Ligandrol – LGD 4033 Cycle

An LGD 4033 cycle can be extremely effective for anyone looking for physique and/or performance enhancement. However, before you actually run a Ligandrol (LGD 4033) cycle, you need to learn how to use it correctly in order to yield the best effects and stay away from side effects.

Basic Information About This Popular LGD 4033 SARM

LGD-4033 is a chemical compound very popular as Ligandrol in the category of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). It is a compound created for the treatment of various health purposes which was found extremely effective when it comes to facilitating strength and muscle building, enhancing the burning of body fat, and promoting the increase of the user’s physical endurance during the first (correct) LGD 4033 cycle.

Additionally, Ligandrol will strengthen your bones and protect you from injuries while boosting recovery, both from injuries or from intensive workouts. This is the reason why Ligandrol (LGD-4033) cycles are becoming extremely popular in various sports and mainly in bodybuilding. Lots of people tend to use this SARM to ligandrol-lgd4033enhance their athletic performance and improve their physical appearance.

  • While there are numerous other SARMs that can help with such goals, the action of LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) is some of the best when it comes to accelerating the growth factor.

However, it is important to understand that the exact type of results you can expect to gain from an LGD 4033 cycle depends on many other factors too. Some of them include diet, training routine, the general health status of each person, body type, genetic profile, and others. But on average, people suggest that they could gain 4-5 kg (9-11 lbs) of muscle in just their first bulking LGD 4033 cycle.

At the same time, due to its selective properties targeting androgen receptors in muscles and bones, Ligandrol is not associated with the numerous side effects that steroids have, for example. While some side effects are possible, they are highly individual. They depend on the dosage, cycle length, and personal tolerance.


How is the Cycle with LGD-4033?

LGD 4033 comes with a long half life as an oral compound of 24 hours. This makes the administration of Ligandrol extremely simple. With only one dose per day, it will offer a powerful anabolic effect for the next 24 hours. So, all you need to do is just use one dosage per day, around the same time of the day, every day for as long as you run LGD 4033 cycle.

In addition to that, LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is a powerful SARM that both men and women can use. It will provide excellent results for both genders. Yet, the cycle and dosage will be different between men and women, but it will offer awesome results in both cases.

Keep in mind that cycles, dosages, etc. can and should be different from one person to another. It depends on various factors such as goals, age, gender, weight, height, personal tolerance, health conditions, diet, training plan, and other factors. All these factors will also determine the results you will experience from using this SARM. That’s why the “ideal” LGD 4033 cycle is different from one person to another. I recommend against following someone else’s Ligandrol administration plan. Better find your own best.

Ligandrol LGD-4033 Dosage

Keep in mind that this is a powerful SARM – it does not need large doses in order to be effective. Usually, the dosages can range between 2.5 mg to about 15-20 mg/day. A typical dosage of this powerful SARM for experienced athletes and bodybuilders would be 5-10 mg per day.

Remember, it also depends on your weight, goals, and other factors such as your gender. For example, a typical dosage for women is 2.5 mg up to 5 mg/day. While some try 10 mg/day, I don’t recommend anything higher than that as it is already enough to cause some side effects.

Ligandrol LGD-4033 Cycle Length

The duration of a cycle is anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks. Most commonly, I recommend an 8 week cycle length. Women’s maximum cycle length is 6-8 weeks.

Important Information Regarding Ligandrol (LGD4033)

I recommend beginners to start with the minimum cycle duration and the minimum dosage. This way you can avoid unwanted and dangerous side effects. Gradually users may start increasing one or both their cycle length and SARM dosage. With even more experience may attempt stacking this SARM with others. By using LGD-4033 you limit side effects. While there could be additional benefits if you stack Ligandrol with one or multiple compounds, this can increase side effects too. You need to carefully choose the compounds you want to stack with Ligandrol for different goals.

I recommend using LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) once a day, about 30-60 minutes before working out and around the same time on non-workout days. Preferably on an empty stomach to increase bioavailability. If you notice some stomach issues, may take it after a light meal.

Bulking LGD 4033 Cycle

Ligandrol is an excellent SARM for bulking on its own. Lots of people use this SARM alone and they experience awesome results for their bulking needs. However, in order to yield even better and/or faster bulking results, a lot of people choose to stack it with another bulking SARM during their bulking cycle. Usually, it combines very well with Testolone (RAD-140).

Usually, people use LGD 4033 in a dosage of 10 mg a day for their bulking goals. May also use 5 mg/day, but most tend to use higher doses to achieve the best results. Only with more experience you could increase to 15 mg/day up to a maximum of 20 mg/day with lots of experience.

  • Also, a combination of Testolone and Ligandrol can supercharge gains. Some suggest that you could expect gains of 20 lbs from a short 8 weeks cycle.

Cutting LGD 4033 Cycle

Ligandrol for cutting cycles is usually used in lower doses of about 5 mg/day. Rarely when you will need 10 mg/day and almost never even higher doses. Additionally, it is very common to stack LGD4033 with other SARMs and/or other compounds to enhance the cutting and fat loss benefits.

  • A common stack is Cardarine (GW501516) which will boost fat loss while Ligandrol helps enhance fat loss and preserve lean muscle tissues. With LGD-4033 retaining lean muscle tissue is way easier while losing fat ensuring your body won’t enter into the state of catabolism where it uses muscle tissues for energy.

Other LGD-4033 Stacks

There are numerous other compounds that people use as a stack with LGD 4033. Some may add Stenabolic (SR9009) or Ostarine (MK2866) or Ibutamoren (MK677). A common addition is Ostarine. You could add Ostarine with Ligandrol for both bulking and cutting. It could be an excellent combo for body recomposition.

Moreover, those with lots of experience choose to add three different compounds in order to maximize the effects of a cycle. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners or inexperienced users because of the risks of side effects. Yet, experienced professionals choose to amplify the effects of Ligandrol by using it alongside Ostarine, Cardarine, and Testolone together.

LGD-4033 Side Effects and Post Cycle Therapy

As said, using Ligandrol, you may experience side effects. However, side effects can be from non-existent, to mild, to severe. Yet, most of them are personal and individual. While some may experience side effects, others may not.

For example, it could include headaches, nausea, and/or fatigue. However, most people experiencing one or multiple issues can control them by adjusting their dosage and/or their diets. Studies suggest that Ligandrol, generally, comes with no serious side effects and only rarely with mild side effects. Another thing to take into consideration is that it may have some impact on cholesterol. The good news is that if you follow proper dosage and cycle length guidelines, the cholesterol-negative impacts are most likely going to go unnoticed and will reverse post-cycle.

Nonetheless, there is one LGD 4033 side effect that everyone will experience though and it can become a pretty big problem. That’s natural testosterone suppression. For this reason, PCT for SARMs is very important for every man finishing their LGD 4033 cycle (or a cycle with whatever other suppressive compound).

Studies suggest that even very low doses for a couple of weeks are still enough to reduce testosterone production. So, it could slow down or even shut down the natural testosterone which is a big problem. Men with low testosterone levels can experience a myriad of negative side effects. Also, it can last for months. What to do? Post Cycle Therapy.

Clomid and Nolvadex are the standard and most popular options for PCT. Which one (or maybe even both) depends on the level of suppression. Of course, the higher the dosage, the more suppressive compounds you stack together, and the longer the cycle length – the worse the suppression. Usually, a 4-week PCT plan is enough.

Final Thoughts

A Ligandrol – LGD 4033 cycle can be highly effective for anyone who wants to enhance their physique and performance. Regardless if you’re interested in bulking cycles, a cutting cycle, or body recomposition, this can be an awesome choice. It could be highly effective on its own and stacks very well with a lot of different compounds. Moreover, it can be great for both men and women as well as for both professionals and beginners!

However, it’s important to learn how to use LGD 4033 cycle correctly for the best results and the least side effects. While Ligandrol is an awesome compound with limited side effects, it’s important to use it correctly to keep them at bay.

Not only that, but you also must make sure you purchase the best quality and genuine LGD-4033. Unfortunately, there are too many fakes and counterfeits floating on the market. The fact that they won’t be as effective as they should be isn’t such a huge problem as the fact that the fakes could also cause more and nastier side effects. So, purchasing real and quality Ligandrol is of utmost importance.

I recommend you use as we’re working exclusively with brands that are creating the best quality SARMs on the market. Their products are quality checked and reviewed. Moreover, we will provide you with the best prices for each compound from each brand.


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