Training Mistakes To Avoid

A lot of people are working out in the gym but not everyone yields the results they want mostly due to common training mistakes that many people tend to make in their fitness journey. We all know that getting muscular, fit, and shredding fat will take a lot of time, consistency, and patience.

There’s a lot of hard work involved when we’re aiming to achieve our dream bodies. It is a lot of hard work during the training process, in the kitchen, as well as in our daily lifestyles. I fully understand the frustration because achieving goals in fitness isn’t easy. However, making some of the common training mistakes will make it way harder to achieve your goals. On the other hand, if you do have the right strategy on point then you’re going to achieve your goals way faster and easier. It still involves a lot of hard work, dedication, consistency, time, and patience. Nevertheless, you make sure to get it all much faster and easier. Most importantly – that you do yield results.

Having this said, today we’re going to share these common training mistakes that a lot of people are making in the training mode. Make sure to avoid them so you can keep your plan on track and make sure that you continue progressing, gaining lean muscle and burning fat, making you shredded for the next summer.

Guessing your starting point and progress

In case you are just starting, you should be completely honest about your starting point. Even if you’re not a beginner, still consider your current stats the starting point. You need to get the facts right and honest, even if they are far from what you want to be. It is important to “arm” yourself with the numbers so you can know how you are progressing. Start with your body fat percentage, height, and weight, and also work on your nutritional needs such as calories, macros, and so on.

Then you should continue tracking your progress. Put all the numbers together and work out a plan that suits your goals, then work towards it and keep tracking down the progress. If you don’t know where you started or won’t keep track of progress, how do you know that you progress at all?

Not planning ahead

Even if you have all the numbers and you keep track of progress, it’s still unlikely for you to see any progress if you are not planning ahead. Plan everything. This way, you will have motivation to do the tasks, you won’t stress about what to do next, and you’ll make sure you get everything done. Remember that your physique reflects your daily routine and daily habits. Getting your habits on track will make your physique much better looking.

Obviously, you need great food and great workouts for a perfect balance – so plan it all. If you’re a morning person, do the hardest job in the morning when you still have motivation. Keep in mind that getting into shape and achieving goals takes a lot of motivation. If you’re feeling unmotivated and drained by the evening, don’t plan your workouts in the evening!

Not training consistently and/or intensively

This is one of the most common mistakes among beginners. There are a lot of guys who finish their gym sessions half-hearted without a single drop of sweat. In short, your training shouldn’t be easy. If it were easy, you’d see everyone around with huge muscles and hard rock abs. You must make it intense. Additionally, you may often see new guys in the gym who work for a month, and then they quit, likely because of ‘no results’. Again, if results would come as fast, everyone would be huge and shredded. Make sure you train hard, intensively, and regularly!

Also, do not leave out parts of the body, such as skipping leg days! As you wouldn’t train just one arm and not the other, you shouldn’t avoid training your lower body otherwise you’re making the training mistakes! Good news? Training your lower body is what burns the most fat which brings the six pack!

You need more motivation

It may be hard to head to the gym or keep on eating healthy food while avoiding the “junk food” when you lack motivation. You’ve got to work on it. Working on your motivation is similar to working on your muscles. It takes patience and time but you need to keep on working. Try to find whatever motivates you.

A lot of people say that imagining they are training with their idols greatly helps their training process. Such as Arnold, The Rock, or Ronnie Coleman. This is why there are often posters of these and numerous other bodybuilding legends in a lot of gyms – it helps build motivation!

Not getting enough sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, it is quite obvious that you will lack motivation, you won’t build muscle, won’t burn fat, won’t train consistently, and won’t reach your goals. Sleep is a crucial part of a healthy life, even more, crucial when you’re having some physique and performance enhancement goals. Sleeping less than your body needs will disturb your hormones A LOT, and hormones play a vital role in your muscle building ability, your energy, appetite, fat burning power, and so on.

In short, when you do not sleep well, various processes in the body will decrease its ability to build muscle and increase the ability to store fat. There are numerous other issues regarding not getting enough high quality sleep but the point is – you should make sure you avoid the mistake of having poor quality and/or lack of sleep.

You struggle to stick to a program

Patience and consistency are essential when it comes to achieving results. As said, your daily habits reflect your physique. Therefore, you need a proper program to have a “proper” physique. In case you do have a particular program but you’re not seeing changes, then you need to start asking yourself why that program doesn’t deliver any results. Most likely, you’ll find something that stops you from progressing.

Whether you’re not eating right, repeating the same weight with every workout, scrolling on your phone when training, or resting for too long – anything can make a difference. In the end, remember that little details will make a huge difference to your workouts and your results! When it comes to lifting, remember that you need to do it regularly and intensively, however, you need to switch up your workouts every 4 to 6 weeks, for example.

Wrong workout for a particular goal

There are some workout plans that are great, but they are not suitable for your goals. For example, if your goal is sports-oriented workouts, then you will need a different type of workout than someone who is trying to build muscle.

In short, what you’re doing in the gym may be great, but it simply may not be suitable for your needs. Make sure that what you train for fits your needs because a common training mistake is not working out for what suits your needs.

Not eating correctly

Now this is when so many people are making so many mistakes. Dieting is a work of art that you need to master. It is such hard work that it takes years and years, with lots of trials and tests, patience, and learning. It is about micronutrients, macronutrients, calories, and so on. You need to find the right balance for each of these that will suit your needs. That’s nothing easy, but you need to start working on it. For example, many people think that getting shredded means eating less. But getting shredded is about building muscle which means you need to eat more. Then it is about burning fat, which means eating less.

Confusing, huh? You need to avoid eating the wrong types of food! Many think it is fat, isn’t it? But you need to work out in the gym, however, your body needs the fuel to keep pushing in the gym which it takes from the fat, so you need to eat fat. When you work out and eat a minimal amount, it does not mean you need to eat less, especially if you want to build muscle and burn fat to get shredded. You need to eat the right amount of food (calories) and the right type of food to get all the macros. May stay in a calorie deficit to burn excess fat, but in the proper way to preserve lean muscle!


Training Mistakes Conclusion

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