Testolone RAD 140 Before And After sarms

Testolone RAD 140 Before And After

As long as you’re searching for examples of Testolone (RAD 140) before and after results (with pics) you’ve come to the right place. RAD-140 is a very popular SARM and it’s natural that you may be curious to see what your results might look like after a cycle or two with this compound.

Considering this SARM is popular due to its ability to make huge body transformations and there are so many people searching for the type of results you may experience, we decided to write this article. We are going to include RAD 140 before and after pictures proving the amazing results you may yield. We’re also going to comment about what we see in those pics.

Remember that the awesome results these people shared are due to a combination of factors. First off, they were using high quality and pure Testolone (RAD-140). Secondly, they were having their diets and training plans on point. Anyway, let’s start off by better understanding what RAD140 is in the first place.

Testolone RAD 140 Summary

RAD-140 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) popular as Testolone. It is one of the most popular SARMs on the market because it was proven highly effective at offering users some of the best dry muscle gains out there. Additionally, it’s among the best SARMs for strength improvements. There are other benefits as well. Check them below:

RAD 140 benefits:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Boost strength
  • Improve vascularity
  • Enhance fat loss
  • Reduce prostate size


Studies on humans with RAD140 also indicate that it is having some “antitumor activity” and it has an “acceptable safety profile”. Due to all these reasons, it’s an extremely popular compound in bodybuilding and fitness communities.

Nevertheless, please beware that RAD140 (Testolone) still has some side effects. For example, it can increase irritability. Moreover, it is a powerful SARM. Despite only being a partial agonist of the androgen receptors (it binds on ARs selectively), it is suppressive as any other SARM. At higher dosages, it can be pretty suppressive which means that you are likely to require a PCT plan after each Testolone cycle. Other side effects can occur too, being individual to each user depending on various factors such as lifestyle choices, genetics, RAD 140 dosage, and other factors.

But since it has an acceptable safety profile coupled with awesome benefits, it’s still very popular. Especially because all of the possible side effects are manageable as long as you use it correctly.

My RAD 140 Results

Before I proceed further showing you the Testolone RAD 140 Before and After results with pics, I will share my own results. As said, it’s natural to be intrigued by using this SARM if you’ve been lifting for a while. I was intrigued too. I did my first RAD 140 cycle and ever since I’ve already done multiple successful cycles with this compound in the past. I’ve never had any huge problems with it. But I did yield awesome results.

So, in my opinion, RAD140 is actually safe and effective. I’ve actually got great results. But remember that I previously had experience with other SARMs. Additionally, I wasn’t a beginner when it comes to lifting and dieting. I also made sure I got a high quality RAD-140 (Testolone).

So, my cycle was 5 mg a day of RAD140 during my first cycle. I kept this low dosage in an attempt to avoid PCT. And I did it as I didn’t need a PCT (unless other people we are going to talk about here). The only side effect was irritability. I’m a pretty calm person by nature. But I could feel my temper is shorter while on RAD-140. I especially noticed it when driving. Also could tell in the gym. “Are you using that machine or having a smoke break here?”

Testolone RAD 140 Before And After results

My personal Testolone results were:

Strength Boost

RAD 140 gave me some of the most powerful strength boost with insane pumps. I started feeling Testolone strength boosting effects when I was somewhere in the second week of my cycle. I remember I was lifting my usual weights when I realized that it is too easy for me.

Muscle Gains

With great strength comes great muscles. Or what did Spiderman’s uncle use to say? Anyway, I didn’t realize that I got bigger until someone I used to see in my gym almost every time approached me and asked: “Hey, are you on steroids”? I said no, because, technically, SARMs are not steroids. But I knew it was RAD140. My muscles were much toned, well defined, and harder. They got bigger too. Overall, I gained 8 pounds. In just 8 weeks. That’s around 1 pound per week. It was all muscles because I gained no fat. While it may not seem a lot, remember I was no beginner to lifting!

Fat Loss

Although Testolone is not a fat burner, I did notice some fat loss. That’s how I know that everything I gained was raw muscle. I didn’t lose a lot of fat, maybe around 4 % of total body fat. But gaining muscle while you lose fat isn’t a dream come true?


I guess this one is pretty obvious. I was burning fat and at the same time, my muscles got bigger, harder, and well defined – all with insane pumps. It’s obvious this led to an awesome vascularity which I couldn’t help but absolutely love. I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. And I’m not narcissistic. I was just full of confidence! Especially thanks to the glances of the ladies both in and out of the gym!

Tips To Get The Best Results

After I’ve done a few cycles with RAD-140, I can say with confidence that there are multiple things that will determine the results you will yield from using this compound. But there are a few ones that are perhaps the most important when it comes to being happy about your body transformation. They are:

  • Closely watch your diet. Watch out for what you eat and how much.
  • Train hard and regularly. Testolone will help with recovery, strength, and endurance!
  • Take RAD140 one hour before going to the gym on workout days. About the same hour on non-workout days (once a day, every day).
  • Buy pure and high quality RAD 140 from trustworthy SARMs sources.

All of these points are equally important. Not having a proper diet won’t help you reach the desired results. Not exercising regularly will barely help you reach any results. Also, not using RAD140 correctly will not make it effective enough. Lastly, if your RAD 140 is bunk, it’s pretty obvious it won’t be helpful. In fact, some users report side effects from using poor-quality Testolone. That’s because only God knows what they are actually using while thinking it is RAD-140.

Testolone RAD 140 Before and After Body Transformations

So, let’s get started and check some photos of people before and after they used RAD140. If you would like your RAD 140 results to be shared, please contact us. Also, please keep in mind that these people worked hard for achieving such results. If you’re a couch potato, RAD 140 won’t be helpful. In fact, no SARMs in general will. Nothing will, such as steroids or other types of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

Achieving your physique transformation goals greatly depends on your choices. Adding RAD 140 or whatever other SARM can be helpful, but only helpful! They are not going to substitute your diet and workout. While these results are achievable without the use of any SARMs or whatever other compounds, it takes three times or even more the amount of time and dedication to get you there. So, these people I am going to share here worked hard! Also, they used high quality Testolone and they used it correctly.

First RAD 140 Before and After Result


As we can see from the picture here, this man lost about 10 pounds. As earlier explained, RAD-140 is not necessarily a fat burning compound, but it still helps boost fat burning processes. Moreover, it’s easy to see that he gained a lot of muscle mass. That’s why, if I would have to guess, he lost about 16 pounds of fat, and gained at least 6 pounds of lean muscle, which led to a total of 16 pounds loss of total body weight.

We can’t see his legs, but his upper body talks enough. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of work left to do, but his entire upper body greatly changed. Note the muscles increase on the biceps, shoulders, traps, and pecs! There’s no need to mention the absolutely huge difference in his abdominal area.

  • One of the best things is that this was a 6-week RAD140 cycle only! And while he only used 5 mg/day! He tried to avoid testosterone suppression at all costs. That’s why the dosage was so low and the cycle shorter than usual at 8 weeks. This is a perfect representation of what you can achieve with RAD-140 in such a short period!

Second RAD 140 Before and After Result


At first glance, it may seem that this person lost some weight, but in reality, he actually gained 4 pounds. Doesn’t sound much, eh? However, if you look at his body transformation closely, you could notice that he lost a ton of fat and gained huge amounts of muscle. If I had to guess, I would say that he lost about 6 pounds of fat. This means that he gained 10 pounds of muscle. Don’t believe me? Analyze his body closely. The biggest difference is in his pec muscles, they got way bigger and defined. But also pay attention to traps and shoulders, aren’t they bigger?

Then look at his arms. The biceps and triceps got bigger and fuller. We can’t say for sure as we don’t have a clear picture of his legs, but it does seem he got some extra leg muscles as well. Yes, the abdominal area is now way better. But if you analyze his arms, they got much better vascularity too.

  • Overall, that’s an impressive physique transformation of a man who used 10 mg/day for 8 weeks. He required a PCT for SARMs and he said he could feel somewhat lower libido toward the end of the cycle. But 3 weeks of Nolvadex 20 mg/day did a great job!

Third RAD 140 Before and After Result


If you look closely at this man, even his face has transformed. Moreover, we could notice underneath his cap his longer hair. It just proves that RAD140 causing hair loss is a myth. Overall, we can notice an absolutely awesome body transformation. This RAD-140 before and after result is different from the others I shared here, proving that this compound works differently for different people depending on various factors.

For example, unlike the other 2 men, his pecs and abdominal areas didn’t change as much. Although we could still notice awesome improvements in his abdominal area. Instead, just pay close attention to how much his arms have grown! They almost doubled in size!

  • Needless to mention that this is just an amazing body transformation for someone who used as little as 5 mg a day of RAD-140 for 8 weeks. We can see he added a lot of muscle mass while losing some body fat. Vascularity is what has improved a lot too! We can clearly see his veins in the after photo. Overall, he had no need for a PCT plan as his suppression wasn’t severe. Also, I guess he gained at least 6-10 pounds of lean muscle.

Fourth RAD 140 Before and After Result


This is an example of a guy who struggled to gain any weight before starting his Testolone cycle. However, he confessed that his RAD 140 cycle was alongside MK-677 (Ibutamoren) so we can’t attribute everything to RAD-140 only. Anyway, we can notice an excellent body transformation. It is a clear example of bulk with visible results. It’s obvious he’s far from a bodybuilder, but at least he doesn’t look super skinny anymore. He gained lots of muscle and he looks much swole compared to the left picture. He said he was struggling to eat, and when started his cycle, he started to eat way more. However, the appetite boost can be attributed to MK677 because this compound is notorious for increasing your appetite.

  • The +4 kg in the photo means he gained around 9 pounds in his 8 weeks cycle. The best part? As you can see – all of this is just muscle. And that’s already thanks to RAD 140 (Testolone). He used 10 mg a day of RAD-140 for 8 weeks and 25 mg/day of MK677 for a total of 12 weeks. You can use MK677 as a PCT and that’s exactly what he did. Without the use of actual PCT medications, he had an awesome cycle and continued gaining benefits from Ibutamoren post-cycle. Such as boosting appetite and staying away from testosterone suppression symptoms, among others.


I hope that you found these RAD 140 before and after results helpful in determining whether or not you want to start your own cycle with this SARM. Keep in mind that all of these people worked hard while keeping their diets in check to achieve such results. You can’t experience similar results without exercising and watching out what you eat. Additionally, you should learn how to use RAD 140 properly and use high quality and pure Testolone, otherwise, you might just be disappointed or even experience unwanted side effects. Studies performed on RAD 140 as well as anecdotal reports from people actually using it, however, indicate that it is a pretty safe, well tolerated, and pretty effective SARM.

RAD 140 is a great fat burning, muscle building, strength booster, and vascularity-inducing compound. Those RAD 140 before and after results with pictures prove it. I can confirm it too. That’s why I can recommend it to those who are trying to get their bodybuilding game to the next level.

Make sure you learn how to workout and how to diet. As for how to use it right and buy RAD 140 (Testolone) for sale of the best quality – click on the link.



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