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Andarine S4 Before and After

As long as you’re searching for examples of Andarine S4 before and after results, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you various S4 SARM transformations in the world of bodybuilding which prove how actually helpful and effective S4 Andarine is for the purpose of physique and/or performance enhancement.

I am going to share Andarine S4 before and after results with pictures here from real people that have used this product. I am also going to share what is likely to use this SARM as I have personal experience with it too. Will share information and pictures. Remember that pictures can show how your body can change when you use them correctly, but they do not describe how you feel, and that’s what I’m going to try to do.

In case you do have experience with this SARM as you ever used Andarine S4 SARM yourself and have some before and after pictures, we would appreciate it if you would share them with us too. Moreover, if you’re searching for before and after results and/or pictures with other SARMs, you can check my other article – SARMs before and after results.

Another important thing to mention – if you want to achieve amazing results, simply using SARMs wouldn’t be enough. While they can be a great boost, you should have a great diet and workout plan for great results. The greater your diet and workout, the greater the results. SARMs are not magical compounds helping you to burn fat and/or gain muscle without working your way to it.

S4 Andarine Summary

S4 is a popular SARM, mainly for its powerful effects for burning fat while concomitantly helping to gain lean muscle tissues. At the same time, a lot of people report experiencing minimal testosterone suppression from using it.

Andarine S4 is actually a SARM that was discovered and produced by the same company that discovered and produces Ostarine MK-2866. However, Andarine was abandoned in the favor of Ostarine. Because MK2866 was thought to be a milder and safer alternative. Mainly because in the human trials, it was discovered that S4 SARM is capable of causing some vision issues.

Nevertheless, S4 is a more powerful compound than Ostarine. It is a great SARM for shredding fat, for building lean muscle mass, and for strengthening your bones.

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Andarine S4 Before and After Results with Pics

I am going to share various before and after results from various different people with different needs and goals. The one thing they all have in common is that they all used S4 Andarine SARM for achieving their goals.

  • It is important to understand that although you would find a very impressive and inspirational journey from those people – you need to understand that you should first learn how to use the correct Andarine S4 Dosage for the best results.
  • You also should understand that such results are only achievable as long as you’re following a strict diet and training plan. No SARMs will get the job done for you. But they can greatly help you.
  • One last thing – you need to buy SARMs for sale from trustworthy sources. Bunk SARMs will not be helpful and they can even be dangerous. Luckily, you now read this at – the highly trusted online SARMs source for offering the best quality SARMs only (after quality review) for the cheapest prices on the market.

Andarine S4 Results Example


In this example, you can see the results of a woman using Andarine S4 SARM. And I guess everyone would agree that this is an amazing body transformation. It has helped her completely turn into a model with such amazing results. And one of the very best things about it – she managed to achieve such amazing results in only one single eight week cycle with S4 SARM.

The difference is huge as she managed to lose about 15 pounds of weight and approximately 5% of her total body fat. And all of that while she managed to gain some lean muscle mass, which is important. This means that she managed to lose more fat than just 15 pounds, but her overall weight only changed by 15 pounds because of the lean muscle addition.

Those are perfect results, especially considering the time frame. Needless to mention the amount of work and dedication, but the addition of Andarine still made a huge difference.

  • She had a standard cycle for women which is 12.5 mg/day of S4 for 8 weeks. That’s only half a tablet a day (usually, tablets of Andarine come as 25 mg/tab). She cut that tablet into 4 quarters and used one part in the AM and the other in the PM for maintaining stable blood levels.

Second Andarine S4 Before and After Example


I truly think that this is an impressive body transformation. Again, especially considering the time frame which is the same – 2 months (8 weeks). As we can notice, he gained noticeable amounts of muscle, but what can’t be unnoticed is that he lost a lot of fat. Overall, his body fat was reduced by about 4-6%.

Overall, shoulders and arms went through a huge difference alongside the midsection. A single Andarine cycle and he managed to transform his body into an amazing “beach body” type that many dream about. So, 8 weeks is enough to get it from the average Joe to the amazing physique. Of course, with a strict diet and workout plan. And with Andarine S4. He was using only one tablet a day which is equal to 25 mg per day for 8 weeks. Again, for maintaining stable levels of S4 in the blood, it’s best to cut the tablet into two halves and use it throughout the day.

He said that he knew about the vision side effect of S4 and it was the biggest reason why he used such a low dosage. And it turned out great in the end as he managed to get an amazing physique without side effects. He said that he didn’t even need a PCT plan because the dosage was so low. Although he could tell a bit of suppression, it wasn’t anything too bad. Natural boosters (supplements, vitamins, and minerals) were enough to get his testosterone back to normal quickly.

S4 Andarine Before After Example


This is one of the best transformations out there, but we still cannot compare them with the previous examples as it wouldn’t be fair. Simply because this guy had an 8-week cycle with Andarine alongside Cardarine GW501516. That’s how he managed to lose such an impressive amount of body fat that seems impossible to lose at first. At least, not during a single 8 week cycle. Yet, he proves us wrong. This guy proves that it is achievable to lose 8 % of body fat in just 8 weeks with a total amount of about 18 pounds of weight.

This is an amazing body transformation, but it is achievable with a higher dosage of S4 Andarine and that’s while stacking with Cardarine. Yet, the results from this stack are impressive, as much as we can all notice. He got a very nice abs formation with amazing looking traps and swole arms and shoulders.

The cycle he was on was 8 weeks with Cardarine 15 mg per day alongside 50 mg a day of S4 (2 tablets) for the first 4 weeks and then 25 mg a day (1 tablet) for the next 4 weeks. Cardarine GW501516 is not a SARM at all and is not causing testosterone suppression. Andarine does cause suppression, but since it is mildly suppressive, he said that 3 weeks with Nolvadex 20 mg/day was enough to avoid any testosterone suppressive issues.

The reason why he lowered the dosage in half for the last 4 weeks is that he experienced a vision issue with S4. He said that he noticed a yellow tint in his vision, especially at night. Considering he is a daily driver, that was becoming a problem. Reducing the dosage to just one tablet a day of 25 mg solved that vision issue.

Another Andarine S4 Results Example


While everyone else so far managed to lose a lot of weight and fat, this guy also managed to lose fat, but he actually gained weight. He managed to perform a lean bulk while on S4 and while eating 500 calories above the maintenance and working out for hypertrophy. This led to the results that you can see. While still losing some fat, his main goal was to add lean muscle mass, and he did. As if he managed to transform everything he was eating into muscle mass.

We can notice he is bigger with more muscles. But more impressively is the fact that his entire body is looking dry and lean. It is very hard to bulk up without adding fat and looking so shredded. As we can notice, this guy did it on S4 alone with diet and workout.

I have to mention that he was one of those lucky guys who did not experience vision issues as he managed to use 50 mg/day (2 tablets, one upon waking up and the other 6 hours later, one hour before working out) for the entire 8 week cycle. He had to use Nolvadex (tamoxifen) for 4 weeks as a Post Cycle Therapy. He said that although he wasn’t feeling too suppressed, he wanted to make sure he was going to maintain those gains.

One More Andarine S4 Before and After Results Example


As we can see in the pictures above, this guy was already having a decent physique to start off. I can assume that he reached a plateau and wanted to take things to the next level and that’s how he turned to SARMs for help. Another theory I have is that he was already pretty experienced with SARMs (and that’s why he already had a decent physique even in the before picture) so he started with S4. I didn’t really get to talk with him about it, he only said he used S4 with Stenabolic (SR9009) for this cycle.

And I can assume it is the second cycle because S4 is generally a compound that I would recommend to those who first started with milder SARMs such as Ostarine (MK 2866). Yet, it’s not unheard of for beginners (who never used any SARMs) to start with S4 SARM.

Anyway, the results he managed to yield from the eight week cycle with S4 and SR9009 are hard not to feel jealous of. This guy has my respect as his arms, delts, shoulders, and pecs all significantly improved. He does seem to look like a movie star, or at least he deserves a role, with such an impressive physique.

S4 Cycle…

Another reason why I think this guy was already having experience with SARMs is because of the dosage he used. He said he used 50 mg a day of S4 for the first 6 weeks and wanted to maximize the effects and increased the dosage to 75 mg a day for the last 2 weeks.

He said that he had experienced no other side effects except for the yellow tint vision which wasn’t anything too bad. The yellow tint, surprisingly, didn’t get any worse when he attempted to increase the dosage. Overall, he said that the side effects were nothing too bad. He barely noticed anything. Pretty lucky guy if you ask me.

In terms of PCT – nothing too bad, same as the previous guy of 20 mg/day for 4 weeks.

Another Man’s S4 Results


There’s nothing I can comment on this guy’s results as I’ve just received this photo with the comment: My Andarine S4 results. I am not aware of his level of experience before he started the cycle, not aware of the Andarine dosage he used and/or the cycle length. What we can notice is that this person has amazing results. His entire body went through a glow and it does seem like S4 is doing wonders on the body. Again, I’m not sure what’s the dosage or cycle length and whether or not he stacked it with other compounds. All I know is that he used Andarine S4 for such great results and the results, as we all see, are truly amazing.

Andarine S4 Before and After Female Results


Women often resort to SARMs for achieving amazing physiques and performance enhancement goals. They are often using SARMs such as Ostarine (MK2866) and Andarine (S4). This lady heard about Andarine and wanted to give it a try. She said it was her first ever experience with SARMs. Asked why she didn’t choose Ostarine as it is milder and doesn’t have any vision issues, she replied that she wanted something more potent, something that would surely help her out.

And as we can see in these before and after pictures, she did manage to achieve her goals. Initially, she said that she was not interested in the muscle building potential of S4, she only wanted to burn fat and lose weight. But as she started to gain lean muscle while losing that fat, she said that having enough muscles is very important for looking the way she looks. Mainly – not looking shabby.

She confessed that she didn’t really research enough before using Andarine and she didn’t know that the best results are when you split the daily dosage. Therefore, she used her entire daily dosage once a day, after breakfast in the morning. Also, she didn’t know that 25 mg/day is a pretty large dosage for women, so she used one tablet a day, all at once. At least she knew that the cycle length shouldn’t be longer than 6-8 weeks. So, those are the results she managed to gain after 8 weeks of 25 mg/day dosage. According to her, the few side effects she was experiencing weren’t anything too bad to make her stop the cycle any sooner.

My Andarine S4 SARM Results

My S4 SARM results were really good. I do understand why everyone is calling it a more powerful version than Ostarine. I had greater results, and greater side effects too. For example, I did experience the yellow tint and I did experience some other side effects. I can’t say that they were too bad, but they were there.

I used 50 mg/day for 8 weeks by splitting the dosage through the day. Important to mention – I did have previous experience with other SARMs, mainly – Ostarine. After the cycle, I had to go through a PCT plan with Nolvadex too as I did experience some testosterone suppression. I recommend everyone prepare a PCT, just in case. The main benefits and side effects (results) I managed to experience include:


Lean Muscle Mass

Despite the fact that I was trying to cut down (and I did) I managed to gain muscle mass. It’s pretty obvious that I did not gain anything too impressive, but gaining any muscle during a cutting cycle is impressive by itself. Because as we all know, during a cut, we usually lose muscles, not gain them.

So, it’s highly impressive that I managed not only to preserve all of my muscle mass but also to gain some! That’s how impressive S4 Andarine is.

Fat Burning

It’s pretty obvious that I was managing to burn a lot of fat because I was eating in a caloric restriction diet during the entire 8 week cycle length. I was undereating by about 500 calories a day while I was having a lot of workouts, including HIIT type of workout. Overall, I managed to lose about 8-10 pounds of fat, and overall my body fat percentage reduced by about 5-6%. I do find it impressive.

Impaired Vision

While other side effects I experienced from Andarine are not very important, the yellow tint in my vision is something I must mention.

I did not experience the yellowish-brown tint in my vision immediately. It occurred after about 3-4 weeks of using Andarine 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. I also remember that it didn’t occur gradually. Maybe I didn’t notice it, but I feel as if it occurred overnight. As if everything was fine one day, and then I got this issue the next day. I barely could tell the difference during the day, but it was pretty bothersome at night.

No need to mention the fact that vision issues can lead to serious issues, especially if you’re operating heavy machinery or driving. If the vision issues are becoming too much, please stop its use or at least reduce the dosage. You could switch to Ostarine. The results may not be as much, but the side effects wouldn’t be as bad either which is a fair trade to me.

How to Get the Best Results?

Needless to mention that people can get various results while using the same product. Therefore, it’s best to follow these seemingly simple rules as long as you want to experience the best results from an Andarine cycle:

  • Split your daily S4 dosage into at least two equal parts or even more to maintain stable levels of this SARM in your blood for the best results.
  • Start with a lower dosage and then you could increase it as you get more experience. This way you can avoid serious side effects.
  • Exercise regularly. The best way is with a trainer.
  • Eat clean. Might need to talk with a nutritionist.
  • Make sure you buy only the best and purest quality S4. Bunk products are dangerous and not effective.




In the end, with the help of the pictures I shared here, you can notice that Andarine S4 before and after results can be amazing. I need to warn you that this SARM is still capable of causing side effects, especially when it comes to vision issues. But if you can tolerate its side effects, S4 Andarine is a great SARM that can cause great results. It could help you lose a lot of weight and burn lots of fat while concomitantly building lean muscle tissues. That’s why it could be a great addition both to a bulking cycle and to a cutting cycle.

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