MK-677 Dosage

Best Ibutamoren Dosage For Bulking & Cutting

MK-677 Ibutamoren is a powerful compound when it comes to physique and performance enhancement as long as you use it in the correct dosage. MK-677 dosage ranges anywhere between 10 mg and 50 mg per day. In order to determine the best dosage of this compound for you, please learn this article.

According to people with experience with this product as well as studies on MK677 (Ibutamoren) done in human trials, you are likely to get the best results when using it in a dosage of 10-50 mg a day. But as you can see, the dosage difference is pretty big. That’s why I decided to write this article. It can be of great help to determine the right dosage for you.

I am also going to share some important information about MK-677 such as the best dosage for bulking, the safest dosage, the best dosage for cutting, and dosages in human trials. Talking about human trials – this compound is pretty well researched unlike many SARMs out there. There is quite a lot of data available when it comes to dosage, benefits, and even long-term effects.

So, if you want to find out more about the perfect MK-677 dosage (Ibutamoren) read below. But before that, I should mention a few important things about MK677 in the first place.

What is MK-677 (Ibutamoren)?

MK-677, popular by the name Ibutamoren, is an orally active Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue. Often people refer to MK-677 as a SARM because it works in similar ways by binding to specific receptors. Nonetheless, MK-677 doesn’t bind to androgen receptors and that’s why it’s not an actual SARM. mk-677-ibutamoren-odin

Being an HGH secretagogue it means that Ibutamoren is forcing the pituitary gland to secrete more of this growth hormone into the bloodstream. As a result of having higher HGH levels, you’re experiencing a lot of positive effects. Increased levels of HGH actually offer a myriad of positive effects such as increased longevity, increased energy and stamina, better and faster recovery, increased lean muscle mass, better sleep, improved cognitive functions, improved mood, and numerous others.

Except for the fact that MK-677 is increasing HGH, Ibutamoren also increases IGF-1 levels in the body. Athletes and bodybuilders know the huge importance of IGF-1 when it comes to performance enhancement and physique improvement. It’s also going to offer a positive effect on healing bones and ligaments. IGF-1 is also very important for the creation of new muscle cells through the hyperplasia process. Of course, increased levels of this hormone will greatly support this.

MK-677 Ibutamoren is a product that is bioavailable orally. Please do not confuse it with actual HGH. MK677 is not actual HGH, it makes your pituitary gland produce more of this hormone.

If you want to learn more about this product MK-677 Ibutamoren, you could check more information about it by clicking on the link.


MK-677 Half-Life

The half-life of MK-677 according to studies is only about 5 hours. As I always say – it’s very important to learn about the half life of a compound before actually using it. This way you can find out how long it stays in your body. It determines the administration schedule.

Nonetheless, let’s not forget how this compound works. It doesn’t increase HGH levels directly, it makes your pituitary gland increase them. This means that after administering MK-677, levels of IGF-1 remain high in the body for about 24 hours.

That’s why once a day administration of MK-677 is going to be enough despite its fairly short half-life of only 5 hours. Many people are wondering when to take the daily MK-677 dosage. In the morning or at night?

I personally think that it is best to take it at night. That’s because our pituitary gland naturally secretes more HGH at night when we’re sleeping. For those who want to read more about when exactly to use Ibutamoren, I am going to write an article about it.

MK-677 Dosage in Studies and Human Trials

As said, MK677 Ibutamoren is a compound that had lots of studies including studies on humans. This compound was tested on over 1000 people in human trials.

According to studies, a lot of people had great results. It was even given to children suffering from GH Deficient who had great results too. It’s also thanks to human trials that we know that Ibutamoren is an amazing compound very well tolerated by most people. Even if you use it for lengthy periods. Lots tolerate it extremely well even in high dosages too!

The MK-677 dosage in studies was ranging between 10 mg to 50 mg a day. The average and the most frequently used dosage was actually 25 mg per day. At this dosage of 25 mg a day, some people noted various side effects such as anxiety, water retention, sleepiness, and/or headaches. Nonetheless, far not everyone reported side effects at this dosage, and even those who did say that it was nothing severe.

Another thing that we discovered thanks to those studies is that a dosage over 25 mg a day offers little additional benefits. The further effectiveness in increasing GH and IGF-1 levels was very low.

That’s why the daily MK-677 dosage of 25 mg a day seems to be the sweet spot that most people should aim for.

When it comes to “cycle” length – it’s usually longer than cycles with SARMs. That’s because people can reap benefits without damaging their health. According to the longest study on MK-677 which lasted for 2 years – there were no significant side effects noted on the subjects. Even in older people.

Does This Mean MK-677 Is Safe?

Well, no. MK-677 is very well tolerated by most people but it doesn’t make it all safe. While some still developed side effects, do not forget that increasing IGF-1 levels too much and/or for too long may increase the chance of developing cancer later on in life.

Nevertheless, you can still safely use MK-677 Ibutamoren as long as you’re not experiencing side effects that are interfering with your daily activities and you’re using it responsibly. There are lots of studies proving the safety of Ibutamoren. But the golden rule is to avoid abuse!


Best MK-677 Dosage For Bulking

Because MK-677 is not a SARM and is not touching your testosterone production, you do not need a PCT plan if you run it. Nonetheless, you do need a PCT as long as you plan to use it in combination with other SARMs for your cycle. Especially considering that most people do so. That’s because MK-677 is actually a very versatile product with a high synergy with basically any SARM out there.

In fact, many use MK-677 as PCT for their SARMs cycle. Usually, they start with both MK-677 and another bulking SARM such as LGD-4033 or RAD-140, use this combo for 8 weeks and then stop with the SARM but continue with MK-677 for 4-8 more weeks. In this way, Ibutamoren can work as a PCT.

However, if you use higher LGD-4033 or RAD-140 dosage and/or you add more powerful suppressive compounds such as S-23 and/or YK-11 – there’s a very high chance that you would still need a proper PCT plan while continuing to use MK-677.

So, MK-677 for bulking usually goes for at least 12 weeks, with some using it for as much as 14 or even 16 weeks safely. The dosage is 25 mg a day throughout the entire cycle plan. But If you want to keep it even safer, you could start with a lower dosage of 10-15 mg/day for a while and see how it goes and how it feels.

Best MK-677 Dosage For Cutting

I do not really recommend MK-677 for cutting because this compound is going to increase hunger. While that’s beneficial for a bulking cycle, an increase in appetite and hunger is obviously a downside in a cutting cycle when you’re aiming to remain in a caloric deficit.

Not everyone experiences hunger though. Even those who do say that using it right before going to sleep helps them avoid an increase in hunger and maintain a caloric deficit. But it’s not for everyone. Many suggest that using MK-677 even before going to sleep wakes them up because they are starving or they are hungry the entire next day.

You could try it and see how it feels though. If you don’t have this issue then you could use it for your cutting cycle. Usually, stacked with other SARMs such as Ostarine. And usually, still for longer periods of 12-16 weeks. While MK-677 dosage for cutting still can be 25 mg a day, you may find that 10-15 mg a day is a better dosage to control your appetite.


Safest MK-677 Dosage

It is quite obvious that the lower the dosage of Ibutamoren, the safer it is. Nonetheless, lower dosage won’t be as effective. According to researchers, the ideal MK-677 dosage in terms of yielding the best results while maintaining minimal side effects is 25 mg per day.

However, the safer dosage would be 10-15 mg a day. So, if you’re searching for the safest dosage, start at 10 mg per day. But if you want to keep it safe and effective, you could go up to 25 mg a day but I wouldn’t recommend any higher.

While some attempt dosages up to 50 mg a day, that’s not so safe. But anything over 50 mg a day is abusive and likely to exacerbate the side effects.

What MK-677 Dosage Should I Take?

Even if that’s the first time that you’re starting to use Ibutamoren MK-677 dosage, you could still start at 25 mg a day. I personally started at 25 mg per day and I had no problems at all. Remember that most people participating in human studies were actually using this dosage without any problems at all.

If you’re extra cautious about it, you could try the 10-15 mg starting dosage. Nonetheless, you could easily go for the 25 mg a day dosage safely. However, if you’re a woman, you may start with a lower dosage to keep it safe – 10 mg a day. Women can still go for the 25 mg a day MK-677 dosage, but usually their lighter weight and shorter stature make them more prone to experience side effects. In fact, even males who are under 140-150 lbs could start with 10 mg a day to ensure this product works well for them. In whichever case, everyone could work their way up to 25 mg a day later on without any issues.

A dosage of 50 mg a day may only be beneficial for already huge bodybuilders who have a lot of experience with MK-677 dosage. But then again, it may not be really beneficial further when compared to 25 mg a day.



Overall, MK-677 is an amazing compound. It’s the best compound out there when it comes to increasing HGH and IGF-1 levels. Of course, except for the actual HGH itself. However, MK-677 Ibutamoren does not need to be injected daily as HGH should and doesn’t come with the same high risk of side effects.

As I said, MK-677 seems to be a compound that is very well tolerated by most people. According to human trials, people could tolerate very well the dosage of 50 mg/day.

But to make it effective you could use only 25 mg a day – the seemingly the overall best MK-677 dosage.

So, it seems to be a pretty safe and highly effective compound. It is going to be effective at an even lower dosage of 10-15 mg a day for those who are afraid of side effects.

In the end, in order to make sure that you yield the best results out of your MK-677 dosage while keeping the side effects at bay, you need to make sure you buy pure and high quality MK-677 for sale only. There are lots of scammers offering bunk Ibutamoren that you need to avoid. Low quality MK-677 will not offer the expected results and is likely to cause nastier side effects.

Purchase Ibutamoren from a reliable source that you can trust! has always remained and will always remain a trustworthy source of SARMs. Lots of customer reviews online can prove that!



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