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Best SR9009 Dosage | Stenabolic Dosage

In this article, you’re going to find the ultimate guide when it comes to Stenabolic (SR9009) Dosage. It is extremely important to learn how to use this compound and the proper way of SR9009 dosing before actually running it. Improper dosages one might take can lead to unwanted results and side effects.

Especially considering the fact that I’ve heard such information on the internet that SR-9009, also known as Stenabolic, can be taken in doses anywhere between 10 mg a day up to 100 mg a day. That’s just a really bad piece of information. Please, inform yourself as much as possible before actually using it in such dangerous doses.

Some anecdotal reports may lead to nasty side effects while there is no scientific literature that could back it up with studies. So you should be very careful. The good news is that I’ve used Stenabolic (SR9009) myself and I can speak from first hand experience when it comes to Best SR9009 Dosing. Moreover, I’ve discussed it with people who were using SR-9009. Only based on this information I am going to talk about the correct dosages of this compound.

Remember that we will focus on SR9009 Dosage mostly. While you will find other interesting information about this compound here, you could read more about it by clicking on the link. You can also buy the best quality SR9009 (Stenabolic) for sale there if you’re interested.

Stenabolic – SR9009 Summary

Before we get to talk about SR9009 Dosing, you should know what this compound actually is. SR9009 or Stenabolic is not actually a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) as many may think. It is actually a Rev-ErbA ligand and that means that it is going to enhance Rev-Erb activity in the body when you use it. Often people stack it with SARMs and that’s one of the reasons why many think it is a SARM too, while it’s not.SR9009

As a result of enhancing Rev-Erb, it leads to various different changes in the way our body works. There are three main areas that this compound affects nevertheless. They include our liver, muscles, and fat tissues.

  • When talking about the effects SR9009 has on the liver, it will lead to a huge decrease in fat because it blocks the formation of new fat cells in this essential organ.
  • The effects of SR9009 in the muscles will lead to an increase in mitochondria count. It is also going to increase the proliferation of mitochondria too as a result of removing the dead mitochondria cells.
  • When it comes to the Stenabolic effects on our fat cells – it will work in a similar way as in the liver, by blocking the formation of new fat cells. That’s because it shuts down the genes handling the storage of fat.


As a result, Stenabolic (SR 9009) is an awesome compound for fat-burning and weight-loss purposes. This product will also be great when you’re attempting to preserve lean muscle tissues during a cutting cycle.

Anyway, there’s a lot more that you could learn about SR9009. If you’re interested in it, I strongly recommend learning as much as possible first. You can find lots of valuable information about SR9009 directly on this site.

SR9009 Half-Life

Another extremely important thing that you should know about a product before actually using it is the half-life of that product. That’s because by knowing the half life, you can determine the administration schedule. However, that’s quite a bit of a problem when talking about half life of Stenabolic.

I earlier said that SR9009 never had any clinical studies on humans (unfortunately), so the half-life of this compound was discovered only from the tests on mice. During those tests, researchers discovered that Stenabolic actually has a very short half life of only about 4 to 6 hours.

This is the reason why the only way to keep stable levels of Stenabolic in the body (it’s important to maintain stable levels if you want to yield the best results), is to use it about 2-3 times a day. In fact, to experience the full effects of this compound, it’s best to use it three times daily. That’s a bit of a disadvantage because it can be uncomfortable to use SR9009 three times every day.

The good news though is that you get fast results. Considering it has a very short half-life, it will quickly build up in your body which means that you are likely to experience results really fast. Some anecdotal reports (again, unfortunately, no studies on humans can back it up) suggest that they could feel Stenabolic from the very first day of administration.

Best Bulking SR9009 Dosage and Cycle

SR9009 (Stenabolic) is one of the poorest options when it comes to bulking cycles. This is because SR9009 does not have any muscle building properties. It’s not going to help you gain muscle mass. That’s why it’s not common for people to add this compound to their bulking cycles.

Nonetheless, some people still use Stenabolic for bulking, but only when stacking with other bulking compounds. They generally add SR9009 to an already existing bulking cycle as a form of a stack in order to avoid too much fat gain during the cycle. Moreover, it may help you gain some energy and endurance that can be helpful during intense gym sessions when you’re lifting heavy weights.

Anyway, using SR9009 alone for bulking is pretty much worthless. Nonetheless, when you mix it with bulking SARMs, this compound can still be somewhat helpful. Bulking SARMs include Testolone (RAD140) and Ligandrol (LGD4033) and others.

Example of SR9009 bulking cycle:

  • A total cycle of 8 weeks with 5 mg/day of LGD-4033 and 30 mg/day of Stenabolic. SR9009 will help you lose some weight or not add too much during a calorie surplus diet while LGD-4033 will be helpful to pack on muscles. With this cycle, you may or may not need a PCT plan.

Stenabolic itself is not suppressive to natural testosterone production. Using it will not further suppress you and it will not suppress you at all if you use it alone. You may need a PCT plan only because of Ligandrol. 5 mg/day may be suppressive enough for some people, and not enough for others. If you do need a PCT, usually, it lasts 3-4 weeks with 20 mg/day of Nolvadex.


Best Cutting SR9009 Dosage and Cycle

The cutting cycles are the most common when it comes to SR9009 because that’s where this compound really shines. People report (including myself) awesome cutting and weight loss cycles when adding SR9009. It can offer amazing results because it will help you shed fat and weight very efficiently. It will greatly enhance your endurance and energy levels which will greatly help you burn off those calories.

You may use it alone, but still, most people choose to stack it with other compounds for enhanced benefits. Two popular options are GW-501516 (Cardarine) that’s not a SARM, but is effective at further helping you to burn fat, or MK-2866 (Ostarine) – a mild SARM that’s extremely efficient in preserving all your existing muscle mass and aiding fat burning.

Generally, a cycle mixing Ostarine with SR9009 will greatly help you achieve your goals much easier and faster.

An example of a cycle is:

  • 8 weeks cycle length of Ostarine 10 mg/day and SR9009 in the same dosage of 30 mg/day. With this cycle, you’re even less likely to require a PCT. Some natural supplements are likely to be enough as a form of PCT. If it’s not, go for Nolvadex.
  • Additionally, if you go for the second option of running SR9009 (Stenabolic) with GW501516 (Cardarine) then you’re surely not requiring Post Cycle Therapy as neither one will suppress you. None of them are SARMs.


Safest SR9009 Dosage

It’s hard to say what is the safest SR9009 dosage. While it is obvious that the lower the dosage, the safer it is, we’re trying to determine the safest effective SR9009 (Stenabolic) dosage for cutting and weight loss purposes. And it’s hard to determine the safest dosage of SR 9009 because there are no human studies backing it up.

Anyway, I think that the safest dosage is 10 mg/day. This dosage should be enough to offer some mild benefits, although I wouldn’t expect anything too much out of it.

Nevertheless, you may still start your very first dosage of SR9009 with 20-30 mg/day. The highest dosage that I think is still remaining safe is 40 mg/day. While there are people who may tolerate even higher dosages, I definitely wouldn’t recommend doses of 100 mg/day. In fact, I think that you shouldn’t exceed 40 mg per day of Stenabolic simply because you’re increasing the risks of side effects and I’m not sure if it will further offer benefits.

The best way to use the 20-40 mg per day SR9009 dosing, which seems to be among the best dosage of this compound, is to split it into 2-3 doses throughout the day. Such as in the morning right when you wake up and before your workout.

  • Overall, I would keep the SR9009 dosage in the range of 20-40 mg per day. The lower dosages could diminish the effectiveness that Stenabolic has on the body, while higher doses may increase the risks of side effects.

A dosage of about 30 mg/day is tested by me and numerous people I personally know. It has been proven to be an effective and safe dosage.

Best SR9009 Dosing For Me

You may attempt starting with a lower dosage of SR9009 such as 10-20 mg per day if you’re using it for the first time. This way, you will get an idea of how this product works for you. But I’m pretty sure that even if you’re going to start at 30 mg per day, it is still not going to harm you.

SR9009 has been proven to be extremely well tolerated by most users with little to no side effects encountered. The only thing that people complain about is insomnia (wakefulness) while on SR9009 and that’s what you may experience too. However, people suggest that by using this compound in the morning and avoiding its use after 5 PM, insomnia is very unlikely to bother you.

Therefore, I’m pretty sure that the right dosage for you is ranging between 20 mg and 40 mg a day. You may attempt 30 mg per day as this is pretty much the only dosage most people need for most of their needs.

Overall, the Stenabolic dosage of 30 mg per day seems like a universal dosage and it does seem like it is the best SR9009 dosage for most.



Overall, I think that SR9009 is an extremely underrated product. A lot of people simply do not pay attention to Stenabolic and I think that one of the main reasons why it’s because it doesn’t help you gain muscle mass and strength. However, it’s a crime to think that it’s not effective for physique and performance enhancement. In fitness circles, SR-9009 is extremely effective at boosting endurance, energy, and stamina while greatly helping you to burn fat and lose weight.

Boosted endurance is perfect for training sessions while less fat is perfect for your body’s physical appearance.

But it comes with other benefits too, such as a decrease in anxiety. I personally noticed it and people that I’ve discussed with about SR9009 reported the same thing. You just got to learn about how to use it and obviously – the best SR9009 dosing.

Sticking to 30 mg per day of Stenabolic seems to be the best way. You may attempt a slightly lower dosage if you’re afraid of insomnia such as 20 mg/day or you may increase it to about 40 mg/day as long as you tolerate the lower doses well. Such doses seem to be perfect for cutting and weight loss while not causing nasty side effects. But remember that increasing the dosage is very likely to cause side effects.

SR9009 Quality

Moreover, when talking about SR9009 dosage and SR9009 side effects, it’s very important to take into consideration the purity and quality of this product. Poor quality and bunk Stenabolic products may cause more unnecessary side effects and may lead to fewer benefits. It’s very important to pay close attention to where you’re buying your SARMs and other products from in order to ensure you get only the best quality stuff.

At you can be sure that any product you buy is the best in terms of quality. Before allowing brands to appear on our site, they go through a meticulous quality review in order to ensure that they meet the best standards. One way of the quality review is to use the products myself!



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