Perfect Timing To Take MK677

When Should I Take Ibutamoren (MK-677)? Morning or Night?

Here you are going to find more information about MK-677 (Ibutamoren) and more specifically about the best time to use this compound. After reading it, you should be able to determine whether it is better to use MK677 in the morning or at night. I am going to share the pros and cons of administering MK-677 dosage in the morning vs taking it right before going to bed. Which method of using this product is better than the other and what most people use it like (including myself) will be discussed here.

It’s important to remember that here we will focus on whether you should use MK-677 in the morning or at night. If you want to find out more information about it or find out what’s the best dosage, you should check through our other articles. It does not include the benefits of MK-677 nor does it include its side effects. Only the difference of using in the morning or night.

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So, let’s start learning about the pros and cons of using MK 677 in the morning and then will check them when taking it right before going to bed.

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Morning Pros and Cons

Pros of taking your MK677 dosage in the morning (usually, the first thing upon waking up):

  • Increase hunger

It’s pretty obvious that increased hunger is something that depends on what exactly you’re searching for. Nonetheless, we included it as a pro because there are some people who are searching for this specific effect of increasing their appetite. Of course, usually these are people who are struggling to put on weight (or even keep their weight). It’s pretty obvious that if you find it hard to put on weight, you need to eat more. But that’s a real problem when your appetite is low. However, by taking MK-677 in the morning, there’s a very high chance you are going to notice an increased appetite. That’s why, if you are someone who wants to increase their hunger, I do really think that you should administer your Ibutamoren dosage in the morning. It will really help to eat more as you will likely notice your hunger increase.

Cons of taking your MK677 dosage in the morning:

  • Increase hunger
  • May experience lethargy
  • Sleep quality is not as good as when taking in the night


As you may notice, an increase in hunger is an effect that is both in cons and pros. That’s because while someone needs to increase their appetite, others would likely love to control their appetite, especially if they are cutting or searching to lose weight. In such situations, it’s pretty obvious that an increase in hunger is a bad thing for you. That’s why, if you are not searching for increasing hunger, I do not really recommend using your MK 677 dosage in the morning. Not everyone reports an increase in appetite by using Ibutamoren in the morning, but a large number of people do.


Except for that, there’s another con that not everyone experiences, but still, there’s a chance that you would notice it yourself if attempting to use the MK677 dosage in the morning. That’s lethargy. There are some people who notice that administering Ibutamoren upon waking up will make them feel lethargic throughout the day. Regardless of why it occurs, lethargy is not a problem when you use the MK-677 dosage before going to bed. Obviously, because you’re going to sleep.


The last thing that is not really a con, but it’s a con when compared to using MK-677 (Ibutamoren) at night is the fact that using it in the morning, it is likely not to increase the quality of sleep. However, by using it right before going to sleep then you may experience this benefit. It’s as if you do not get the full effects of a product while you can by changing the time of administration. Most people still report that their sleep quality is much better. But it’s pretty obviously not as good as if you would use it right before going to sleep.


Night Pros and Cons

Pros of taking your MK677 dosage before going to bed (usually right before going to sleep):

  • Can avoid the increase in hunger
  • Awesome sleep quality

Increase in Hunger

As earlier mentioned, the fact that you will likely avoid the increase in hunger while using Ibutamoren dosage right before you go to bed can be a positive or can be negative effect for some people. This is definitely a great thing for those who are struggling to lose weight and are searching for cutting cycles and attempting to reduce the number of calories they need to eat per day. But at the same time, the fact that you do not get the effect of increased hunger is a negative effect for others. For those people who cannot eat enough calories to grow and gain weight, or even maintain their current weight.

Again, some people do not experience an increase in hunger at all, regardless of whether they use Ibutamoren (MK-677) in the morning or at night before going to bed. However, if you do experience it and would want to avoid this effect, then taking MK677 dosage before going to bed may greatly help you.

Sleep Quality

An amazing benefit of MK677 is the fact that it can greatly enhance sleep quality. A lot of people using this compound notice this awesome benefit. In fact, there are a lot of people who are using Ibutamoren only specifically due to the better quality of sleep effect it has. A lot of people say that because of how deep their sleep gets and how restful sleep they get, they are fully rested in only 6 hours of sleep. Many say that they are feeling much better sleeping 6 hours while on MK-677 rather than 8-9 hours naturally. Needless to mention that you are going to feel full of strength and energy after 8-9 hours of sleep on Ibutamoren.

According to most, taking MK 677 dosage about 10-15 minutes before going to bed is going to make a huge difference. That’s just a huge benefit. In fact, a lot of people suggest that they are also capable of falling asleep much easier while using this compound. Those who used to struggle for hours to fall asleep (insomnia) say that they are falling asleep much faster and easier with it.

Cons of taking the MK 677 dosage before going to bed:

  • Avoid the increased hunger

Avoid Hunger Increase

Pretty much there are no cons to taking MK-677 at night. That’s because of the way this compound works in your body. The only con notable to mention is the fact that by using MK 677 right before going to bed is the fact that you will avoid the effect of increased hunger. But as said, even this effect is not a con for most people but is rather a benefit. It is just a con for those who are struggling to put on weight by eating more calories per day. This means that, basically, unless you need to eat more calories and need to increase hunger, taking Ibutamoren dosage at night won’t really have any cons.


When Should I Use MK-677?

If you’re still wondering whether you should use MK 677 in the morning or at night then you just need to ask yourself – do you need the increase in hunger effect? Do you have trouble eating enough calories that you need per day in order to add (or at least maintain) muscle? If you do struggle to eat enough calories and you think that you will benefit from increased hunger then you should try taking your dosage in the morning. But if you don’t have any issues with your appetite (in terms of it being high enough), it may be better to use it at night. You can always switch taking it from the morning to taking it at night or vice versa whenever you need.

Overall, to be honest, I do think that you need to try taking your MK-677 dosage at night. That’s what most people do (including myself) and get amazing results. That’s because this way, you are likely to avoid the increase in hunger, likely to avoid fatigue, and will enhance your sleep quality.

But to be honest, I do think that you should give both methods a try in order to see which method is most suitable for you and your needs. You could try taking it in the morning for a week. Then switch to taking it right before going to bed after that week. After that, you could notice what’s the real difference for yourself, and this way you will be able to decide whether you want to use MK-677 in the morning or at night. Depending on which method is working better for you.



In order to summarize, when it comes to when exactly to take your MK 677 dosage it is a choice that you need to take for yourself. I think that you should try both methods (morning vs night) and see which is better. So give it a try in the morning and then at night and check which is better for you. But based on all the information I mentioned here, most people find that MK677 works better when you use it right before going to bed. That’s why the vast majority of people take their Ibutamoren dosage about 10-15 minutes before going to sleep.

That’s the method that I also use myself. I also used both methods of using MK-677 both in the morning and at night and I found out that it works much better when I use it 15 minutes before going to bed. Again, at least for me (and most people), it’s better to use it at night.

I noticed there was a difference in sleep quality by using MK 677 in the morning vs at night. While I barely felt any difference in sleep quality by using it in the morning (vs not using anything at all), I noticed that my sleep quality enhances when I use it at night. I also had no need to increase my appetite as I naturally have quite a strong appetite that doesn’t need to be increased, not even when I’m bulking. Obviously, increasing it even more, is quite a problem as it could easily lead to dirty bulking.

So, you should experiment to find out which method works better for you. But it does seem like using MK-677 dosage at night is a better and superior method that works better for most people.


In the end, when exactly to take your MK-677 dosage highly depends on you, your needs, and your goals. For this reason, I think that you need to experiment and use this compound in the morning for a week, then switch and take it at night and compare which is better for you.

Nonetheless, most people (including me) find that taking MK 677 dosage about 15 minutes before going to sleep is a superior method mainly because of the enhanced sleep benefit. Also, because of the fact that you could avoid the increase in hunger and also avoid lethargy. But the main difference is better sleep quality. It occurs because of the way Ibutamoren works – by making your body secrete more HGH. This is a hormone that enhances your sleep quality. And our body naturally produces more HGH at night when we’re sleeping.

So, overall, when checking the pros and cons of taking MK677 before going to bed vs taking it in the morning, it’s clear the pros outweigh the cons of taking it at night. I do think that the only scenario when it makes it worthy to take Ibutamoren in the morning is when you are searching to increase your appetite when you’re struggling to eat enough calories. Other than that, the night method seems better.


In the end, it’s also very important to remember that you need to use it every day and I also recommend taking it once a day, around the same time of the day. This way, you are going to maintain consistent levels of MK 677 in your body which is going to make it as effective as possible. Moreover, it’s also very important to remember that you need pure and high quality MK-677 for it to work accordingly. Regardless if you decide to use it in the morning or at night. So, make sure you buy quality Ibutamoren for sale. You could always stay 100% confident you buy only quality MK-677 including other SARMs that you may need from SARMS.to.



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