Work Your Tricep, Chest And Shoulder Muscles

A man with huge tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles looks the way most guys want to look. Triceps are the biggest arm muscles, a huge chest always looks awesome on any guy (you can’t deny it), and shoulders are a masculine sign. Not only that, but these are awesome muscles that work back on back. This means that with various moves you may use all these muscles. Having this said, you just need to work your lower body and you will develop the beach body physique everyone’s dreaming about. But, how do you work your tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles?

You may have tried to work them out, and you may have noticed that it is not easy. You need the right approach. So you may start wondering: it is the heavy weights that build muscle? Or do the heavy weights just help you lift stronger? Having that said, should you do more reps with lighter weights, or is it better to go for fewer reps but aim for maximum weight effort?

These are some extremely common questions when it comes to hypertrophy (muscle growth) training. The truth is that there is no best answer. People tend to yield amazing results whether they go for lighter weights and maximum reps, or maximum weight and lighter reps.

In the end, when it comes to growing huge tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles (or any other muscle groups), everything plays a role. The type of exercises, how you combine them and the order they go in, the amount of reps and weight, rest in between sets, sets amount, and so on. Then mix here the fact that we’re all having different bodies and it is near impossible to answer what’s the best method for muscle growth.

The 5-20 Method for Your Tricep, Chest and Shoulder Muscles

Considering that we all have our own individual genetics, metabolism, muscle makeup, and chemicals that vary so much, and considering that there are so many different factors to consider when it comes to gaining muscle and strength (as said – the type of exercises, how you combine them and the order they go in, the amount of reps and weight, rest in between sets, sets amount and so on), you better go for a method that works it all so you can’t go wrong. The 5-20 method.

This is a method that incorporates the best of both worlds. It involves a spread of rep ranges and weights. It has both heavy lifting as well as lots of reps. You basically start with five reps and then you slowly reach the 20 reps.


You can go for this 5-20 circuit that I will share below which will target your tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles. As said, these are a group of muscles that are all working together in perfect synergy. This means that by the end of this circuit, you will make sure you gain strength and muscle in your tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles. This circuit with a variety of rep ranges, sets, and weights will hit these muscles from all angles. You can start with 5 reps and heavier weight for the first exercise, then work your way to 20 reps for the last exercise. Then you can switch.

Before you start, you need to properly warm up. Then work your way through five different rounds of the circuit I will share below. It is crucial to make sure that you keep a perfect form throughout the entire five sets of this circuit. That’s why you need to carefully choose your weights to allow you to do all the reps in perfect form. Especially when talking about high rep sets. Also, remember that in between each movement, you shouldn’t rest for too long. Just rest enough so you can catch your breath and then keep on pushing. Then you can rest for 2-3 minutes between each set. This will allow you to recover, regain your strength and endurance, and go hard again.

So, here’s how you do it:

Standing Barbell Press

You start with the standing barbell press, going for a proper weight so you can repeat it five times. For the next circuit you could start with 20 reps, and then slowly decrease with each movement..

Tips on how to do it: engage your core and ensure you do not lean back as you press the bar overhead. Take a breath as you do and squeeze your glutes which prevents the back from extending. Lock the weight overhead. Lower as you maintain control of your shoulders.


After standing barbell press you go to dips between two parallel bars. You do ten reps. If you started with 20 reps of standing barbell press, then you do 15 reps. May ask for help if you’re a beginner, or may add weight if you’re a professional.

Tips on how to do it: jump up on two parallel bars and then slowly lower yourself down until the elbows are at right angles. Make sure that you keep your elbows close to your body and that they do not flare outward. Drive yourself back up to the top. Do it in a controller manner.

Push ups

After dips, you get to the traditional push ups. You should do 15 reps if you increase the reps, or 10 reps if you decrease the reps. If you’re a beginner, you could do it from your knees, if you’re a professional you may even ask someone to add some weight on your back as you do it.

Tips on how to do it: start in a plank position and have your core engaged the entire time you do it. Keep hands stacked below your shoulders. Only bend at your elbows to lower your chest to the floor. You need to keep your back straight with your core engaged. Also, ensure you keep your elbows close to your body before you push yourself back up in an explosive manner.

Tricep extensions

Now this is the last exercise in this particular circuit. After push ups, you mostly focus on your tricep muscles with this isolation movement. You should do 20 reps if you started with a standing barbell press at 5 reps. But you should only do 5 reps if you started the standing barbell press at 20 reps. Depending on the reps, you need to choose a proper weight.

Tips on how to do it: have a barbell locked out above your chest as you lay on the bench (or floor). Bend at your elbows to slowly lower the bar towards your forehead. Lower it until you’re just about to touch your head, then press back up explosively as you keep your elbows inward. Keep the arms locked and perpendicular to the bench, only move at your elbows.

It’s Time To Work Your Tricep, Chest and Shoulder Muscles

Are you ready to grow big tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles? Sure you are! With this 5-20 circuit, you are sure to improve your performance and strengthen the gym. You can use various other exercises that work back to back muscles as you make sure you can’t go wrong with the reps and weights both for muscle and strength gains.

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