Calorie Deficit To Lose Weight

A calorie deficit is the only way to help you lose weight. Therefore, anyone in a cutting and weight loss cycle should think about ways that allow them to stay in a calorie deficit to achieve their goals. While staying in a calorie deficit isn’t fun, it is the only way to cut fat and get lean.

We’re going to explain it here, as there’s an extremely logical and straight explanation of why it helps us lose weight and burn fat. For example, we gain weight when we tend to eat more calories than our body uses. If you consume more than the body uses, those calories stay somewhere. It can be deposited either in the form of fat or muscle. When you’re in a calorie deficit, those deposits are burned in order to provide your body’s processes the necessary energy to perform the tasks. We’re not only talking about exercising.

While your body needs energy (which it takes from the foods) to perform a workout, it also needs energy to literally stay alive. Think of food as fuel. Foods are broken into calories and calories in macro- and micronutrients. Your body needs that fuel to do basic things you don’t even think about – such as digesting food, walking, or breathing. Your lungs need the energy to breathe, your heart needs the energy to pump blood, your liver needs the energy to function, and so on.

This explains why we can’t live without food for too long. But staying in a calorie deficit doesn’t mean you’re going to die. You still provide your body food (calories), but less than it burns every day. That’s why it is called a “deficit”. That’s why you can’t stay in a calorie deficit forever.

What is a calorie deficit?

A calorie deficit is a state in which your body receives fewer calories than it burns on a daily basis. You can create this calorie deficit through diet alone, or a combination of diet and staying active, better – both. You can stay active by going about your daily business, or exercising, or better yet – both.

Anyone can enter the calorie deficit, regardless if we’re talking about a veteran lifter, a pro bodybuilder, a beginner who has never been to the gym, or whoever else. It all comes down to what you put in your body to how much energy you’re using every day. The more active you are, the more calories you burn. The more you eat, the more calories your body receives.

What factors impact a calorie deficit?

There are various factors that could impact your calorie deficit. Everyone is different and based on numerous factors, we tend to have different results. There are a lot of things that could influence the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. Your gender, age, height and weight, the amount of exercise, body composition (muscle to fat ratio), and others – all play a role.

It is quite obvious that someone who is very active will require more calories than someone with a sedentary lifestyle. Also, those who weigh more tend to require more calories to maintain their current weight. It also depends on whether the weight is in the form of fat or muscle because muscles require more calories to maintain the fat. People with higher muscle mass tend to burn more calories per day (in a resting state). We also tend to require fewer calories as we age. In short, there are lots of factors that influence it.

When it comes to the calories that we get in (consume), then we’re talking about everything you’re putting into your mouth. Including the liquids. As said, the ratio of what we consume vs what we spend defines a calorie deficit.

By consuming more than we spend – that’s a calorie surplus (for bulking cycle). If there’s no (or very little) difference in this ratio – that’s calorie maintenance (we keep the same weight). However, when we spend more calories than we consume – that’s a calorie deficit (for weight loss and fat burning). The problem is that if you’re not doing it alright, you tend to burn muscle alongside fat!

Can I Burn Fat Without a Calorie Deficit?

Yes, you can. However, it is usually possible for beginners and/or SARMs users who are paying very close attention to what they eat and how they train (and overall their lifestyle). Without a calorie deficit, the number you see on a scale won’t change (much, if any). However, you may still burn fat. For example, by lifting weights and eating a lot, but you’re eating right, you may be consuming more than you burn, but you see the fat go and pack on muscle thanks to your exercise routine and correct workout plan.

  • But due to an extremely strict lifestyle (in terms of diet, working out, etc.) it is very hard to achieve this. Moreover, it gets even harder as you gain more experience. Experienced lifters with already big amounts of lean muscle and low body fat percentage will find it almost impossible to burn fat without a calorie deficit plan.

How Do I Create A Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss?

First, you need to calculate how many calories you burn. As said, everything your body does burns calories. Even when you’re sleeping. However, it is quite obvious that doing more strenuous activities, such as walking or running, will burn even more. When you work out intensively, it will burn even more calories. So, how do you find out how many calories your body burns?

There are various formulas to provide you with an approximate number. One of the easy and simple ways is to use an online calculator. You will need to indicate your weight, height, gender, age, and weekly activity level. The online calorie calculators are not 100% accurate, but they will still give you a rough idea of how much you need to eat a day. Then you can adjust based on the results you have.

So, the speed of your weight loss depends on how large a deficit you create. Not only is a too-large drop in calories not sustainable, but it is often unhealthy. Try to create a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day. For example, if your maintenance calories are 3,000 per day, eat only 2,500 calories every day.

But remember that not only the amount of foods play a role, but their quality too. Sure, you can lower your daily calories by 500 but still consume junk food, and you will still lose weight. However, while the number on the scale will lower, you will not feel well (as junk food is unhealthy) and you still won’t see much changes in the mirror or the way your clothes fit. Plus, creating a calorie deficit with junk food is even harder to sustain.

Correct Way to Create the Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight

So, lower your daily calories by about 500 calories per day while consuming less foods but also healthier foods per day. Not only do healthier foods allow you to eat more (usually), but it is… healthier. You can create a deficit by increasing the amount of exercise you’re getting. But ideally, it would be both – exercise and eating the right amount of food, and the right quality of food.

Opt for protein-rich foods such as lean meats and fish, go for low fat dairy products, green vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Try to ditch sugary drinks, fatty foods, and processed foods. Generally, anything that you know is unhealthy – avoid it.

Exercising while you create this calorie deficit by eating the correct foods will reveal the muscles and burn the fat. You’ll look way better while feeling and performing significantly better too!

Maintain Your Muscle As You Lose Weight

ostarine-mk-2866As you’re creating a calorie deficit, the body may take its energy demands from the muscles. That’s why some people notice a little of muscle loss during their fat burning and weight loss process. By eating the right amount of food (proper macro balance with lots of protein and enough micronutrients), you minimize it. By working out and lifting heavy at the gym, you minimize it too. Lastly, you can also add SARMs to your regimen to ensure you will not lose any muscle amount.

Moreover, SARMs can be extremely efficient for kick-starting your calorie deficit during a cutting cycle when you aim to lose weight and burn fat. They can also be an extremely helpful way to break through the plateau ceiling in case you’ve hit it during the cycle. The combination of speeding fat burning and preserving lean muscle mass will help you achieve your goals in no time. Just make sure you stay in the calorie deficit with a proper, healthy, and balanced diet while you correctly work out intensively and regularly. With the help of these SARMs that help you cut calories, and preserve muscle, strength, energy, stamina, and endurance, you’re well on your way to achieving your bodybuilding goals. is the best SARMs source on the market as we offer only quality SARMS, a wide availability of products, and the best prices on the market!


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