Exercises That Shred Belly Fat

Belly fat is often the most stubborn area when it comes to burning fat. Most people struggle to get rid of those “love handles” (as often said to belly fat) because it is the body part where most fat seems to accumulate. In fact, excess body fat seems to appear anywhere on the body. For some people, it could be the thighs, for others arms, but for most people, it is the midsection. In fact, if you have any excess fat, you’re very likely to have at least some of it in the midsection.

Having this said, we all know that exercising helps burn fat. So, what are the best exercises that shred belly fat? Let me tell you from the very beginning that there are no exercises that will target specific body parts to shed fat. In fact, there’s no way for you to target body parts to burn fat (leave the food tape on the shelf). By exercising a particular body part (for example, the chest), you only work the muscles within the chest – you do not burn fat in the chest only.

Instead, when you lose weight and burn fat, you’re losing body fat overall – all over your body. This will result in a slimmer midsection. Having this said, the best exercises that shred belly fat are not abdominal (abs) exercises that barely burn any calories, but are those exercises that require a lot of calories, which will help burn fat overall, resulting in shredding belly fat.

Before I continue…

I also must warn you – regardless of how much you exercise and what exercises you’re performing – you can almost always eat more. Eating more calories will never result in shredding belly fat. This is why you shred belly fat in the kitchen, not in the gym. A proper macronutrient balance with the correct amount of calories will help you shred belly fat. Exercise will just support your goal, by making you stronger, building muscle mass (yes, you can target particular muscles to grow, unlike targeting particular fat areas to burn), and boosting calorie expenditure. That’s why the best exercises that shred belly fat are those that use the most calories to perform.

Exercises to Shred Belly Fat

I’ve seen guys wearing winter clothes (or wrapped bellies in tapes or even both) in the gym saying that this will help them burn fat. I’ve also seen those who are doing a lot of ab exercises, saying that this will help them shred the fat around their waist. Very often, these are the same people. Sadly, these people never shred belly fat. First, those winter clothes (or wrapping tapes) will increase your body temperature, making you unable to perform properly in the gym. Doing a lot of abdominal exercises will make you gain ab muscles, but you still won’t shred fat. While abs exercises are an important part of strength training (wrapping tapes are useless altogether), the true way to lose weight and slim your midsection is to be in a calorie deficit (which you do with dieting).

Yes, everyone knows that cardio will burn a lot of calories. But strength training does too! While working out, you burn calories, but you mostly build muscle. More muscle mass will boost your metabolism and your body will use more energy (calories) to build and keep hold of more muscle! Moreover, your body will use calories for post-workout recovery (something you can’t expect from cardio). Want to get the most out of your workout sessions? Add some weight exercises!

As said, you exercise to gain muscle and burn fat. Therefore, compound exercises are perfect. They use a lot of muscles, meaning they will lead to more calorie expenditure. Moreover, they will work multiple muscles, meaning that they will activate more muscle fibers, leading to more muscle growth! Therefore, compound lifts are the perfect way to minimize love handles and shred belly fat.

So, cardio is good, but heavy compound lifts are what you need to shred belly fat!

The best exercises for burning calories are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Chin or pull ups
  • Plank

When you’re performing compound exercises at high intensity, whether it is lifting heavy weights or taking small rests in between sets, you will encourage what is known as EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). The body expends energy to repair, recover, and return to its normal state after a period of intense exercise. This means that you will burn calories even when you recover (after finishing working out). Not only that, but almost all compound exercises will challenge your abdominal muscles too. This is why a lot of people are doing a lot of compound movements and barely any ab exercises, and they still reveal a toned waistline.

Think of it that way – if you want a hard six pack – you need to burn the fat that covers the six pack, not grow the six pack. While you can grow it with ab exercises, the compound movements will do the job too.

What About Cardio Sessions?

Well, everyone knows that cardio is highly effective at shredding belly fat. In no way I’m trying to say that cardio is not effective, it is super effective. After all, that’s why everyone still does it. The thing is that it is best to combine cardio with heavy weight lifting sessions. After all, cardio only focuses on burning fat, and as said, you burn fat from all over the body, including your belly fat. Whether you burn it with cardio, weight lifting, or dieting – but is best to have a combination of all three.

Still, for you to burn fat, you need to exercise regularly. Also, when deciding the types of workouts that you will do, it is not only the calorie burn, but also it is essential to opt for exercises that you enjoy. That’s especially true about cardio because they can be a bit mind numbing. So, enjoy the activity you do to stay motivated.

Think like walking, or bicycle, or maybe a dance or kickboxing session. These are all cardio and all super effective. Whatever you do – keep on going. Also, make sure to keep on challenging yourself, increasing the intensity so your body will continue burning fat. Having this said, it is obvious that the intensity is important. You will burn more calories when you run than when you walk, of course. The harder you exercise, the more calories you burn. That’s why it is important to stay motivated so you can increase intensity, but still keep on pushing and do it regularly.

Preparing to Shred Belly Fat

So, as explained, it is going to take a bit more than just some exercises to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. As said, the key to shredding fat around the midsection is to stay in a calorie deficit. But even if you stay in a calorie deficit, you won’t get the body results you’re dreaming about without getting your body moving and having a proper macronutrient balance. That’s why, the perfect way to say goodbye to those love handles is a combination of regular activity (intense strength training and cardio), staying in a calorie deficit, and proper macro balance. Additionally, your body will need enough rest to recover and be able to shred that belly fat.

Still, a calorie deficit is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss and fat burning. It is important to understand that various factors come into play when it comes to losing weight (that’s why some find it easier than others). Some of those factors include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Medical conditions
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Starting height, weight, and body fat percentage

You can stay in a calorie deficit with diet alone. However, strength training and cardio exercise will contribute to the total daily calorie expenditure (TDEE). Try to stay active throughout the day, as it will further widen the gap between calorie in vs calorie out, reducing calorie intake, and thus shredding belly fat.

How Much Time Do I Burn Fat Around Midsection?

Overall, there’s no way to predict fat loss. But you can get a rough approximation from the 3500 calorie rule. One pound of fat is about 3500 calories. This means that for every 3500 calorie deficit you create, there should be one pound of fat loss. Most people will focus on creating a calorie deficit of 500 a day. Anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories under maintenance is considered both effective and safe, because more or less can be unhealthy or not really effective, accordingly. Having this said, you would expect to lose approximately one pound a week. Remember that you can’t target the desired areas, so this means that fat will disappear all over the body, including fat from the midsection.

In The End, Consistency is Key

In the end, you may have heard that running, for example, burns fat. That’s actually true. But if you want to burn fat, you will need to run consistently. Regular exercise and regular dieting will bring results. One week of diet or one month of regular training won’t bring the desired results (although you’re likely to start seeing some changes).

There is not a strict number of workouts you should get into your week. Most people stick to 3-4 training sessions a week, but if you want to say goodbye to love handles, you will need to stay as active as you possibly can. Moreover, you will need to pay attention to the type of diet you have. Keep in mind that we’re all different, with different lives and commitments. Some may be willing to have a strict diet, others don’t. Some may go for two hour gym sessions, others can only squeeze a 30-minute workout into their schedule. The point is to go for exercises, diet, and overall regimen that work for you, and not the other way around.

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