LGD 4033 Side Effects: Ligandrol Suppression

In this article, we’re going to pay attention to LGD 4033 side effects and mostly to its testosterone suppression effect. While there are multiple other possible side effects of LGD 4033 (Ligandrol), testosterone suppression and water retention are the two most popular ones.

Considering that this SARM is capable of causing a pretty heavy suppression and causes water retention, that’s something that the user should be aware of even before starting his LGD4033 cycle.

Today, we’re going to share a lot of valuable information about everything that you need to know about LGD 4033 suppression particularly. But then again, remember there are multiple other possible Ligandrol LGD 4033 side effects. Yet, we’re going to cover LGD-4033 Suppression.

I firmly believe that you should read this post even before attempting the first LGD4033 cycle. That’s because you need to be aware of the possible negative effects, especially when it comes to suppression. That’s because this is a side effect that you can’t avoid and it can be pretty bad. There’s no way to use Ligandrol without testosterone suppression. But luckily, there are ways to control the negative symptoms after their occurrence.

So, before you start a Ligandrol cycle, please learn about this SARM as much as possible. About how to use it correctly, what benefits you can expect, and if they are suitable for you as well as the side effects that are possible to occur.



LGD 4033 Suppression Intensity

The suppression intensity of Ligandrol (LGD 4033) is mostly moderate in nature. Nevertheless, there are rare situations in which a person could experience either mild or heavy suppression. Except for the fact that it greatly depends on your genetics and the way your body responds to this SARM, other factors come into play too. Obviously, the most important ones include the LGD 4033 dosage that you use and for how long you use it. But your age, lifestyle choices, diet, workout plan, and others will all play a role too.

Nevertheless, still, approximately more than 70% of people who are using Ligandrol (in proper dosage and cycle length) are going to experience testosterone suppression in a moderate manner. This means that while you won’t get heavily suppressed as you might with anabolic steroids, the suppression isn’t something you should treat lightly as it still can be pretty bad.

Some people may argue this because according to research on LGD-4033, Ligandrol in human research, subjects displayed no side effects. Those people using it did not report any side effects. But here you’re missing a very important part – during the LGD4033 cycle, you’re not using 3 mg a day as those people in the human trials. The starting dosage that you’re likely to use is 5 mg a day, but most people hop on 10 mg a day. Not to mention that it is not unheard of for people to use 20-30 mg a day of Ligandrol.

For this very reason, it is important to understand that testosterone suppression can be quite problematic. And as with all other suppressive compounds, the suppression intensity is dose dependent. It’s pretty obvious that a higher dosage would lead to a higher suppression. So, it is wise to start with lower doses first.


How Does LGD-4033 Suppression Feel Like?

Keep in mind that testosterone suppression means suppressing natural testosterone levels. And the higher the suppression, the lower testosterone levels get. It’s pretty obvious that the lower the levels are, the worse the suppression is going to feel like. And the symptoms are basically the symptoms of low testosterone levels. You could research online more about the low testosterone condition and that’s basically how suppression feels like.

Considering that the suppression of Ligandrol for most people is moderate, you may experience a number of symptoms, some of which can be pretty bad. Of course, it varies from one person to another. But generally, some of the negative effects that you may experience include:

Ligandrol can cause depression and a lack of libido. These are usually the first symptoms to come with testosterone suppression. Additionally, it could make you feel bloated, but that’s not only due to suppression but because of the water retention too.

Do not underestimate the effects of bloating and water retention. Some people lose confidence and motivation leading to feelings of depression as it negatively affects body image. It is extremely important to avoid water retention as it is possible. You could avoid it by having a proper diet (especially avoiding sodium/salt intake) and drinking a lot of water. Water and diet are the most important things in controlling water retention and bloating.

When Does LGD 4033 Suppression Starts?

Ligandrol is going to start suppressing you front the very first dosage you take. However, considering that this is a SARM and it’s not heavily suppressive, you won’t feel the suppression for most of the cycle. Nonetheless, toward the end of the cycle, you will most likely start feeling the suppression. And the longer you use it, the worse it gets. According to most people, Ligandrol suppression commonly starts off at around the five to six week mark into your LGD 4033 SARMs cycle. Rarely sooner or later.

As said, the first symptoms include depression and low mood with low motivation and/or low libido and sex drive. You may feel one day that there’s no point going to the gym or that you don’t really want to have sex. It is usually accompanied by low energy levels too.

In the end, when you notice any of these symptoms after using Ligandrol for weeks, it is likely that this is the suppression we’re talking about. Despite not wanting to go to the gym, it is very important to do so because if you don’t, the suppression can get even worse. Plus, there’s no point in using LGD4033 without working out.

Yet, if you notice that the depression hits you pretty bad while on Ligandrol (watch out for it), you should stop it even if you haven’t finished your cycle. No need to mention that depression could lead to various other issues. Same as a lack of sex drive. A sudden loss of interest in sex might lead to negative effects on your relationship with your partner.

As long as you notice a tad of depression, low energy levels, and/or a bit lower sex drive – that’s normal. But if it gets out of hand, stop LGD4033 and start dealing with suppression.


How to Deal with LGD 4033 Suppression?

It’s very important to understand that whether or not you have finished your 8-week Ligandrol cycle, you need to start a PCT plan whenever you stop using this SARM.

While there are some SARMs such as Ostarine which are not very suppressive, which means that some people can get along without a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after the cycle, it is highly unlikely that someone can get along without a PCT plan after an LGD4033 cycle.

Some people who use LGD 4033 in a short cycle (4-6 weeks), low dosage (up to 5 mg a day), and are naturally “resistant” to suppression may get along with only a natural PCT. This means that they do not need SERMs (do not confuse them with SARMs), but rather only natural compounds such as supplements, vitamins, and minerals that help them recover their natural testosterone levels.

Nevertheless, in almost all other situations, you’re going to need an actual PCT plan with actual SERMs each time you stop using Ligandrol. Especially because, realistically, you’re most likely going to use anywhere between 10 mg to 20 mg a day of LGD 4033 for a period of 8 weeks. At least, that’s a common plan for most people. While this plan is amazing for yielding great results, it also means that you are surely going to experience suppression. A suppression that you can’t control only with supplements, vitamins, and minerals after the cycle.

While you can still go for the natural PCT plan after the cycle, you will need to implement (or at very least have handy) SERMs such as Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or Clomid (clomiphene). It depends on how your body feels and reacts. A natural PCT is good if you barely feel suppressed. But an actual PCT plan is going to help way more.

If you want to learn more about PCT for SARMs be sure to check our other post.


I strongly recommend everyone to be very careful with LGD-4033 suppression because the suppression is nothing to play around with and Ligandrol is a pretty powerful SARM that can cause the suppression pretty badly. Low testosterone levels, after all, are leading to the exact opposite of what you’re searching for during the cycle. It can lead to muscle loss, strength loss, fat gain, and others.ligandrol-lgd4033

The suppression is one of the main reasons why SARMs cycles shouldn’t ever exceed 8 weeks. But you could stop even sooner if you notice the suppression gets worse. Start with a low dosage to see how this compound works for you and how the suppression feels for you too.

For example, I think that 10 mg a day of LGD4033 for a 6-8 weeks period is one of the best dosages and cycles you can go for. It can offer great gains while it is unlikely going to cause any heavy suppression. For most people, the suppression is going to be mild to moderate.

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