Andarine vs Cardarine

If you’re looking for information regarding Andarine vs Cardarine, you’re most likely looking for ways to burn fat and lose weight. That’s because both Andarine and Cardarine are efficient compounds for fat burning and weight loss purposes. Additionally, there’s a chance that you are a beginner, considering that these are usually compounds that beginners are recommended when they are starting bodybuilding. Not only that, but these two are considered among the best SARMs stack for beginners starting bodybuilding for weight loss, fat burning, and body recomposition purposes.

At you can find a lot of valuable information regarding both Andarine and Cardarine. But here we will compare these two compounds and see how they compare to each other.

Andarine S4


Andarine is the most popular brand name for the S4 SARM. This is a popular SARM that can prevent muscle loss on a calorie restrictive diet, or even encourage lean muscle growth on a calorie surplus diet. Additionally, this SARM is able to aid strength and endurance levels, while boosting fat burning processes.

Andarine S4 is similar to Ostarine (MK-2866), but it is still different and generally considered a more powerful version. It can be a good choice even for beginners, but to keep it safer, most use Ostarine first.

Thanks to the way it works, Andarine is usually a great option for those who’re searching for body recomposition. While it helps you burn fat, it manages to enhance strength, and endurance, and preserve lean muscle issues. However, it is a suppressive SARM to natural testosterone and a common side effect is vision issues. Other side effects are possible too.

All in all, it can be a great choice, just prepare a PCT plan and make sure you use it correctly to stay away from the possible side effects.

Cardarine GW501516


One of the key elements to understand about Cardarine is that this is NOT a SARM. Cardarine is the popular brand name of GW501516, a compound that works in selective ways as SARMs, but it does not bind to androgen receptors. While it is often categorized as a SARM, stacked with SARMs, and sold alongside SARMs, it is not one. GW501516 (Cardarine), works on the PPAR pathway as a PPAR Receptor Agonist. This may not tell you much, but thanks to the way it works, this compound is extremely efficient for those who want to burn fat, lose weight, and increase their fitness level.

Cardarine (GW501516) is efficient at boosting endurance, recovery, energy, and stamina. Those who are dieting and working out will notice that Cardarine supports their high intensity cardio, allowing them to do it for longer and more intensity. They will help burn more fat during calorie restrictive diets too. But this compound also has benefits outside of the gym such as bettering your health markers. Such as blood glucose, lipid profile, blood pressure, inflammation, and others. That’s why it is often stacked with compounds that may do some damage to these markers.

Nonetheless, side effects are possible too. While most people tolerate Cardarine extremely well with little to no side effects, studies suggest that it is capable of causing cancer. However, other studies prove it wrong. The ones suggesting it causes cancer involved doses over 10 times more than the recommended dosages, used for years. Whereas the Cardarine cycle length usually lasts only a couple of months.

You can use it with high success to feel better and look better as it helps you burn fat and lose weight. Also, as said, it improves your health. You just need to use it correctly in proper doses and avoid extended use.

Andarine vs Cardarine Conclusion

In the end, as you can see, these are two very different compounds that work in very different ways. Both can help burn fat and aid your weight loss goals with a boost in endurance, energy, and stamina levels but other than that, they are very different. Andarine is a SARM, whereas Cardarine is not. Andarine can help preserve lean muscle tissues, whereas Cardarine cannot. Instead, Cardarine can enhance your cardiovascular health and improve your health markers, whereas Andarine cannot. At the same time, Cardarine doesn’t suppress your natural testosterone production, but Andarine will.

So, Andarine S4 and Cardarine GW501516 are different, working in different ways. They may offer similar benefits, however, so are used for similar purposes. This is the reason why they are also commonly stacked together. But before you stack them, it is important to use each one of them separately, so you would know how each one of them works for you. This way, in case you experience side effects, you would know which one causes them.

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