S23 SARM Results Before and After

S23 SARM results can be awesome as long as you’re using this SARM properly. You may find a lot of S23 SARM Before and After pictures displaying awesome results of people using this compound. Nonetheless, in order to experience anything similar to those S23 SARM before and after results in pictures, please learn as much as possible about this compound first. Only with the best possible use and the best quality SARM can you achieve the best results.

  • In fact, I should also mention that the S23 transformations that you’re about to see were performed by those people who do have some previous experience with SARMs, used S23 correctly and used high quality S23.

So, we’re going to get started and share various S23 SARM results including some S23 SARM before and after photos. But before we do that, you should know at least some basic things about this compound. I also recommend you check the best practices during the S23 cycle including reading as much as possible about the best S23 dosage.

Additionally, you can also check other SARMs before and after results, maybe you would find something that’s more suitable for your needs.


s-23-sarm-20mgS23 SARM Summary

S23 SARM is perhaps the most potent and powerful SARM on the market right now. This is the reason why I strongly recommend having some previous experience with other SARMs first before starting a cycle with this compound. Many people could find it way too powerful, likely to cause side effects.

S23 does not have any human clinical studies so there’s little we can say from a scientific point of view. Nonetheless, there are still lots of people who have already experimented with this compound so we can share the results including before and after pictures of those people. Moreover, we can share the results that scientists noticed from the experiments with S23 SARM in rats. And one disadvantage that you should be aware of is that this compound caused infertility in rats who were given S23.

Nevertheless, infertility was reversed when the S23 administration stopped. For this very reason, scientists were looking for a method to use S23 and create a male contraceptive out of it. The good news is that both anecdotal experiences from actual people who actually used it as well as experiments on rats prove that S23 is capable of building muscle mass, shedding fat, decreasing recovery times post-workout as well as promoting strength. Being extremely powerful, many people suggest that the S23 is capable of doing it much better than other SARMs.

People report awesome results with lean muscle gains of 10-20 lbs after one single 8-week cycle of S23 SARM. But then again, it is also capable of causing side effects being so powerful. You need to be very careful with it. You also should make sure you use S23 of high quality only.

I recommend you check more helpful information about S23 here. You can also find high quality S23 SARM for sale there.

S23 SARM Results With Before and After Photos

There are various people who already tried S23 and we are going to share some examples of what kind of physical transformation they managed to experience. I am going to comment on their cycles and the transformations they managed to go through.

If you also have some S23 SARM before and after photos and would love to share them, feel free to contact us.

So, let’s get through some examples of S23 SARM results with before and after photos. Remember, in order to achieve anything similar you need:

  • High quality S23 SARM that you can buy from SARMS.to
  • Learn how to use it correctly and we can help you with that too
  • Proper lifestyles, such as dieting, working out, avoiding bad habits, and others

First S23 SARM Results


Yes, that’s the same man and yes, he managed to go through such an awesome body transformation. The best part? He managed to achieve these results in just two months! These are the results after a single eight week S23 cycle. It should give you a pretty good idea of what S23 can do!

As you can see, he was pretty chubby when he started to use S23. Nonetheless, by the end of the cycle, he managed to completely transform himself. He is ripped with awesome muscle definition. This guy said he was on a calorie deficient diet. But thanks to a great workout plan he managed to gain muscle. Overall, he lost a lot of fat but gained some muscle. As a result, his total body fat was reduced by about 8% which is truly impressive. 1% a week is something most people can only dream about.

Remember you can lose 1% per week only when you add muscle while concomitantly losing fat. Overall he managed to lose a total of about 20 lbs, the fat amount he managed to lose is about 35 pounds! The difference makes the muscle gain.

  • This guy said he was using 10 mg a day of S23 for a total of 8 weeks. He did not mention if he used it with other compounds though. I can assume he might have added something like Cardarine, but he might as well have used S23 SARM alone. Remember that since S23 is such a potent SARM, you are going to need a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each cycle. That’s what this guy did. 2 weeks post-cycle with Clomid 50 mg/day and 2 more weeks with 25 mg/day for a total of 4 weeks PCT plan to keep all the gains.

Second S23 Result


Here we have another example of a great S23 SARM result. This guy also managed to physically transform his body from a typical dad bod to a sexy dad in just 8 weeks. The main reason why I think that the previous guy might have used Cardarine is that his results are similar to this man, but the man in our second example confessed S23 was not the only compound he used.

He said he used S23 with Cardarine (GW501516). While S23 helps shed fat, Cardarine definitely boost this process and at the same S23 is helpful at building the muscle mass you need in order to achieve results anything similar to what we can see here.

S23 and Cardarine are working in great synergy. It is an awesome stack for awesome results. We can notice he is now looking much better with awesome results on his arms, chest, and especially midsection. From belly to abs is something everyone would love!

He said he was working out 6 days a week. 3 cardio training and 3 weight exercise training! It takes a lot of dedication, as you can see, to achieve such great results in such a record time. His only complaint was that his sex drive has diminished. But considering he was focused on working out and he had no girlfriend or wife, that’s not a huge problem.

  • His cycle was 8 weeks with 10 mg a day of S23 and 15 mg a day of Cardarine. After that, the PCT plan was the same as in the previous example: 50 mg/day of Clomid for the first 2 weeks and then 25 mg/day for 2 more weeks.

More S23 SARM Before And After Results


In this example, we have a man who was already looking awesome before starting the cycle, but as we can see in the after photo, there’s always room to become better. We can see that by adding S23 to his regimen, his entire body went through a dramatic physical transformation.

He managed to lose fat, but most importantly got more muscular and this combination is what made him so ripped. It is the type of body look that can make everyone envious. I find his results impressive. He said he found them even more impressive considering that he was barely noticing any results for the last three months or so. He was not growing or getting slimmer, despite working out and dieting.

S23 SARM was definitely the “missing puzzle” in his regimen for breaking through the plateau and getting, as we can see, simply amazing results for just one cycle.

  • He was running 15 mg a day for the entire 8 weeks. Nonetheless, he said that 4 weeks was not enough. He was on Nolvadex 20 mg a day for a total period of 4 weeks. After a day or two of stopping using Nolvadex completely, he said he started to experience typical low testosterone symptoms. Nothing too crazy, but still there. So, he continued using 20 mg a day for 2 more weeks and he recovered without dealing with any problems.

Another S23 SARM Results Example


While I agree that this guy was also already having some very impressive results even before S23 SARM, you just can’t compare that with the way he looks in the after picture. This guy was preparing for a competition so he was required to get the maximum boost in terms of muscle growth and muscle definition. From the bulking cycle, he switched to a pre-contest cycle including lowering calories and S23 helped him achieve that physique.

In addition to that, he said that he also added Stenabolic (SR9009) in an attempt to experience the best fat loss and muscle definition results. As we can see, this duo worked perfectly. Just look at his arms. While he is much ripped, his arms look way bigger! Check out the beautiful traps and delts! Look at his leg muscles. It’s easy to see he never skipped leg day. His biceps experienced a giant increase in size and his pecs are looking swole!

Overall, he managed to lose a huge amount of body fat (I would guess 7%) while I doubt he went through any major total weight changes.

  • The cycle he was on is 10 mg a day of S23 SARM with 30 mg a day of SR9009. PCT plan: Nolvadex 40 mg per day for 2 weeks and then 20 mg a day for 2 more weeks. He reported no side effects at all while experiencing those awesome results.

Perfect S23 SARM Results


This is perhaps one of the best physical transformations I’ve seen with S23 SARM. Not everyone can experience such results and looks like this guy responds extremely well to S23. This person went from skinny to ripped in just one cycle. But it’s easy to see the dedication he had to his diet and workout plan in those 8 weeks.

Moreover, he said that the before picture was taken about 2-3 weeks before starting the cycle. The after picture was taken during a photoshoot he had on the day he stopped the S23 cycle so he had his last S23 dosage and was pumped. Nonetheless, we can still agree – the difference is just HUGE. He said that for PCT he went for Nolvadex for 4 weeks. 40 mg per day for two weeks and then 20 mg a day for two more weeks and managed to maintain most of his gains.

  • Yet, he said he was eating about at least 500 calories more than his maintenance calories on a daily basis. That’s why calculating macros too with a great overall diet. Additionally, he said he was working out for hypertrophy of each muscle group 2 times a week. All of that while the cycle itself was 15 mg a day of S23. He managed to gain no less than 15-20 lbs of lean muscle mass without any side effects at all. That’s why I assume that he is a great responder specifically to this SARM.

What S23 SARM Results Can I Expect?

S23 SARM is an awesome compound as it can offer mind blowing before and after results, but it is extremely powerful meaning that it is likely to cause side effects too. That’s why I recommend you be very careful with it.

But as long as you work out religiously, keep a healthy and clean diet and you’re using 10 mg a day of S23 of high quality for 8 weeks, you’re very likely to experience awesome results. But it’s best to start it after having previous experience with other SARMs first.


Anyway, S23 SARM Results / Benefits you can experience include:

Muscle Mass Gains

I personally gained approximately 18 pounds of muscle mass in just one cycle. I had unbelievable results with a huge difference in the biceps, triceps, traps, and delts (it seems that S23 is mostly targeting these muscles). But I did have a great diet and workout plan.

Strength Increase

While I was on S23 SARM, I was much stronger and felt really powerful. I broke my personal records at major lifts such as deadlifts, bench presses, and squats by about 50 pounds. I thought I could go further, but I did not want to take the risk of injuries because too fast an increase in strength is the reason why injuries occur.

Recovery Times

While I was sore for at least 48 hours (up to 72 hours) after training a specific muscle group before starting with S23, the recovery time was greatly diminished after adding it. I was sore for no more than 24-36 hours. Technically, I was able to train the same muscle group every day without issues.

Fat Loss

One of the best things about S23 is that it helped me lose fat even while I was bulking. This is the reason why this SARM is so immensely effective for those who are actually eating in a calorie deficit diet. I did not gain a single pound of fat while on a bulking cycle and maybe even lost some. That’s just impressive considering that I was eating more calories than maintenance.

Dryness and Vascularity

I’ve always dreamed about a hard body physique with a great amount of vascularity and overall dryness and with the help of S23, I’ve been the driest I’ve ever been. I noticed the improvement in vascularity while getting overall shredded and dry after about four weeks of use. By the end of the eighth week, I was looking very similar to the guy in the fourth example.

No need to mention that I was looking very closely at what I’m eating and how much, and I was a gym rat. Also, I’ve had a PCT plan too, which is very important for maintaining gains and remaining healthy after the cycle.

How To Get the Best S23 SARM Results?

Everyone who used S23 recommends following these tips in order to experience the best possible results:

  • Eat clean and exercise on a daily basis. Muscle doesn’t increase and fat doesn’t decrease magically.
  • Get a blood work test before and after your cycle. You will get a better idea of how this compound affects you.
  • Lower the dosage if you notice that side effects become too much. Especially testosterone suppression.
  • It’s best to split the daily dosage into two equal halves throughout the day. Take one half in the morning and the second at night.
  • Make sure to buy only pure and high quality SARMs. Low quality / bunk SARMs are not only less effective but more dangerous too.

You should not play around with S23 SARM and you shouldn’t treat it lightly. Make sure you understand its effects and how to use it. Also, make sure to purchase S23 from legitimate sources. SARMS.to is here to help you with everything you need when it comes to SARMs.

Also, I recommend hopping on an S23 SARM cycle only after using a milder SARM first. I recommend another SARM first because S23 could be too powerful for beginners.

Yet, if you already did a cycle or are thinking of hopping on an S23 cycle and want to share your S23 before and after results with the world, contact us!


While there are no human studies on S23, as you can see, there are a lot of anecdotal reports indicating that S23 can be pretty safe and highly effective. This doesn’t mean that you should underestimate S23 in terms of side effects. They can be really bad. Yet if you learn as much as possible and make sure you get a high quality S23 while doing everything alright, there are very high chances that you’re going to be the next person who can share some amazing S23 SARM before and after results.

Our SARMS.to team is here to help you with everything that you need for achieving those results. We can offer the best quality SARMs for the best possible prices including important information on how to cycle it specifically for you and your goals. There are lots of other advantages too such as discounts, convenient shipping options and payment methods, and many others.




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