YK 11 Results

Searching for YK 11 results online you will most likely be amazed by the photos you can see. If you’re interested in finding out more about YK 11 results, you found the perfect article. Here, we are going to talk about YK11 transformation which means you’re going to be able to completely change your body for the better.

People using this powerful SARM are reporting going from “zero” to “hero” in just one cycle. I’ve used YK11 myself and I realized what they were talking about. There are lots of benefits and effects that you can experience from YK 11 SARM. But we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I’m going to share here some astonishing YK 11 before and after results with photos from numerous guys. I am also going to share some more information and comment on their transformations.

Remember that all of the YK11 before and after pictures that you are going to see here were taken by real people, just like you, who wanted to make a change to their bodies. But before they used this SARM, they made sure of 4 important things:

  • Their diet was on point
  • Their workout plan was great
  • Purchased high quality YK11
  • Used this compound correctly

Dieting and working out is perhaps the most important part. But learning how to use this compound for yielding the best results and staying away from side effects is very important too. Needless to mention that in order to achieve such results, you need pure quality YK 11. Bunk products won’t be effective.

YK11 Summary



YK11 is classified as a SARM, but people suggest that in terms of potency, it is a hybrid between a SARM and an anabolic steroid. It has a similar molecular structure to steroids and it’s wildly powerful. Nevertheless, it still remains a SARM because, unlike steroids, it still selectively targets androgen receptors, meaning it is not going to affect other organs in the body as anabolic steroids would.

So, YK11 is actually a very powerful compound that is capable of greatly enhancing your strength and building a lot of muscles. That’s because of its unique abilities, unlike other SARMs. For example, the myostatin inhibiting properties are present only in YK 11. You can learn a lot more about YK11 by clicking on the link. In this article, we’re going to focus on YK 11 results and share the YK 11 before and after pics.

YK 11 Results With Before and After Photos

So, I promised that I am going to share some YK 11 results before and after pics and that’s what I’m going to do. If you ever used YK11 SARM yourself and would love to share your results, contact us. Also, can tell us what you think about YK11 by sharing it with us or leaving your comment below.

  • PS: Before I continue, I should mention that besides having a great diet and workout plan during the cycle (with proper quality YK11 and proper knowledge about it), it’s very important to understand that you are going to need a YK11 PCT plan after each cycle. You cannot avoid a PCT after a YK11 plan. Those who attempt to stop a YK11 cycle are very likely to suffer from nasty low testosterone symptoms. You may read more about PCT for SARMs by clicking on the link.

YK 11 Results #1


The time difference between the photo on the left and the one on the right is just 8 weeks. I know it seems unbelievable, but that’s what an 8 week YK11 cycle can do to a person when everything is done right.

You may notice that this guy went from chubby to ripped in a really short period of time. Just check out his awesome six pack, bigger biceps, and broader shoulders. He may not be extremely vascular, but don’t forget that it is just an 8 week transformation.

We can easily notice that this guy gained a lot of muscle mass and lots of fat. While YK11 is not a fat burner, it does help burn fat in one way or another. For example, it makes you work longer and harder in the gym thanks to more strength and endurance. It’s an indirect way of helping you get rid of fat.

  • With a great diet and working out 4 times a week, his YK11 dosage was 10 mg a day for 8 weeks. After stopping, he used Clomid as PCT for 4 more weeks. For the first 2 weeks 50 mg/day and for the last 2 weeks 25 mg a day. No side effects from YK11 and only some headaches while on Clomid, but they disappeared after lowering the dosage. PCT helped him maintain all the gains!

Second YK 11 Results


Here’s another man that was fairly chubby when he started using YK11, but managed to get ripped in just 2 months. It seems like he managed to lose about 6-7% of body fat and gained about 12-15 pounds of muscle. For a cycle single, those are mind blowing results.

He said he used other SARMs in the past that helped him get rid of some fat and gain some muscles. Then he stopped using SARMs for 2-3 months. Restarted again with YK11 and couldn’t be happier.

  • He started using YK11 at a bit too high a dosage of 20 mg/day and used it for the entire 8 weeks. That’s why he had such great results. But he noticed some side effects too, yet he said they were perfectly manageable.

As a PCT he said that Nolvadex 40 mg/day was not enough for the first week. That’s why he had a 5 week PCT plan after such a big dosage. With the first week of Nolvadex 40 mg/day, the second week of Nolvadex 40 mg/day and Clomid 25 mg/day, the third week of Nolvadex 20 mg/day and Clomid 25 mg/day, and the last two weeks only Nolvadex 20 mg/day.

Another YK 11 Before and After Example


As you can notice, this person already started with a decent physique. Nonetheless, we all know that there’s always room for improvement and this guy proved it. In my opinion, he did not really burn too much fat, he just improved his fat free mass a lot (lean muscle tissues) and this is what made him ripped with a total of about 6% less body fat. While the total fat amount remained the same or slightly decreased, his lean muscles greatly increased. After all, YK11 is not a fat burner but a muscle gain.

  • He ate clean and kept calories slightly above maintenance while taking 15 mg a day of YK 11. These are the results after 8 weeks.

We can see that he got vascular while his arms, shoulders, and chest have become much bigger. His overall physique transformation, as you can see, is way better. This is proof that there’s no need to lose a lot of fat to look much better, you need to gain lean tissues.

He had a standard PCT plan with Clomid for 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks 50 mg per day and for the last ones 25 mg a day.

YK11 Results #4


This man is already big and he was in bodybuilding for a couple of years before starting YK11. Then he stopped working out for almost a year and this is what he ended up with (left photo). He was looking for something that would help him restart faster and easier. Plus, do not underestimate the power of muscle memory (those who previously worked out would achieve results much easier than newbies).

The combination of muscle memory and a great YK11 cycle led him to this absolutely astonishing result (right photo). He also said that he took Cardarine (GW501516) alongside YK-11 in order to enhance fat loss. And he did experience awesome results. While losing a total amount of 15 pounds, I would guess that he must have gained about 8 pounds of muscle. That means that YK11 and Cardarine helped him lose a total of 23 pounds of fat, losing about 8% of body fat. The results are more than fantastic. His overall physique is now looking way better with abs, huge arms, big leg muscles, bigger traps, and so on and so forth.

We can’t deny that Cardarine greatly helped him too. But without YK11 I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have yielded such awesome results in just 8 weeks.

  • His cycle was 10 mg a day of YK-11 and 15 mg a day of Cardarine. Moreover, Cardarine is not suppressive so a standard PCT plan with Clomid was enough to help him recover his testosterone levels and stay away from low T symptoms and keep the gains.

Another Example of YK 11 Before and After


Here we have a person that wasn’t looking to lose fat at all. In fact, he would love to gain weight because, as we can see, he used to be pretty skinny. He said that working out was really hard, low motivation and no strength with a lack of energy were all making it harder to achieve his dream physique. Nevertheless, this all changed when he started using YK11.

This guy gained a whopping 18 pounds of lean muscles. That’s exactly what YK-11 does. Its properties are popular for helping users gain lean tissues. In fact, it’s better working for those who already have a decent amount of muscle. Because it suppresses myostatin (a hormone that blocks muscle gain when you reach a limit). Nonetheless, as you can see, it works great even for those who are far from their natural genetic potential. In this case, YK11 worked great in boosting appetite, motivation, and aggression in the gym required to lift further, enhanced performance, energy, stamina, and most importantly – strength that helped him continue lifting and getting more results.

  • This guy started with 5 mg a day in an attempt to avoid the side effects. After he noticed that everything was working out just fine for him, he increased to 10 mg a day after just one week. Thanks to almost immediate results, it’s obvious that this guy was tempted to use more. So, it was 5 mg a day for one week and 10 mg a day for 7 more weeks.

He thought he wouldn’t need a PCT plan the entire plan until low T symptoms started to kick in. He was thinking of using YK-11 for longer, but last week the gains stopped and I can assume that’s due to low testosterone. PCT with Nolvadex fixed this issue.

My YK 11 Results

I said that I tried this compound myself. It’s obvious I was tempted to try it too considering there are so many people with such awesome results. Lots of people tried it and that’s what made me give it a try, actually. That’s because YK11 underwent zero testing on human subjects and I was hesitant, initially.

Nonetheless, as it turns out, bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass quickly and highly efficiently can use YK 11 with awesome results. Moreover, it can remain safe as long as you use it correctly and safely. I took 10 mg a day of this compound for 8 weeks and then a 4 week PCT plan. This is basically a standard cycle. That’s how I managed to avoid the side effects. The results I experienced were:

  • Muscle Mass – I gained about 1-2 pounds every week.
  • Strength Increase – I was lifting weights as if my life depended on it. I had a great pump and broke my personal records in the gym.
  • Energy Boost – I couldn’t stay doing nothing. I always had to move, work out or do something to spend my extra energy. Made me feel like I’m invincible too.
  • Fat loss – While it doesn’t burn fat as an actual fat burner, I did lose some pounds of fat. Thanks to lean muscle gains and less fat, I lost about 5% of body fat.
  • Libido and Confidence – I was looking better and I was having the great motivation and feeling invincible, as I said. Maybe that’s what made me feel much better and I noticed my libido was over the rooftop.



Tips To Experience The Best Results

  • Learn how to use YK-11 correctly. This way you avoid side effects.
  • To avoid the issues, start with a low dosage of 5-10 mg/day. Only increase if you’re sure about it.
  • Very important to stick to your diet and exercise routine.
  • Do not run YK11 for more than 8 weeks.
  • Make sure you buy a quality YK11. You can do it from SARMS.to and you can save money.
  • I recommend using some liver support during the cycle. YK-11 can be liver toxic.
  • It’s best to have bloodwork before and after the cycle to see how this compound affected you.
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