Best YK11 Dosage

YK11 is an awesome SARM for both bulking and cutting cycles but to get the most out of it, you need to learn about the best dosage first.

It’s important to know that YK11 can be an amazing compound, but it also can cause side effects. It mostly comes to its dosage, but there are other factors to take into consideration such as your age, lifestyle choices such as diet and workout plan, and genetics (personal response to it) including other factors.

I personally used YK11 multiple times in my life. Through those multiple YK11 cycles I’ve learned that there are some better ways to use it than others. I will share my personal response to YK11 in a different article, so stay tuned.

So, if you’re planning to use YK11 SARM, I strongly recommend you learn about the best dosage first. You also should learn more about its results and side effects so you could know what to expect from using it and why you want to use it in the first place.

Before I’m going to share the best YK-11 dosage for cutting and bulking cycles, we first need to share some more information about this SARM.

What is YK11?

YK11 is actually a very interesting product. It is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that is so powerful that many consider it to be similar to anabolic steroids in power, potency, and efficacy.

It’s important to keep this in mind because since it’s similar to the strength of steroids, it indicates that we need to treat YK-11 with great care when it comes to dosages. That’s because as it may be tempting to use high dosages to yield great results, too much of it can cause side effects. That’s why I strongly recommend you start slowly with a lower dosage first. yk11-5mg

Moreover, our bodies react differently, even if we talk about the same compound. So, if YK 11 works great for a person, it may not work the same awesome way for another. So, you need to get a feeling of how this SARM works for yourself first.

YK11 is actually a myostatin inhibitor. That’s because it works by inhibiting the protein type called myostatin. This is great because that’s a protein that blocks muscle cell growth. It’s the protein that responds to not building too much muscle. Considering that you block it by administering YK11, it’s pretty obvious that you will experience an increase in muscle mass. Including other benefits too. But muscle mass gain is the main benefit of this compound.

I shared some more generalized information about YK11 here. You can read information about what it is, its dosage, functions, side effects, and so on and so forth.


YK11 Half-Life

Another extremely important thing to take into consideration before actually using a compound is its half-life. That’s because this information allows us to understand how fast the product will clear our system after administration. Based on this, we can understand how often we should use it in order to keep stable levels of the compound in the body and yield maximum results.

Unfortunately, there are no studies on humans or animals involving YK11. That’s why we don’t have any exact data on the half-life of YK11. But there are anecdotal reports from people who already used it. I am one of those who relied on the data collected from those guys. A lot of people estimate that the YK11 half-life is about 12 hours. There’s no scientific data to back up these claims though. That’s just an estimation.

But if we were to follow this date (that’s what I did) – you need to use it at least once every day, but the best would be to split the total daily dosage. This means that you need to use half of the daily dosage of YK11 in the morning and the other half some hours later.

I experimented with both ways – using the entire YK11 dosage once a day and splitting the dosage. Personally, I had awesome results with both administration forms. If you want to make sure that you are maintaining as stable levels of YK11 in your blood as possible then you could go for the split method. But if you’re a busy bee who has some high chance of forgetting to administer it throughout the day or simply don’t want extra fuss – once a day can work just fine.

Best YK11 Bulking Dosage

If you’re going for a bulking cycle, I recommend a YK11 dosage of 15 mg per day. This dosage is high enough to offer a really great boost in terms of muscle mass gains. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that your diet and exercise regimen should be on point too. If you’re doing everything perfectly, you may even notice some fat loss during your bulk.

  • Considering you’re aiming to bulk, you need to train for hypertrophy and you need to eat about 300-500 calories above your maintenance calories per day.

An 8 week cycle with 15 mg a day of YK11 (split or once a day) alone is a great cycle! However, I strongly recommend a PCT plan at the end of it. It can be Clomid 50 mg/day for 2 weeks and then 25 mg/day for 2 more weeks. Or Nolvadex 40 mg/day for 2 weeks and then 20 mg/day for 2 more weeks. In whatever the case, the PCT plan is usually 4 weeks.

I strongly recommend a PCT plan after the cycle. A PCT will boost natural testosterone production which is very important. If you attempt to stop without a PCT, it can cause negative symptoms including low testosterone symptoms as well as high estrogen symptoms such as gyno.


Best YK11 Cutting Dosage

Usually, you need to administer less if you’re in a cutting cycle because you don’t have the same goals. That’s why administering a YK11 dosage of 10 mg per day in a cutting cycle is more than enough to offer awesome fat loss and muscle definition results. But of course, you need to change your eating habits and exercise regimen.

  • Needless to mention that they need to be on point, but for cutting you need to add more cardio to your regimen and eat fewer calories per day than maintenance calories.

YK11 will not only greatly help you lose more fat faster, but will also maintain muscle mass. Might even help you gain some more lean muscle tissues, even during a caloric deficit diet.

So, you go for an 8 weeks cycle of 10 mg a day of YK11. You still need a PCT plan. Again, avoiding a PCT plan is likely to lead to very nasty issues. However, since your YK11 dosage was lower for the cutting cycle, you also may need a lower dosage of PCT meds. This means that if you go for Clomid, it can be 25 mg a day for the entire 4 weeks of the PCT plan. Lower PCT dosage is always a great idea because it involves less risk of side effects from PCT meds. But no PCT is a really really bad idea!


Can I Use YK11 Without PCT?

No, you can’t. If you do not plan to run a PCT plan at the end of the YK11 cycle, you’re better off not starting the YK-11 at all!

Some people do not want Post Cycle Therapy and I understand why. Except for the fact that you need to spend extra on PCT drugs, these drugs come with their side effects on their own. Nonetheless, these drugs are greatly helpful in boosting the natural testosterone production after the suppressive compounds (like YK11) are administered. Moreover, when you’re doing it alright, you’re very unlikely to experience any side effects from using PCT meds like Nolvadex or Clomid. Clomid is more powerful meaning that it’s more likely to cause side effects than Nolvadex. But at the same time, it’s more effective at boosting natural testosterone production.

As said, YK 11 is so powerful that many compare it to the potency of steroids. This means that using it without a PCT can be really bad. I strongly recommend not messing around with it if you don’t plan a PCT! Even the lowest dosages are suppressive which means that the slow withdrawal method is still not going to be helpful as you will still find yourself suppressed.

In the end, if you don’t want to run a PCT at all, it’s best not to use YK11 at all. There are other milder SARMs that you could use alone in smaller dosages that may not require you to run a PCT at all. Such as Ostarine (MK-2866).

Safest YK11 Dosage

It’s pretty obvious that the lower the dosage of YK11 is, the safer it is. This means that if you truly want to see how it works for you but you’re afraid of its side effects, you should start with the lowest possible dosage. That’s 5 mg a day. You could use it for a period of six weeks instead of eight. In my opinion, this is the safest YK11 dosage that is still effective.

I personally started at 10 mg a day for 8 weeks. But now I know that it was a big mistake. Well, I had awesome results, but now I realize that it was just blind luck that I had no side effects at that dosage as a beginner.

A dosage of 5 mg a day for 6-8 weeks is enough to offer great benefits given a proper workout and diet plan. While it’s surely not as effective as 10-15 mg a day, of course, it’s still not going to suppress testosterone as much as and is dramatically reducing the risks of side effects.

Lastly, in order to ensure that the YK11 dosage you administer is safe, you need to make sure that the YK11 product you use is safe. To ensure that you use a safe YK11, you need pure and high quality SARM. To do so, you need to pay attention to the source which you’re buying your SARMs from.

Of course, on this site you are able to buy SARMS for sale of the best quality. We guarantee the quality of our products. Moreover, you get SARMS from different manufacturers for competitive prices!


What YK11 Dosage Should I Take?

It’s pretty obvious that there is not an exact answer that I could give you to that question. There’s no dosage that is set in stone. While generally, the dosage of YK-11 ranges between 5 mg to about 20 mg or even 25 mg a day. As you can see, the difference is huge. The exact dosage that you should use depends on a lot of factors.

For example, if you’re a beginner searching for a cutting cycle I am sure you don’t need anything more than 5 mg a day. Nonetheless, if you’re a huge bodybuilder with multiple SARMs cycles under your belt searching for a serious bulking cycle, you could go for much higher doses such as 15-20 mg/day.

best-yk11-dosage-for-meIt depends on your level of experience with strong SARMs, your weight and height, body composition, genetics, gender, goals, and other factors.

Moreover, if you’re a beginner who never used SARMs in the first place – I do not recommend YK11 at all. This is a too powerful compound for those who never experimented with SARMs at all. That’s why I would rather recommend you experiment with some other milder SARMs such as Ostarine or Andarine. Yet, if you already had a few SARMs cycles and they went well and you want to take things to the next level by experimenting with the first YK11 cycle, you can start at 5 mg/day, but never start using it for the first time in a dosage higher than 10 mg a day.

Also, the cycle length can be 6-8 weeks. But under no circumstance increase cycle length over 8 weeks! YK11 is too powerful and longer cycles are unlikely to offer any further benefits but very likely to offer side effects!

More to Say…

Do not rush to increase the dosage. I recommend remaining consistent. After finishing your cycle and when you’re ready for the next one, you may attempt to increase the dosage. If you’re extremely impatient, at least wait 4 weeks on a dosage after increasing it. And when you do increase, I recommend increasing very slowly such as by 5 mg per day.

I need to warn you that the same dosage (such as 5-10 mg/day) can work great for at least a few cycles! So there’s no need to rush to high dosages. It puts extra stress on your body and it is likely to make you suffer from side effects. Including liver toxicity. In fact, because of liver toxicity, I strongly recommend everyone use liver support while on the YK11 cycle.

Lastly, I do not really recommend increasing the dosage to over 15 mg a day. Doses of 20-25 mg per day are extremely high and it’s very rare when someone actually needs them. YK11 dosage of 15 mg per day is more than enough to help you get mind blowing results! Higher dosages are not only likely to cause little to no further benefits compared to 15 mg per day, but they are significantly increasing the risk of causing more side effects! Nastier side effects.


Overall, YK11 is actually an amazing SARM! It can greatly help you bulk up or help you with your cutting cycles. It’s very powerful, so powerful that you’re able to tell that you’re on something almost immediately.

yk-11-natural-sarmsHowever, being so powerful, I do not recommend it to beginners. They should start with milder SARMs. Moreover, since YK11 is such a powerful SARM that many compare it to the potency of anabolic steroids – side effects are possible. You always need to keep cycles short, prepare a PCT plan after each cycle with it, use liver protection with it, and always watch out for the dosage that you plan to use.

Nonetheless, despite its amazing potency, YK11 is still relatively safe when you use it in proper dosages. There are lots of people who have already tried it and can prove that. I am one of them too. I had multiple YK11 cycles and I had great results. But then again, you need to be careful about what dosage you use. Moreover, you have to be careful where exactly you buy your SARMs from to experience the best results and maintain side effects at bay. Buy the best and purest SARMs from with an opportunity to save money too!


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