S4 SARM Andarine Cycle

As long as you want to run an Andarine cycle, I strongly recommend you learn about it as much as possible first. S4 (Andarine) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that was proven effective for physique and performance enhancement with less androgenic properties. This way, it got popular among athletes and bodybuilders for its benefits coupled with relatively mild and well-tolerated side effects.

  • An Andarine cycle has the potential to boost performance such as increase strength and endurance while improving physique such as lean muscle growth and fat loss. It will also help boost energy levels, more efficient use of nutrients, and increase bone density including other positive aspects.

But remember that it has negative aspects too. Natural testosterone suppression and vision issues are some of the most popular ones. That’s why, if you want to yield the best results from Andarine (S4), I recommend learning about this SARM first.

What is Andarine S4 SARM?

s4-andarineAndarine (S4) is a SARM originally designed for medical use to treat health conditions such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting, prostate enlargement, and others. That’s why Andarine became so popular among athletes and professionals. They look to reap these substantial benefits.

Studies suggest that Andarine S4 is pretty safe in terms of side effects. The only side effect worth mentioning is vision issues. Studies suggest that it may cause a yellow tint in vision. Especially at night. And those who experimented with it confirm it. Nevertheless, they say that this issue disappears when the Andarine cycle stops.

Instead, those people suggest that this is a SARM with an excellent ability to promote muscle mass and strength gains alongside fat loss and excellent muscle hardening properties. They suggest that this is one of the best hardening compounds that you could use.

But, how to do it right?


S4 Andarine Dosage

It’s important to understand that S4 Andarine has a short half life of only 3-4 hours. This means that you need to use it 2-4 times per day for maintaining stable levels of this SARM in your system.

The dosage of S4 during the Andarine cycle greatly depends on various factors such as your goals, level of experience, and so on and so forth. As with any other compound, the higher the dosage, the more and faster benefits you experience, but the more and nastier side effects you may experience.

That’s why, usually, beginners start at a lower dosage and then slowly increase. You should find the right dosage for you. Beginners and those who are searching for cutting usually go for lower doses. Bulking requires higher dosages. But higher dosages are only for people with more experience.

S4 Andarine Dosage usually is anywhere between 25 mg and 75 mg a day. While some attempt even higher dosages, I wouldn’t recommend it. Beginners should start at 25 mg/day. Only with more experience may I attempt 50 mg/day. It is rare when someone goes up to 75 mg/day. Usually, only professionals with enough experience under their belt who search for maximum gains during a bulking cycle are ready to take the risk.

Andarine Cycle s4 cycle

Andarine Cycle

The maximum length of an Andarine cycle should always be no longer than 8 weeks. It doesn’t matter the dosage you take. The reason why you shouldn’t ever use it for longer than 8 weeks (stacked or alone, for cutting or for bulking, for professionals or beginners, for men or women) is because of the possible side effects. Getting over this length, you’re at risk of serious vision impairment issues, serious testosterone suppression and might even possibly affect your cholesterol, cardiovascular, and liver health.

Andarine Cycle For Women

It’s not uncommon for women to use Andarine S4 SARM. Women using anabolic steroids are at high risk of developing virilization (masculinization) issues. While there’s a low chance of developing such issues even from SARMs, the chances are very low because of the selective part of SARMs. They work selectively, having very reduced androgenic activity. So, women may run an Andarine cycle for both cutting and lean muscle mass growth.

Usually, the dosage is up to a maximum of 25 mg/day (or even lower) and up to a maximum of 8 weeks (or even shorter, such as 6 weeks).

S4 SARM Andarine Cycle for women

Solo Andarine Cycle

If it’s your first cycle, starting Andarine at 25 mg per day for 8 weeks is a good way to start with it. Use it alone in order to determine the way this SARM works for you. It will allow you to evaluate its effects and then may add other compounds. You will notice if you respond well to it and whether the vision related issues are non existent, minimal, or bothersome.

With more experience (after the first cycle) you could attempt a solo Andarine cycle of 50 mg/day. It will work well both for bulking and for cutting. With more experience, you could stack it with other SARMs. As said, the dosage can be anywhere between 25-75 mg/day. But most people stick to 50 mg/day.

Andarine Bulking Cycle

Testolone (RAD 140) works very well in combination with Andarine (S4) in a bulking cycle stack. Starting with Andarine at 25 mg/day and Testolone at only 10 mg a day is going to be enough to provide excellent muscle and strength gains.

With more experience, you could increase Andarine to 50 mg a day and/or Testolone to 20 mg/day. Increasing dosage to only one SARM requires you to have the proper experience, not to mention if you attempt increasing dosage to both compounds.

Andarine Cutting Cycle

A popular cutting stack with Andarine will involve the addition of Cardarine. Cutting cycles require lower doses, so it’s uncommon to run higher dosages such as 50 mg/day or especially 75 mg/day. While you may attempt 50 mg/day of Andarine for a cutting cycle, anything over isn’t necessary.

Although, it’s a pretty common strategy to start at 25 mg/day and then increase to 50 mg/day through the cycle, toward the end. This allows you to yield the best results. Cardarine (GW501516) usually starts at 20 mg/day throughout the entire 8 week cycle. This combination is going to offer an excellent increase in endurance, muscle hardening and muscle retention, and obviously – fat burning.

Andarine Cycle bodybuilding

Andarine Post Cycle Therapy

SARMs are suppressive to natural testosterone production. While they are not as suppressive as anabolic steroids, suppression can be pretty harsh, especially if you use more powerful steroids such as Andarine S4. Andarine S4 SARM is considered to be among the most powerful ones out there, therefore, the suppression rate is usually higher too.

Of course, it depends on the dosage of Andarine and how long you’re using it. Of course, it depends on whether you stack it with other suppressive compounds (such as other SARMs) too. Still, even if you use 25 mg/day for 6-8 weeks Andarine alone, that’s enough for most guys to experience suppression.

  • For this reason, I strongly recommend all men run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol after each Andarine cycle. You only need a basic Nolvadex PCT plan. Or you may love Clomid more. Regardless of which PCT med you go for, you should have a PCT to boost natural testosterone production.
  • Women are the only ones that may not require a PCT plan.

The Takeaway

You may use Andarine S4 SARM for your physique and performance enhancement goals with high success as long as you do it all right. For example, it’s important to understand that running an Andarine cycle without working out and dieting will not provide you with the expected results. You should learn how to run the Andarine cycle correctly, but you should first make sure that your diet and training plan is on point.

Even when you do this, you may find that you still have no success. That’s because of the quality of the SARM that you may buy. There are a lot of bunk and poor quality SARMs on the market, unfortunately. Making sure that you purchase only pure and high quality Andarine S4 SARM is of utmost importance for both a successful and safe cycle. Poor quality stuff might be less effective AND cause more side effects too.

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