Lose Weight or Fat?

Do you want to lose weight or do you want to lose fat? A lot of people tend to say that they want to lose weight when in reality they want to lose fat. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

Losing Weight As Quick As Possible

If you actually want to lose weight as fast as possible, then it is fairly simple. All you need to do is

Do as much activity as possible. This means that you can do as much cardio as you can every single day. This way, you will burn as many calories as possible.

Now, you need to reduce the calories. So, cut your calories as low as you can handle. If you can go a day without eating – you manage to add no calories, and you still burn, even if you haven’t done any activity. Eliminate all carbs. While carbohydrates won’t make you gain fat, during cutting cycles we aim to cut carbs rather than protein. So, by eliminating all carbs, you will definitely see the number on the scale go down. However, while you do this, you are sure to eliminate all the happiness from your life too. Next, do a 72-hour water-only fast every week. This will make sure that you won’t get any calories (as water has no calories) but you manage to burn calories (even if you’re not active).

Do all of this and you will lose a lot of weight. Be sure about that. Sounds great isn’t it?

Well, the problem is that most of that weight is going to be water, a lot of that weight is going to be lean muscle tissue and only a small amount of the total weight you will reduce is going to be actual body fat. Not only that, but as said, you’re also going to eliminate happiness from your life by not eating almost anything, eliminating carbs, and constantly thinking about food. If all of that is not enough, you will likely destroy your metabolism as the body enters the “survival mode” since it is literally starving.

Losing Fat Instead

Having that said, you are likely searching for ways to lose actual body fat, while holding on to your lean muscle tissues and staying healthy, happy, and full of energy. So, if you only want to lose body fat, then you should have a completely different approach. Indeed, you won’t notice the number on the scales reduce so quickly, but it is still a much better option.

Not only is losing weight as fast as possible not sustainable long term, which means that you are likely going to add all the weight back very quickly (considering that a lot of that weight is water weight), but it is unhealthy too. So, aiming to lose body fat will bring more results long term, it is sustainable long term and is healthy. Remember that in order to lose fat, there’s no quick-fix solution. You need to have a strategic approach.

What does it take to lose fat?

Stay in a reasonable calorie deficit that will allow you to lose anywhere between 0.5 to 2 pounds per week at the most. To do so, you must calculate your calories, and stay in a slight deficit. Losing more than that you are at risk of losing your lean muscle tissues and then again, entering the “unhealthy” zone. Not only that, but you need to pay attention to where those calories that you eat are coming from. You should focus on consuming a lot of protein every single day. Usually, the more the better. While there’s a limit (about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day), you are unlikely to reach it and still have a lot of calorie allowance left that day in order to stay in deficit.

Now, the amount of foods you eat (calories) and their quality (macronutrients) is just one part. Your diet (overall nutrition) is crucial, but you also should focus on strength training instead of cardio. While cardio helps burn fat, strength training helps burn fat too, and it also helps preserve or even build lean muscle tissues, something that cardio won’t help you with.

Patience and dedication…

In the end, it is very important for you to be patient. As said, there’s no quick fix solution when it comes to burning fat. Unfortunately, we cannot dictate to the body where it should take its energy demands from, so it doesn’t take its energy from body fat only. There’s nothing that will make you burn fat in a week or two! But the progress will continue as long as you keep working toward it and are patient!

Keep in mind that the faster you try to lose body fat, the more likely you are to fail and will need to start all over again. Not to mention that the faster you try to lose weight, and the more deficit you create, the more energy, strength, and muscles you are likely to lose. That’s why, you need to focus on the type of foods you eat and create a slight calorie deficit, while strength training.

For example, one pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. You should NOT go below the 500 calories deficit per day unless you’re overweight. This means that you would lose around 1 pound per week of fat! If your body fat is 20% and you’re 200 lbs, then 40 lbs of your weight is fat. If you want 10% body fat, you’ll need to lose 20 lbs of fat. This means that you’ll achieve your goal no sooner than 20 weeks! That is in perfect conditions, with a perfect diet, perfect strength training, perfect calories, food quality, macronutrient balance, and so on. That’s why, in most cases, it takes longer!

However, as said, if you want to speed up the progress and create a bigger deficit, you will most likely fail, getting all the weight back, so you’ll need to start over again.

Can I Speed Up the Fat Burning Process?

As you may have learned, the choices you’re making can speed up or hinder your fat burning and overall weight loss process. The most important thing about fat burning is staying in a calorie deficit, but as you can see, there are numerous things you should do to make it possible. Adding a lot of protein to your diet, regular strength training, and paying attention to the macronutrient balance is the key.

Nonetheless, other things can help speed up the fat burning process. For example, reducing stress and improving sleep quality and amount will have a dramatic effect on your fat burning process.

Cardarine-gw501516Moreover, you can add SARMs such as Ostarine (MK-2866), or other fat burning compounds such as Cardarine (GW-501516), or Stenabolic (SR-9009) which are extremely effective at burning fat. These compounds will provide you with energy and endurance which allows you to train longer and harder, leading to more fat loss. Moreover, they will help your body focus on burning fat, rather than muscle tissues. Such a combination will make sure that these compounds (among others) will aid your fat burning process.

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