YK11 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) and it is one of a kind. That’s because more specifically, YK 11 SARM is a Myostatin inhibitor. You need to know that YK11 is one of the strongest SARMs in existence. In fact, it’s so powerful that many compare it to anabolic steroids in terms of efficacy. Therefore, YK 11 is awesome at growing lean muscle tissues and increasing strength levels.

At the same time, it’s not as dangerous as anabolic steroids. Being a SARM, it binds to Androgen Receptors (ARs), however in a selective way. ARs are present in muscles, and YK 11 enhances their activity. But since it’s selective – won’t cause as many side effects.

The fact that YK11 is a Myostatin inhibitor is what makes it so popular. More and more people search for its amazing benefits. By entering your system, YK 11 would inhibit myostatin. This is a type of protein that reduces and blocks muscle mass gains. So, it’s an amazing SARM both for cutting and bulking.

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YK11 Results | YK 11 Before and After

Thanks to its unique mechanism of action, YK11 results are mind blowing. A single YK11 cycle can help a lot with overall body recomposition. Lots of YK11 before and after photos of people who used it can prove it. It’s easy to notice that people running this SARM gain a lot of lean muscle tissues. It’s especially good for those who hit a plateau in gains as this drug would break that plateau.

That’s because YK 11 inhibits Myostatin. It does so by increasing the Follistatin levels. Follistatin is what actually controls and inhibits Myostatin. It’s highly effective to lower Myostatin when you want to grow muscles because this protein is blocking muscle growth.

As a result, it goes without saying that YK11 results are awesome for increasing muscle mass, getting stronger as well as strengthening your bones’ health. It boosts Follistatin which promotes muscle gains and blocks/inhibits Myostatin which reduces muscle mass.

YK11 before and after body transformation makes it easy to notice that this SARM helps you grow muscles very efficiently. Additionally, researchers suggest that thanks to an increase of Protein Kinase B (PKB) as a result of using YK-11, users improve their bone health too!

YK11 benefits for bodybuilding and fitness needs are awesome, doubtlessly. But to get the maximum results out of using this SARM, I highly recommend everyone to follow a good training regimen and keep their diet on point. It’s a powerful product with great results. Nonetheless, most results can be achieved only if you obtain real, high quality pure YK 11 (SARMs.to can help you with that), when you use it properly (we can help you this too), and when you follow a proper exercise and diet schedule.

YK11 Side Effects

Anecdotal experiences from people who already used this compound within recommended dosages say they grow insane muscle mass, alongside a spike in strength levels whilst not experiencing serious side effects. YK11 side effects can still occur. This is one of the most powerful SARMs, so do not assume it’s side effect free. Yet, some great news:

  • Not everyone experiences side effects
  • Those who do, say that side effects disappear soon after discontinuing the use or reducing the dosage
  • Usually, most people tolerate side effects very well
  • Most side effects are an individual thing (genetic)
  • You rarely get side effects if use YK11 within recommended guidelines

Anyway, some YK 11 side effects are still possible. Check them here:

  • Mild acne
  • Temper and aggression
  • Hair shedding
  • Gynecomastia
  • Testosterone suppression

These side effects occur due to YK11 strongly binding to ARs, leaving more testosterone to convert into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. However, these side effects are very rare. Only people prone to such side effects report them and only those that usually run high dosages and/or long cycle lengths. If you keep doses low and cycles short – you are very unlikely to report any adverse effects.

Additionally – prepare a PCT plan (Post Cycle Therapy) after each YK11 cycle. Although you may not need a PCT plan – that’s unlikely. Unless you use a low dosage of YK11 for a short period. But generally, a PCT after the YK11 cycle is important. It would help recover back natural testosterone production.

Mostly, a PCT plan is with Clomid and Nolvadex. Implement a PCT plan when this SARM is out of your system and you have low testosterone levels (symptoms).

YK 11 Dosage

YK11 half life is 12 hours. Multiple studies and researchers indicate about 12 hours. Therefore, it is very important to split the total YK 11 dosage into 2 even halves taken throughout the day. Every 12 hours. Such as in the morning and in the evening.

YK11 dosage ranges between 5 mg and 15 mg a day for most people. So, if you run 5 mg a day (as a beginner), use 2.5 mg in the morning and 2.5 mg in the evening. This would maintain stable blood levels of this SARM in your blood and would offer the best results out of a cycle. Once a day administration is not enough as it would allow fluctuations.

YK 11 dosages under 20 mg/day are the safest with few side effects. At least, as long as you’re healthy, use high-quality SARM, and don’t exceed the 8 weeks cycle length. Doses of 30 mg/day are unlikely to offer more benefits. But are very likely to cause nastier side effects. Especially even higher doses.

Beginners starting at 5mg/day for 6-8 weeks would notice a great improvement in body transformation. Only advanced users can attempt 10-15 mg/day for 8 weeks cycles. I wouldn’t recommend getting over the 8 weeks limit.

Many people seem to compare YK11 vs RAD140. YK11 is definitely much more powerful than RAD 140. So it’s a better option for those who want to grow more muscles. Nonetheless, it’s a worse option for those who want to keep side effects at bay.

Anyway, many people go for a YK 11 stack. The best is to stack with those that are not technically SARMs. Cardarine GW501516, Stenabolic SR9009, and Ibutamoren MK677 are the best examples. MK 677 and YK 11 stack is the most popular! One increases HGH, the other inhibits Myostatin!

YK 11 For Sale

In the end, we can say with certainty that YK11 is an amazing SARM. It’s one of the most powerful and most effective when talking about strength and muscle gains. Is so effective that it is often compared to the efficacy of anabolic steroids. It’s way more powerful than the RAD140 or LGD4033!

Although it means that it’s more likely to cause side effects, using YK-11 correctly you can keep side effects at bay. There are a lot of people who already use it and report amazing results. By using it within recommended guidelines, you’ll also avoid unwanted side effects too.

However, to get the best possible results and stay away from negative side effects, you’ve got to buy the purest YK11 SARM. If you get low quality bunk YK 11 and/or mixed with other substances, you may experience some weird side effects. And unfortunately, for financial profit, some companies do sell such compounds.

You can buy YK 11 for sale from our source – SARMS.to and we’ll never let you down. We’re a SARMs online vendor that works exclusively with the best manufacturers of SARMs. They offer tested real SARMs of the best quality. That’s why you can use SARMS.to without worries about quality. We also promise the lowest prices for each SARM and each brand. Therefore, by using SARMS.to to get YK 11 for sale as well as whatever other SARMS for sale – you’ll be absolutely satisfied. Both with quality and the price. You’ll also benefit from the best delivery options and the best customer support team!