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If you’re interested in more information about S23 Dosage, you’re going to find everything that you need here. If you’re thinking of starting your very first S23 cycle, I strongly recommend reading this article first. We’re going to talk about the safest S23 dosage and share the best S23 SARM dosage for cutting and bulking needs. The S23 SARM cycle can be extremely helpful, or it can be dangerous. It mainly depends on how you use it – the dosage of this SARM.

So, when it comes to choosing the S-23 dosage, please be very careful. That’s because this is by far one of the strongest SARMs out there. Usually, the stronger a compound is, the more benefits it offers. However, more side effects can occur too.

Since, S 23 is very powerful, being very careful in finding the best S23 dosage is very important. The dosage is different from one person to another so you should not follow anyone else’s plan but find your own best.

Important Info


The potency of S23 SARM is so high, that many compare it to the potency of actual anabolic steroids. Being so immensely powerful, it is a SARM that absolutely requires a PCT plan after each cycle. Pretty much the same as with YK11 SARM. So, if you’re using the S23 cycle, you need to prepare a PCT, regardless of the dosage that you plan to use.

When it comes to physique and performance enhancement, bodybuilders and athletes are usually taking anywhere between 10 mg and 30 mg a day of S23 SARM. While this is doable, I strongly recommend being very careful because it can be too much for some people. In this situation, you are very likely to experience side effects from this compound.

For example, remember that S23 is very suppressive to natural testosterone production. This is one of the main reasons why I do not recommend S23 to beginners.

  • Anyway, let’s get into more details about the best S23 dosage when it comes to a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle. Moreover, I will tell you what’s the safest S23 SARM dosage, in my opinion, yet still effective.


S23 Summary

According to both studies and people who already tried S23, this is the most powerful SARM on the market. In fact, studies prove that it’s so immensely effective that those rats that were given S23 remained infertile during the trials because of the decrease in sperm count that it causes.

In fact, this is why scientists started to research S23 SARM as a potent compound that can be useful as male birth control. It lowers sperm count with a high success rate, so it can be effective.

Nonetheless, a really interesting thing about S 23 is the fact that the more you use it, the less effective it becomes as a contraceptive. That’s because according to studies, those rats that were receiving the highest dosage of S23 were having a similar sperm count to the regular rats. As strange as it may sound, there are studies proving it.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you need to administer huge dosages in order to attempt to deal with this issue. There are not enough studies on humans to know how high dosages will affect a person, so better avoid abuse at all costs.

Overall, S23 is actually a very good muscle builder. This compound is significantly enhancing the strength levels too. Moreover, it aids fat loss too. That’s why those who use S-23 can expect more muscles, less fat, and becoming stronger too.

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S23 Half-Life

It’s pretty hard to say what is the half life of S23 SARM in humans considering that there are actually no human studies available with this compound.

The lack of human trials with S23 is due to the infertility issues discovered while the SARM was studied on rats. Nonetheless, the studies on rats suggest that the half-life of S-23 is 12 hours. If you’re thinking about using any compound, it is actually very important to learn as much as possible about the half-life so you would know how often you need to use it in order to maintain stable levels of that specific compound in your blood.

Considering the half-life discovered in rats and according to anecdotal reports of people who already used it, administering S23 twice a day is going to be enough to offer great results for bodybuilders and athletes.

That’s why you need to spread the total daily dosage of this SARM into two equal parts administered throughout the day. This means that one half in the morning (AM) and the other half in the evening (PM). About every 8-12 hours, every day, at around the same time of the day. This will maintain a stable blood concentration level.

Best Bulking S23 Dosage

If you do not have any experience with this SARM, I do not recommend mixing it with any other SARMs or other compounds out there. Given its huge strength, it is very likely to help you achieve the desired goals without adding any other compounds. Moreover, by adding other compounds, its effects are likely to enhance.

That’s why by adding other SARMs, enhancing effects can lead to enhancing other side effects too, including the harsh suppression of natural testosterone. If it’s the very first time you use this compound, I simply wouldn’t risk it.

You might attempt mixing S-23 with other SARMs only when you’re going to have previous experience and you think that you can tolerate a combination of S23 with other SARMs well. Bodybuilders and athletes tend to combine SARMs during their bulking cycles for achieving faster results and more results.

S23 is actually mostly categorized as a bulking SARM. When you’re bulking properly (a proper bulking cycle includes a correct diet and workout plan), S-23 can help you gain new muscle tissues, increase strength levels a lot allow you to lift more weights, and can even aid some fat loss too, including other benefits.



  • If you’re a beginner a 10 mg/day dosage of S23 is more than enough.
  • With more experience, you can increase the dosage up to 15-20 mg/day.
  • It’s actually not very common for bodybuilders to use doses as high as 25-30 mg/day.

But such high doses are administered only by people who are searching for serious bulking cycles and are having experience with this SARM.

The S23 cycle length is 6-8 weeks. I do not ever recommend exceeding the 8 weeks cycle length. Also, an S23 cycle of 6-8 weeks with only 10 mg/day still requires a PCT. Usually, it’s a four weeks PCT plan with Clomid 50 mg/day for the first two weeks and 25 mg/day for the last two weeks.

The PCT plan is different from one person to another too. You can adjust it (switch to Nolvadex or add it, increase or decrease the Clomid dosage) according to your needs.

Best Cutting S23 Dosage

While most people tend to use S23 for their bulking cycles, adding this SARM in a cutting cycle is fairly common too. By adding this compound to your cycle, you can expect to lose a noticeable amount of body fat and weight while adding lean muscle tissues, or at the very least, not losing any of the previous muscle you gained.

  • Usually, the dosage is 5 mg a day or a maximum of 10 mg a day for those who are big enough and have enough experience. But generally, 5 mg per day of S23 for cutting is enough.

As said, running an S-23 cycle at even this dosage is still going to suppress you so you’re still going to need a PCT plan. But considering the dosage is in half as it is in bulk, you can attempt a milder PCT plan.

It’s still usually a four weeks PCT plan with Clomid (or you may switch to Nolvadex if you find it enough, or add Nolvadex if you think it’s not). But the dosage is 25 mg/day for the entire PCT plan.


No PCT S23 SARM Dosage?

You should know that the PCT plan involves some medicines that are coming with their own side effects. So whenever you can avoid the PCT, I would actually recommend doing so. The problem is that you can’t always avoid Post Cycle Therapy.

While for some people using a mild SARM in a lower dosage might not cause enough suppression to require a PCT, with S23 you can’t avoid it. This is a very powerful SARM that will suppress you no matter what. And the suppression is going to be so harsh that not using a PCT plan you’re going to suffer from pretty harsh low testosterone symptoms.

PCT is the lesser evil when it comes to stopping an S23 cycle because not attempting a PCT will make you suffer from the low T symptoms, which are really harsh. So I do recommend the PCT at the end of each S23 SARM cycle.

Safest S23 SARM Dosage

It’s hard to say what’s the safest yet most effective dosage of S23 SARM considering there are no human trials on this compound. That’s why we are left only with anecdotal reports from those people who used this SARM themselves in an attempt to achieve their goals.

Based on those reports and based on the fact that I had experience with this SARM myself, I am going to share what’s my personal opinion when it comes to the safest S23 dosage.

safe-23-dosage I personally experienced some side effects even at the lower dosage and it seems like the vast majority of people report the same. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that by increasing the dosage, the adverse side effects risk increasing too.

  • So, in order to minimize the apparition or the intensity of the side effects, I can assume that the safest dosage is up to 5 mg a day.

There might be some people who tolerate 10 mg a day very well too. But almost anyone is going to experience at least some side effects at 10 mg a day. It’s just the fact that some people can tolerate those side effects at that dosage, but others can’t.

More To Say…

Also, there’s no need to mention that even higher dosages are way more likely to cause side effects. So, in my opinion, the absolute safest yet still effective dosage is 5 mg a day. 10 mg a day of S23 can still be pretty safe for many, but anything higher will likely cause side effects.

Using a dosage of less than 5 mg a day is rarely enough to offer a noticeable difference. Unless it’s your very first SARM cycle in your life and you’re fairly skinny. But at a dosage of 5-10 mg/day, it’s enough to offer results and the side effects should be tolerable even if they occur.

What S23 SARM Dosage Should I Take?

If this is your very first time using this SARM, I strongly recommend against starting a dosage higher than 10 mg/day. In fact, I think that even this dosage is too much for a beginner who does not know how the body would react to this SARM.

That’s why, I would recommend starting with the safest dosage, the lowest S23 dosage that is effective, which is 5 mg a day. Then you can see how your body reacts and you can slowly and gradually increase the dosage if you feel you need this increase and your body is likely to tolerate it.

Remember that everyone is different. Some specific people are more susceptible to side effects of a specific compound than others. For example, I’ve seen huge bodybuilders who are taking very large doses of other SARMs without side effects, but they refuse to use S23 because even the slightest dosage of 5 mg a day makes them feel unwell. However, for others it’s the other way around – S23 is working way much better with fewer side effects, even in high dosages like 20-30 mg/day than other SARMs that are seemingly less powerful than S-23.


Nonetheless, it’s still S23 that’s most likely to cause side effects in comparison with other SARMs because it’s more powerful. That’s why I still urge you to start with a lower dosage and with big caution, especially if it’s the very first cycle with this SARM.

In fact, I would recommend starting with other SARMs first, and other milder SARMs before starting with this compound.

So, the safest way is:

  1. Start with other SARMs first
  2. Then might start with S23 but only at 5 mg a day
  3. After more experience, you might increase the dosage
  4. At this point, you should have a very good experience level with S23 and multiple other SARMs even in higher dosages. That’s when you may attempt increasing dosage and/or stacking them.


S23 is the most powerful SARM you can use. Therefore, there is going to be no other SARM that can build muscle mass the way S23 will help you. Despite the lack of human trials, there are lots of anecdotal experiences and I’m also one of those who used this SARM. S23-photo

Based on those reports and my own experience, I can tell you that the S-23 is worth it. It does come with side effects too, which is pretty obvious considering its huge potency. However, with proper dosage, most people can tolerate them very well.

It’s just important to start with the lowest effective dosage which is 5 mg a day for S23. Then you can gradually increase. 10 mg/day is very effective and it’s what most people need. However, under no circumstances ever increase the dosage to over 30 mg per day. Always split the entire daily dosage into two halves per day and the cycle shouldn’t ever exceed 8 weeks. Also, do not stack it unless you’re having lots of experience both with S23 and the other SARMs you’re planning to stack it with.

Moreover, ensure you get the highest quality S23 only. Lower quality SARMs won’t only be less effective, but they can cause more side effects too. And unfortunately, there are lots of scammers selling bunk SARMs.


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