Testolone RAD140

RAD 140, popular by the name Testolone, is a SARM – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. This is an investigational drug still in research (through studies, clinical trials, and so on and so forth) for treating various health conditions. Scientists have already discovered RAD 140 SARM effective at treating muscle wasting diseases and breast cancers. Additionally, a lot of athletes and bodybuilders found it highly beneficial for their fitness needs. That’s why Testolone RAD 140 SARMs are getting a lot of popularity among athletes. It’s very effective in increasing lean muscle mass and strength levels.

RAD140, like any other SARMS, is binding to androgen receptors (AR). It works in a similar way as anabolic steroids. However, Testolone is selectively targeting androgen receptors it binds to. That’s why RAD140 SARMs are way safer than steroids. Yet, they remain effective at binding to AR in muscle and skeletal tissues. This helps increase lean muscle mass, burn fat, improve bone mineralization and health as well as improve your endurance and strength.

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Testolone RAD 140 Results | RAD 140 Before and After

Testolone RAD 140 results are obvious in people who use it correctly. In fact, the advantages are so obvious that it is a banned substance by the USADA and the WADA. It increases strength and muscle mass a lot, so users have an edge over other competitors.

A lot of people who already experimented with RAD140 said this SARM has a lot of great benefits. This is a powerful SARM helping users with their physique and performance enhancement. The most obvious RAD140 benefits are lean muscle mass gains and shredding fat off alongside increases in strength. Moreover, it would make you vascular too.

Considering you have less body fat and more muscles, it is obvious that RAD 140 before and after body transformation results are insane. There are a lot of examples with Testolone RAD140 before and after cycle pictures. According to those who experimented with more SARMs, suggested that Testolone is one of those that can put you a lot of muscle mass.

People said that during the RAD 140 cycles, they can easily gain at least 5 lbs up to 15 lbs of lean muscles during the first 8 week cycle with RAD 140 SARMS. As long as you run real, pure, and high quality Testolone correctly.

There’s no doubt that this SARM offers a lot of fitness benefits. You can be amazed by taking before and after RAD 140 cycle pictures of your body. This way, you’ll keep track of the progress made. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the results also depend on your lifestyle choices. The benefits and results are awesome as long as you make sure that both your diet and workout schedule are on point.

Testolone RAD 140 Side Effects

Not all SARMs are well-researched. Luckily, RAD 140 is. This drug is still in ongoing clinical trials with a lot of studies and if it would continue this way – it would get the FDA approval. Additionally, lots of people have experimented and continue using it.

All of this proves that Testolone side effects can be controlled or avoided. In short, there are no nasty side effects. At least, as long as you run it correctly. This is still an investigational drug that is yet to be fully understood. Nonetheless, the use of Testolone RAD140 is still associated with some side effects. Remember that the higher the dosage and/or the longer cycle length – the more likely to get nastier side effects. Personal tolerance is also important, but regardless of the situation, never use RAD 140 in any other way than recommended.

In the end, the most reported Testolone RAD 140 side effects include:

  • Aggression
  • Testosterone Suppression

Aggression is an individual thing. Not everyone reports it because people are different. But some still report increased temper and aggression. You need to control it to avoid breaking your relationships with people around you. Even if you notice – it disappears when you stop the Testolone cycle.

About natural testosterone suppression – it occurs because RAD 140 binds to androgen receptors interfering with your natural testosterone production. Good news – Testolone won’t lead to a complete shut down of testosterone as steroids would. Some people might not even need a RAD140 PCT plan after the cycle. But even if the suppression is too much for you (depends on genetics, the dosage you use, and cycle length), a mild Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is enough to deal with this issue. Run a RAD140 PCT with Clomid and/or Nolvadex after the cycle.

Testolone RAD 140 Dosage

As mentioned – the higher the RAD 140 dosage, the more likely it is to get side effects. We understand that some of you might be tempted to use huge Testolone RAD140 dosages to get as much and as fast results as possible, but that’s not always the best idea.

I recommend a Testolone dosage range between 5 mg and 30 mg a day. The exact dosage depends on the exact level of experience:

  • Beginners RAD 140 dosage: 5-10 mg/day
  • Intermediate RAD 140 dosage: 10-20 mg/day
  • Professionals RAD 140 dosage: 20-30 mg/day

Higher dosages are likely to cause side effects and they won’t offer further benefits. In fact, according to studies, 10 mg would be approximately 80% as effective as the 30 mg dose is. So, 10-15 mg/day is pretty much the maximum that most people need. Higher doses are only for people who have a lot of experience with it and their bodies developed a bit of tolerance.

About Testolone RAD-140 cycle lengths – never go over 10 weeks. But 6 weeks cycle lengths are still enough to offer amazing benefits. Longer cycles – more and nastier side effects. I would say 8 weeks is perfect. It’s the sweet spot between yielding maximum results and keeping side effects at bay.

Remember to run a Testolone RAD 140 PCT plan if you notice low T symptoms after a cycle. But there’s no need to run a PCT as long as you don’t notice any such symptoms.

Various different research results indicate the same thing about RAD-140 half-life = 24 hours. That’s why we assume that once a day administration is fine (same time of the day). But for making sure you won’t get any fluctuations and get maximum results – split into 2 doses a day. Such as every 12 hours.

Testolone RAD 140 For Sale

Overall, there are good reasons why Testolone RAD 140 is among the most researched and most popular SARMs in the fitness and bodybuilding world. RAD140 SARMS are amazing with mind-blowing results in terms of lean muscle mass and strength gains as well as fat loss and vascularity.

Using 10 mg/day for 8 weeks of this drug is enough for you to get amazing benefits while staying away from side effects.

However, for the best results, you’ll need the best quality of Testolone. That’s why we urge you to always buy real and high quality SARMs. Only pure RAD-140 (and other SARMs) can help offer amazing benefits while avoiding side effects. Where to buy RAD 140 for sale?

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