GW501516 Cardarine Side Effects

Is Cardarine Safe? | How to Avoid Side Effects?

Here I am going to share valuable information about Cardarine side effects. This compound is also known as GW501516 and is a popular product among people who want to enhance their physique and performance. But before you actually use a product, I strongly recommend learning as much as possible about it. Including its side effects. This way you’re going to get a better idea of what to expect from using Cardarine.

So, I am going to share whether Cardarine is safe and will also talk about the risks of using this product as well as why GW 501516 was discontinued including other helpful information. Will also share some information about how to use it correctly in order to make sure Cardarine is going to be safe.

In the end, remember that here we’re going to talk about Cardarine (GW501516) safety profile and about Cardarine side effects. If you would love to read more information about this product, I recommend you to read more by clicking on the link.



Studies Indicating GW501516 Safety

GW 501516 is a product that seems to have no other side effects that could make it be considered unsafe other than cancer, which seems to be a widely popular Cardarine side effect.

  • Here I am going to share some more information about it and explain how safe Cardarine is according to studies and more information about the cancer thing.

When talking about the safety of this compound, there are two popular studies. It is due to the first study done on GW-501516 the reason why it got discontinued. According to that study, Cardarine is causing cancer growth in rats. However, there’s a second and more recent study that is proving otherwise. According to this study, Cardarine is not going to cause any growth of cancer, at least, as long as it is used in normal dosages for normal periods of time. In fact, the second study indicates that it doesn’t only not cause cancer growth, but it actually fights off cancer.

Of course, you may wonder why there’s a contradiction between these two studies. Especially considering that they have completely different outcomes. Well, the reason for that is because the first study on rats proving it causes cancer growth was using outrageous dosages and cycle length. Converted to dosages for humans, those are such huge dosages that you wouldn’t even think about using and nobody would ever recommend such abusive dosages.


Therefore, Cardarine (GW501516) is a compound that most of the recent studies are considering pretty safe. The newer studies are actually indicating that the bad outcome and negative Cardarine side effects are a result of administering enormous dosages for very long periods of time. In fact, if you use GW-501516 there’s a chance that it will actually fight off cancer cells not causing it. Of course, as long as you use this compound correctly.


Other Cardarine Side Effects

Studies were not able to determine other Cardarine side effects except for cancer that occurs at unimaginable high doses. And it is due to those studies indicating that GW 501516 is likely to cause cancer growth in rats the reason why it got discontinued.

However, there are a lot of people who are skeptical about the study results. That’s why there are still big debates on this. The main reason why people are not having big trust in the study’s results is that the study was using unimaginable high dosages for extremely long periods of time.

In order to have a better idea – the dosage that the study was using was literally 50x the recommended dosage! And it’s not only the fact that the dosage was extremely high, but it’s also the fact that the dosage was given to those rats for extremely long periods, such as two straight years! This means that in order for Cardarine to cause cancer you need to run a dosage 50x the recommended one for two years! That’s why a lot of people do not really have trust in the results of that study.

Even if it needs less dosage and use period, would you ever use Cardarine at 10x the recommended dosage for at least one year without stopping? I seriously doubt it. That’s there’s no need to worry about GW-501516 causing cancer.

And unless you plan to abuse Cardarine in huge dosages and extremely long periods, there’s no need to worry about Cardarine side effects at all. As said, the recent study indicates that using GW501516 in normal dosages for normal cycle length will not cause cancer growth or any other side effects. In fact, the study proves that the compound actually prevents cancer.

Making Sure Cardarine Cycle is Safe

With everything I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty clear that in order to make sure Cardarine (GW501516) is all safe, you need to make sure you use it correctly. Studies prove that this product can be dangerous when abused for very long periods, but it is extremely safe when you use it correctly. Therefore, I think that there are three points you need to follow before actually starting a Cardarine cycle.


The three main points you should be paying attention to are the following:

  • Administer normal dosages
  • Do not run it for extremely long periods
  • Buy pure and high quality Cardarine (GW-501516)

Dosage and Cycle

If you’re going to follow these points, you are going to ensure that your Cardarine cycle will be safe and without any side effects. It’s pretty obvious that the first two points are the ones that I was talking about earlier in this article when saying that studies prove it safe when you use it correctly. So, if you’re going to use Cardarine in proper dosages and proper cycle lengths, it is not only going to be safe in terms of side effects as it won’t cause any side effects, but it can actually be very helpful. It can reduce the risk of side effects with other compounds and it can also, in fact, help fight cancer, when you use it in those dosages and cycle lengths.

High Quality

But when talking about the last point on that list – it’s pretty obvious that purchasing high quality and pure Cardarine (GW501516) is essential for this compound to work the way it should and keep you away from side effects. Unfortunately, there are some companies that are selling bunk products and counterfeits that have some substances in them other than GW-501516 or mixed with it. They do it to make a profit, but it greatly reduces the effectiveness of Cardarine and may even cause unwanted side effects too. For this reason, you need to make sure that you buy only quality and pure GW501516 if you want to get the best results and stay away from side effects.

You could read the article “Where To Buy SARMs” in order to find more valuable information about where to buy Cardarine and SARMs. A short summary – use as your trustworthy source of SARMs and other compounds including Cardarine for sale and you’re going to love it for sure.

Below you’re also going to find some Cardarine cycle examples. Examples of cycles that are going to make sure you’ll be completely safe. Lots of people use such cycles without any issues.

Safe Cardarine Cycle Examples

Follow these examples of Cardarine cycles and make sure that you won’t get any side effects from them, as long as you’re healthy enough and do not have allergies or hypersensitivity.

Cardarine Solo

An example of the GW501516 cycle is when you use it alone, without anything else. Although in most cases people attempt to use Cardarine stacked with other compounds, some use it alone. Most people stack Cardarine with other compounds because it’s not just safe, but it’s also likely to reduce the side effects of other compounds. Therefore, you get awesome benefits out of using this compound and keeping it safe. That’s while losing fat, increasing endurance, and improving overall cardiovascular health.

  • The studies prove that this cycle is absolutely safe and effective. According to studies, GW 501516 is not causing cancer and it actually fights it off. You would need to use Cardarine alone for 8 weeks at a dosage of 15 mg a day.

Cardarine and Ostarine Cycle Stack

  • Ostarine and Cardarine stack is extremely popular. Although many people use Cardarine in combination with lots of other compounds, the MK2866 + GW501516 is extremely popular. This cycle example is very similar to the one I mentioned above: 8 weeks of 15 mg/day Cardarine with the addition of Ostarine 10 mg a day.

This cycle is extremely unlikely to cause any side effects at all because Ostarine is perhaps the mildest SARM out there and the dosage is low enough to keep you away from side effects. By stacking these two compounds, you are going to get awesome benefits in terms of fat loss and maybe even some muscle growth. Lastly, you may need a PCT plan because of Ostarine. But considering that the dosage of Ostarine (MK-2866) is very low and this SARM is very mild and only slightly suppressive – there’s a good chance you won’t need a PCT.


Is Cardarine Safe – The Final Verdict

So, based on everything, let’s do a summary – Is Cardarine (GW501516) Safe?

The short answer is – Yes. It is absolutely safe, but as long as you use it correctly. It can be dangerous as long as you abuse it. But that’s true pretty much about anything else. But if you’re going to use normal Cardarine dosage and normal cycle length, it is going to be all safe.

If you’re never going to exceed the dosage of 30 mg/day and a cycle length over 8 weeks – you’re going to make sure the cycle length is going to remain all safe. In fact, when using Cardarine in such dosages and cycle lengths, you don’t even have to worry about side effects. And definitely, no need to worry about cancer. There are studies suggesting that it can become dangerous if used in huge doses and extremely long cycle lengths, but the studies also suggest that when you use it in the correct dosage, it will fight off cancer cells, not promote their growth.


So, yes, Cardarine is safe. As long as you use it in a dosage not higher than 30 mg/day and a cycle length of no longer than 8 weeks. Although you may attempt higher dosage and/or longer cycle length, never go over 50 mg/day and 12 weeks. Even then, you should make sure you tolerate GW501516 well which means you should first run it in lower dosages and shorter cycles.

Therefore, Cardarine (GW-501516) is a safe compound and this was proven by studies. Lots of people using it also prove it. The study indicating that Cardarine is causing cancer growth was using a dosage 50x the normal dosage on rats for a period of 2 years. Needless to mention that both the dosage and period are outrageous! As long as you don’t run absurd dosages for absurd periods of time, there’s no need to worry about Cardarine causing any problems.

Also, make sure you buy high quality and pure GW501516 in order to avoid side effects and keep it safe.



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