage was in half, and he only had one cycle. With a great bulking diet, he can still manage to reach similar results.

S23 Before and After

By far the strongest and most powerful SARM on the market is S23. It’s so powerful that beginners shouldn’t touch it. It has the potency of making you grow like real anabolic steroids would. But similarly to anabolics – the side effects are real too.

This SARM has not been tested in human trials. But we know all of this thanks to anecdotal experiences from those bodybuilders and athletes who did. And they said that this stuff is really potent.

Read more and/or buy S23 here.


Again, it’s very easy to notice the huge results this guy achieved through his S23 cycle. He said that his SARMs before and after results have always been great. This cycle with S23 wasn’t the first SARM cycle he went through. He also said that his diet was always on point with working out 4-5 times a week!

Anyway, we can see that S23 SARM helped him add some impressive size in his arms, making him harder, bigger, and overall an improved appearance. Based on everything I can see, I assume that he managed to gain around 7-9 lbs of lean muscle mass. This guy said that he managed to break all his personal lifting records while on S23. This proves how immensely effective this SARM is.

While running 2-3 previous cycles, he attempted S23 for 8 weeks at a dosage of 10 mg per day (5 mg AM 5 mg PM). Then he had to go through Post Cycle Therapy with Clomid. The First 2 weeks of PCT was running 50 mg daily and then reducing the Clomid dosage to 25 mg daily for 2 more weeks.

I think those are great results, especially because most of it could have been preserved after the cycle.

MK677 Ibutamoren Before and After

MK-677 is actually not a SARM but is often categorized as one. You can find it under the name Ibutamoren and it’s often thought of as a SARM because of its selective properties. This drug is an HGH secretagogue. In short – it makes your pituitary gland secrete more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) into the body. Needless to say that increasing HGH levels would greatly benefit in growing more muscles.

Except for that, MK 677 is also highly effective in increasing levels of IGF-1. This is extremely helpful for those who want to increase muscle mass. That’s why bodybuilders often search for ways to increase IGF-1 levels.

Read more and/or buy Ibutamoren here.


This guy had an MK677 cycle of 10 weeks while using 25 mg per day. Because this compound does not suppress your testosterone production, he had no need to follow a PCT plan. Pay attention that you’re still going to need one if you stack it with suppressive SARMs!

As we can see, this cycle length was enough for him to bulk up, getting a decent amount of muscle mass. Of course, exercising and dieting are highly important, but without Ibutamoren, I doubt he could reach all these muscle gains in just 10 weeks. It seems like he added an overall amount of 8 pounds of weight.

MK677 with RAD140 Cycle


The next person, however, stacked MK677 Ibutamoren with RAD-140 Testolone. He had a total of 12 weeks cycle with MK677 25 mg a day but RAD140 only the first 8 weeks. During weeks 8-12, he used a low Nolvadex dosage of 20 mg/day. As mentioned, you require a PCT if you use suppressive compounds.

  • In the end, the Testolone and Ibutamoren is a popular stack and you can see in the photos why.

This guy gained like about 12 pounds of lean muscle mass which is a huge success in only 12 weeks. It’s quite obvious from his physique transformation that strength increased dramatically too. He broke all his personal records in the gym.

Overall, a drastic transformation both in physique and in performance.

GW501516 Cardarine Before and After

Cardarine GW501516 is another compound that is often called a SARM, but it is not. It’s actually a PPAR delta agonist. Its job is to stimulate the release of the PPAR delta nuclear receptor. This won’t only help with various fitness needs, but also has various therapeutic benefits.

For example, people using Cardarine often report experiencing an overall increase in endurance. Moreover, they burn fat much faster and more efficiently, Lastly, they are having an overall much better lipid profile too.

Read more and/or buy Cardarine here.


This young person used Cardarine alone in an attempt to lose weight and as we can see, he managed to reach his goal. Obviously, he was eating in a caloric deficit, but you can’t lose about 10 pounds of weight and like 6% or so of body fat in just 8 weeks without help so easily.

He reached awesome fat and weight loss results while managing to increase his endurance and energy. Usually, during cutting cycles, energy, and endurance decrease. But not with GW501516 which offers impressive results.

Those who notice decreased endurance and energy during low caloric diets would really love adding Cardarine to their cycles. He confessed to using 15 mg/day for 8 weeks. No PCT afterward since Cardarine won’t touch your hormonal system.

Cardarine GW-501516 For Women

Rarely do women search for growing muscle mass. Most women only need to lose weight. That’s why Cardarine for women is such a popular option.


She said that despite her dieting for a while and going to gym for about 6 months, she couldn’t see too much progress. Then she decided to “boost” it and added GW501516. As we can see, she managed to lose around 10 pounds and a very good amount of total body fat.

She said that it seemed impossible to lose that much weight and fat in just 8 weeks. Especially considering her previous experience. With only 8 weeks of Cardarine 10 mg a day, she finally started to look fit. She continued to work out and have a good diet, of course, but the results finally started to show up when she added Cardarine.

SR9009 Stenabolic

SR9009 popular by the name Stenabolic is popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts mainly for its performance enhancing properties. Inevitably, this would help users reach improvements in physical appearance too. Many people call it “endurance in the bottle” and there are good reasons for that.

Anyone using Stenabolic reports an almost immediate increase in endurance. And the results are dramatic. When you’re preparing for a workout – SR9009 can be your best friend.

Read more and/or buy Stenabolic here.


This is just one of numerous other examples of a person using Stenabolic. He used SR9009 alone and that’s why, as we can see, it doesn’t really help build muscle mass. You may still grow muscles with it because it reduces fatigue during long workouts with heavy weights. It allows you to workout harder and longer which results in more muscles. However, you need to have a proper diet with caloric surplus to grow the muscles and you also need a specific training regimen.

Yet, most people using Stenabolic look to increase their endurance or/and for fat loss only. So, they eat in a caloric deficit. It’s hard to build muscles this way. SR9009 on its own doesn’t help build muscles.

That’s why it’s a popular option to run Stenabolic SR9009 stacked with other SARMs that do help to gain lean muscle mass.

Anyway, the example above is a guy who used SR9009 alone and any lean muscle growth is thanks to working out only. While there isn’t any impressive amount of muscle growth, the fat and weight loss are impressive. He managed to lose a good amount of weight and seemingly, around 6% of the body fat.

All of that during the 8 week cycle while dieting, working out, and using 30 mg/day of Stenabolic. There’s no need for PCT!

Personal SARMs Results

I’m not selling or especially talking about SARMs out of the blue. I’ve been in bodybuilding for lots of years and I’ve been using SARMs on and off for many years now. That’s how I can help others as well. I used everything, from Ostarine to S23, Cardarine, SR 9009 or Ibutamoren.

ostarine-mk-2866Ostarine MK 2866 Results

With this SARM, I managed to lose about 5% of body fat and I got super shredded. I managed to keep my strength and lean muscle tissues.

Ligandrol LGD 4033 Results

I remember Ligandrol as a very powerful and effective SARM when it comes to hypertrophy. I had to run a PCT plan, but it was worth it as I gained strength and packed on muscle size.

Testolone RAD 140 Results

Another SARM that suppressed me and I had to run PCT after the cycle. However it’s an impressive SARM. I not only got extremely strong and gained muscles and vascularity, but I was feeling like Hulk too.

Andarine S4 Resultsandarine-s4-natural-sarms

I remember I chickened out to continue using it when vision impairment first hit. If I remember well, it was at the end of week 6 or 7 so I had a few weeks left. Nonetheless, I dropped it. The vision returned to normal but I gained muscles and lost body fat and I preserved it.

YK11 Results

I was growing on this stuff almost daily. In an 8 weeks cycle, I gained around 12 pounds or so of lean muscles! That’s while I couldn’t add 2 pounds of lean muscles in 4 months prior to starting the cycle!

S23 Results

I tried to get the maximum out of S23 as I knew it was powerful stuff. I gained a HUGE amount of muscles, but I was training every single day. The side effects were a little bothersome, but I managed them. Worth it as I was feeling superhuman at the end of the cycle with about 16 lbs more weight.

Overall, SARMs greatly helped me achieve awesome results with minimal side effects. Although I have been using them for years, I have no long-term issues. But with proper nutrition and exercise – I’m among the biggest guys in my gym.

Tips to Get the Best SARMs Before and After Results

As I said numerous times through this post and many others – SARMs are not substitutes of workout, diet and overall proper lifestyle. If you want to get the best SARMs results during the cycles, you have to carefully use them and follow some “rules”.

Here are some tips for you that would help you both remain safe and reach your goals:

  • Run 8 weeks cycles. Longer cycles are more effective, but increases risks of side effects. Only exception is MK677 Ibutamoren that you can run for up to 12 weeks.
  • Stick to recommended dosages. I understand that you may be tempted to use higher doses to see faster and more results – but you’re only likely to see nastier side effects.
  • Have a clean diet. I just can’t say how immensely important it is to have a good nutrition plan. The better and healthier you eat – the more results you’ll get from your SARMs cycle.
  • Continue exercising. You may not notice the results in the first 1-2 weeks of the cycle but you shouldn’t give it. Continue working out and training hard AT LEAST 3 times a week.
  • Consider the half-life of SARMs. This way, you’ll know the best way to administer them. There are some that you need to use multiple times a day.
  • Research. SARMs can be effective, but you also need to be aware of the side effects. Learn about a SARM before actually using it to know what to expect.
  • A blood test before and after the cycle. This way you’re going to know where to start and where you’re at.
  • Use trusted vendors. Unfortunately, some online SARMs suppliers offer low-quality products. They increase the risks of side effects and decrease effectiveness. offers SARMs for sale from the best manufacturers in the world.



For the best SARMs before and after results – follow all those points. They are extremely important and if you won’t follow at least one point then you’re very likely to regret it. Either developing side effects, not reaching your expected goals or simply wasting money in vain.

As you can see in this article, there are a lot of people who had great SARMs results, including myself. But we’ve all had our diet on point with a strict guideline exercise regimen, dosages and cycle lengths.


SARMs are research drugs. FDA does not approve their use. The information on this website is purely informative for entertainment purposes only.

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