How To Speed Up Post-Workout Muscle Recovery?

You may continue working out hard and having great gym sessions, however, you just can’t seem to achieve your goals. You may start wondering why. Well, in most cases, because of incorrect muscle recovery. Pumping a lot of iron goes to waste if you’re eating the wrong food and staying up all night getting poor night’s sleep after doing so.

Muscle recovery is just as important as your training is. That’s why, what you’re doing after your workout is exactly as important as what you’re doing during your workouts. Keep in mind that you’re in the gym just a fraction of the time of the day, that’s why, what you’re doing after your workout will play a huge role in how fast the results will come and how big those results will be.

Keep in mind that in the gym you’re causing micro-tears of muscles when pumping tons of iron. Without sleeping enough and correctly, and without eating enough and correctly, the muscles can’t recover. So, there’s no point in causing those tears. Proper post-workout muscle recovery is extremely important as it helps you get the best results, boost muscle gain and weight loss, as well as reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, a good post-workout muscle recovery routine will help maintain your energy levels, feel good, continue progressing, and reduce the risks of injuries in the gym.

  • Never underestimate the power of proper post-workout muscle recovery if you try to get huge and shredded. However, how to do it? If you’re trying to boost your results and searching for ways to boost your post-workout routine to maximize your results, I strongly recommend you read these top tips for what you should do after your training session.

How long does muscle recovery take after a workout?

There’s not a set period. It takes different people, different lengths of time to recover from a workout. IT greatly depends on a lot of different factors, that’s why the time necessary for muscle recovery after a workout may greatly vary. Beginners may require longer periods whereas professionals may not require that much. It also depends on the type of activity. For example, light activity may leave you a bit sore for about 24 hours. However, challenging workouts could require 2-3 days for your muscles to recover. Yet, overtraining could leave you sore for about a week or so.

ostarine-mk-2866Nonetheless, there are also numerous other factors that could impact your recovery. They include:

  • The quality (and amount) of sleep
  • Your diet (nutrition) such as how much you eat and food types (quality)
  • Stress in your life
  • Any underlying health condition
  • How intense your workout is across different muscle groups
  • Other factors such as supplements, SARMs, and others could help speed up post-workout muscle recovery.


As said, when you exercise, you’re actually creating a lot of tiny tears in your muscles. Basically, you are damaging your muscles when you train. It is during the recovery that the muscles heal and come back bigger and stronger. That’s why post-workout muscle recovery is so essential. If you do not provide your muscles time (and necessary elements which you get through quality foods) to recover, they won’t grow. Not only that, but the accumulation of tears without rest and recovery puts you at risk of injuries – developing torn or pulled muscles. Muscle damage could range from just being uncomfortable for a few days, up to ruptures that might require surgery and the recovery process may take many months.

How to Provide Proper Muscle Recovery?

Muscles shouldn’t be worked out every day, otherwise, it leads to the accumulation of micro-tears. You also can’t just lift heavy, because it could lead to muscle strains. What you should aim for (a good training program) is small increases in intensity over a period with enough recovery. Do not jump ahead too quickly, otherwise you risk injuries. Progressive overload includes small increases in weights, and reps and/or small decreases in rest time in between sets during workouts.

Moreover, it also involves working out different muscle groups in different workouts. For example, if you trained your chest today, you shouldn’t train your chest tomorrow, you need to let it recover. This way, you increase your recovery time, reduce injury risk, and ensure your muscles are growing. For example, if you train three times a week, you need to schedule your workout so each of your muscle groups has time to recover. For example, you train back and biceps on Mondays, chest and triceps on Wednesdays, with legs and core on Fridays. This is just an example of a split among many others!

You also need to ensure you get enough quality sleep because that’s when the “magic” happens and your muscles are actually growing. Moreover, your muscles require some materials in order to grow. Mainly, protein, but there are numerous others. That’s why the foods that you eat play a significant role. You should pay close attention to the types of foods you eat. There are others such as SARMs, creatine, and protein powder which may help speed up muscle recovery too!

Foods To Speed Up Post Workout Muscle Recovery

Our muscles are predominantly made of up protein. This should give you a good idea of the fact that if you want to build muscle, you need to up your protein. Aim for at least 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per body weight per day. Also, aim to get 20-40 g of protein both before and after your workout to help increase muscle protein synthesis.

Moreover, your muscles store carbs in the form of glycogen for energy. In short, during intense workouts, your muscles are using that glycogen to workout. You need to replenish those stores with quality complex carbohydrates. Your muscles need carbs to support the muscle recovery and growth process.

In order to grow muscles, you should aim for a calorie surplus. For that, you should calculate your maintenance calories, and add 10-20% extra (unless you’re overweight). But, you must ensure that those calories are coming from quality foods. Junk foods will add calories, but they are not going to provide the nutrients necessary for muscle recovery. That’s why you need to have a balanced, varied, and healthy diet. Ensure you do not develop nutrient deficiencies to impact your muscles’ ability to recover. Some general rules:

  • Eat in a slight calorie surplus
  • Add a lot of fruits and veggies
  • Have a balanced and varied diet
  • Aim for the right macronutrients balance: protein, carbs, and fat
  • Avoid high-sugar, high-fat, and processed foods

It is also important to understand that dehydration will significantly mess up your muscle’s recovery abilities. Aim for at least 30 ml of water per kg of body weight a day. Avoid sugary drinks too. Most fruit juices are too high in sugar too.

What Else Helps Speed Up Post Workout Muscle Recovery?

Sleep! No doubts. If you are sleep deprived there is no doubt that you can’t gain muscle. Sleep is what helps your muscle recover, not only because of the time it needs to recover but also because of the hormones that your body releases when you’re sleeping. Hormones play a huge role in your body’s ability to recover. That’s why SARMs are so helpful! Keep in mind that if you are regularly working out intensely, you may need more rest than the average person. Some athletes sleep 10+ hours a day! Sleep is extremely important for the production of hormones, natural anti-inflammatory processes, and many more!

You may also try sports massages and compression garments. They could help reduce muscle soreness, improve muscle flexibility, as well as somewhat boost muscle recovery.

Other things that may help include creatine and protein powder. They may help the muscle recovery process as long as you’re not getting enough of these from your diet. Creatine and protein powder help reduce muscle damage and inflammation, replenishing muscle glycogen stores. But these well-known sports supplements are only helpful as long as you do not get enough of them from your diet.

Another thing that would significantly help speed up post-workout muscle recovery is SARMs. For example, SARMs will give you a boost in T levels, and optimize your workout and recovery without providing nasty side effects. SARMs were proven by a lot of studies (and people who used them) to be extremely beneficial for muscle recovery, strength and energy boost, and overall enhancement in fitness level.

What to avoid during recovery?

Generally, being healthy is going to help you make those gains. That’s why, avoid the bad habits and that’ll significantly help speed up recovery. Avoid alcohol and tobacco where possible. Needless to mention, you should avoid the use of recreational drugs. All of these will hinder muscle recovery abilities. Avoid sugary drinks and foods, high fat foods, as well as processed foods. Try to have a balanced, healthy, and varied diet to avoid being deprived of important nutrients. Also, as said, avoid being sleep deprived. Moreover, you should avoid pushing yourself too hard in the gym. Pushing too hard (past the level you’re at) can cause injuries, and can extend the necessary recovery period.

Tips for sore muscles

  • Stretch – stretching after your workout while muscles are still warm can help relieve tension and boost flexibility, preventing muscle soreness and tension. Stretch the following days if you feel the need to.
  • Have a cool/cold shower – do not have a cold shower post-workout, but the following days, if you’re sore, it could help relieve muscle soreness and inflammation.
  • Home remedies – some remedies could help relieve the post workout pains such as sports massages, foam rollers, and others.
  • Sleep and eat – as I’ve said earlier, there’s nothing better for muscle recovery than sleeping and correct nutrition. Go to sleep to speed up sore muscle recovery and eat the correct foods (rich in protein).

Talk to a trainer

A personal coach or trainer can be pretty expensive, but they can help you more than you think. If you struggle to optimize your workout, you’re new to fitness, have a health condition or injury, or you reached a plateau, having a hard time recovering, investing in a trainer or a coach is even more worth it.

A fitness trainer will help create an individual program that is tailored to your needs and goals. They will also support your post-workout routine. They will take your progress into account and adjust your plan to push through plateaus and smash your goals. Trainers could also help with your diet, but a dietician could help best if it’s your diet where you struggle. Dieticians (and trainers) will assess your individual needs, checking your current diet, workout plan, goals, preferences, and so on.

Speed Up Post-Workout Recovery!

In the end, as much as you can understand, you will need to use the recovery process after the workout to gain the most results and benefits from working out. You will need to offer your muscles the chance to rest and heal. You do that with a correct post-workout recovery routine which will allow you to restore your energy levels and rebuild your muscles stronger and bigger. To do so, you’ll need a proper diet, sleep, and a healthy lifestyle. This way you’ll avoid the risk of injuries, and speed up muscle growth and fat burning processes among numerous other benefits.

In the end, whether you’re training to get fitter, or to get bigger, you may get a lot of help from the SARMs that we have to offer you for sale. If you feel like you’ve plateaued or your muscles feel constantly sore and inflamed, then you need to help your body recover after a workout. SARMs are the perfect way to do so. is the best source of SARMs as we offer the best prices for them and we promise the best quality only. This way, you could save a lot of money and ensure an awesome quality of products that will boost your workout efforts, gain muscle, reduce muscle recovery time, and generally help you reach your goals faster without nasty side effects!



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