SR9009 Stenabolic – Lose Fat Without Diet

SR9009 is an awesome compound when it comes to cutting and weight loss. You may know it as Stenabolic and many of you may think that it is a SARM. It does work by selectively binding to some receptors, but not to androgen receptors. Therefore, it’s not a SARM. But it’s often stacked with SARMs for enhancing efficacy. I do not really recommend stacking unless you have enough experience with it separately first.

Anyway, regardless of its name or what exactly SR9009 is – this drug is extremely efficient in helping you to lose weight and fat. I personally used it (and there are lots of other people too, sharing their stories online) and I can share my story with you.

  • I am going to share my SR9009 (Stenabolic) experience with you and hopefully, that’s going to help you understand this compound a bit better. Moreover, I have to warn you that while the title says “lose fat without diet” with the help of Stenabolic – that’s just possible.

Nonetheless, in order to lose fat and weight, you do actually need to keep an eye on what you eat. That’s because eating in a caloric deficit is the no.1 most important rule when searching to lose fat and lose weight. All the rest are just helpful things such as exercising, adding compounds, getting enough sleep (rest), reducing stress, and others.


My Story

Before I share what my experience was like on Stenabolic, I have to mention that before I started using it, I was on a bulking cycle. While I did gain a lot of weight and got strong, I also gained a lot of fat too. At that point, I was 230 pounds with 18% of body fat. I was feeling insanely strong, but to be honest, I was feeling (and even looking) like a pig.

I knew I had to fix my diet but it was just so hard to reduce the calories AND the carbs. While I managed to do it naturally, it didn’t last long until I said “fu** it” and started to eat like a pig again. All the weight I lost while having a strict diet was all back.

That’s the point when my confidence started to suffer, anxiety started to kick in, and I was feeling bad, low, and unmotivated and this inevitably led to negative outcomes in my gym sessions too. I was basically on a downhill and I was rolling in there uncontrollably.

While I did experiment with other compounds, I never did SR9009. I heard about it but never thought of it. I even forgot about it at some point. But then I remembered it while searching for fat loss options online.

That’s when I decided that it is the right time for me to give it a try. Now I know that I’ve done an awesome job!

Starting to Use Stenabolic (SR9009)

sr-9009-stenabolic-natural-sarmsI usually research a lot before actually using a drug and I did some research about Stenabolic before using it too. However, I usually research more, but considering I was going downhill and the words “fat loss” were standing right next to “SR9009”, I didn’t research that much until I got it.

Nonetheless, I did learn how to use it in order to yield maximum results. It’s great I did because I found out that SR-9009 has very low bioavailability and a very short half-life. This means that you need to use it carefully and often.

I also learned about the dosage and I decided to start with a total of 30 mg per day, split into three even parts. That’s why I was using 10 mg 3 times a day – one in the morning, another one before lunch, and the last one around 4-5 PM (back in those days, I was working out at 5-6 PM).

I avoided taking it to post my workout and close to evenings and bedtime. That’s because I read that Stenabolic is very likely to cause insomnia (wakefulness) and may enhance energy levels. The fact that I was taking it one hour prior to my workout, all the doses prior to my workout, and didn’t take anything close to bedtime made me avoid excessive wakefulness from this stuff.


I am the type of person that has battled with insomnia most of my life. I really value my sleep a lot. Not to mention that poor sleep quality is going to affect ALL your daily activity, will affect the way you feel, look, perform, and so on and so forth. With time I realized that there’s barely anything more important than sleep.

Using SR9009

So, I started to use one 10 mg pill right before waking up, a 10 mg pill about 4 hours later, and the last 10 mg pill about 4 hours later. I continued with this schedule from day 1 until I finished my 8 weeks cycle.

I remember the first time I used it. Frankly, I didn’t expect I would feel an immediate surge of energy with an overall sense of relief and well-being. I assume that I was feeling motivated and that’s what made me feel that surge of energy. It’s as if it was protecting me like an “umbrella” from the anxiety “rain” I was living with on a daily basis. It’s not as if I was high, I was somewhat “relieved”.

I was usually doing some cardio in the morning, but weeks prior to this I didn’t. Thanks to starting SR9009 and because I was feeling so motivated, I restarted my morning cardio routine again. I was trying to lose weight and burn fat so desperately. So, I started it and that’s when I felt an improvement in endurance as well. I knew that I was feeling better and I was performing better too!

It was just the first dosage of it, but I was already in love with SR9009 (Stenabolic).

Week 1-2 On Stenabolic

I also need to mention that I wasn’t actually dieting too hard while on Stenabolic. I was kind of in a state where I was like “hope it will work without me involved too much”. What I’m trying to say is that over the entire 8 weeks cycle on SR9009, I did avoid processed sugar and liquid carbs, but other than that, I was actually eating what I wanted and when I wanted.

I never even calculated my calories during that cycle, but if I had to guess, I would say it was around 3000 kcal per day.

I was just focusing on doing cardio exercises on an almost daily basis and strength exercises during my workouts a few times a week in order to avoid muscle loss. My goal was to avoid the most caloric and fatty foods but nothing drastic.

It was the first day when I was just feeling better. But after about one week (or maybe more) I was actually feeling that my endurance is way better and I have way more energy. As an example, the treadmill was killing me after only 10-15 minutes. I was barely going further gassing for air. But after a week or two, I was on the treadmill for over 30 minutes with still lots of energy to continue.

I stepped off it because I can’t stand myself those guys who are never getting off them, not allowing others to do their cardio. I guess it was my first time getting off the treadmill full of energy.

At this point, I had no side effects whatsoever. I could sleep like a baby. I think that I could sleep even better due to a reduction in anxiety.

Week 3-4 on Stenabolic

Stenabolic-sr9009-fat-loss-bodybuilding I really love the fact that SR9009 was enhancing my endurance over the roof. I was feeling like I could do it over and over again without any issues. And what’s even better – I wasn’t feeling exhausted or inflated at the end of workouts. I also noticed a great reduction in soreness and pains post workout and the next few days.

I did not measure my body fat and weight because I forgot about it. It was my plan to measure it prior to the start of the cycle and every 2 weeks. But the first time I measured it was right in the middle of it (at the end of week four). Then I measured it again at the end of week six and at the end of the cycle.

But frankly, I was just trying to see if there are any changes in the mirror. After all – that’s what really matters But considering how great I was feeling – the mirror changes were inevitable.

So, then, half of the cycle was over so I stepped on the weights. I had lost 7 pounds of my total weight (and I’m pretty sure I lost only fat) and 4% of my body fat.

Week 5-6 on Stenabolic

I wasn’t feeling any different at the end of week 6 in comparison to the end of week 4 with the exception that I was looking much better. I managed to lose a total of 10-11 pounds (3-4 more pounds) and the fat dropped by an extra 2%.

Additionally, I still feeling full of energy and endurance. I still didn’t change my diet though. I was thinking – if it works, I wouldn’t change a thing. Although, deep down I realized that if I would work my diet better, I would have had much better results.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. At the end of week 6, I changed my cholesterol and triglycerides. They were in perfect range! I read that SR9009 (Stenabolic) could help with these values and I was interested to see if it did any help and it does seem like it does.

Week 7-8 on SR9009

Thanks to the reduction in anxiety that I was experiencing from using Stenabolic, I noticed that by the end of the cycle, I’m much more social. I mean, my sociability improved and I had a much better time talking with people. Therefore, I could now enjoy a conversation in a strange way more than I did before running the SR9009 cycle.

I didn’t notice it offering excessive wakefulness despite ending my cycle. But I didn’t want to take the risk and continue with it until insomnia would kick in. So I stopped as I originally planned at the end of week 8, despite it working so great for me.

Despite the fact that I stopped, I am still infinitely thankful for Stenabolic. It helped me regain my motivation, and feel better and full of energy while allowing me to lose lots of fat. I managed to lose two extra pounds of fat in the last two weeks with a reduction of 1% more body fat.


I’ve read a lot of people saying that SR9009 is not worth it. Either because it is not effective or because it is full of side effects. I am not sure why, but I did find it effective and without side effects.

SR-9009-stenabolicI didn’t experience drawbacks and I had the awesome benefits I shared above.

This led me to think that it’s extremely important to learn how to use a specific compound to make it both safe and effective. I also thought that it’s extremely important to get high quality compound for it to be effective and with fewer side effects.

  • Buy SARMS and buy SR9009 (Stenabolic) from legitimate sources if you don’t want to be disappointed. Low quality products are not only ineffective, but they are also likely to cause side effects, especially if mixed with dangerous substances. Buy Stenabolic for sale from to avoid the disappointment of purchasing low quality products.

In the end, I personally really recommend SR9009 to anyone who wants to lose fat and has some issues with their weight. I personally lost lots of my total weight and total body fat. At the same time, I didn’t lose any muscles. Mainly thanks to the strength exercises I was doing. Overall, I lost 12 pounds of weight and 6-7% of body fat! I am pretty confident that without Stenabolic, I wouldn’t have made it. That’s because I didn’t really change my diet.

Additionally, SR9009 (Stenabolic) comes with bonuses that I personally found extremely helpful!


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