How to Avoid Ibutamoren Side Effects? | MK 677 Side Effects

As long as you’re interested in learning more about MK 677 side effects, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to focus on Ibutamoren side effects, explain them, and will also indicate how to take Ibutamoren safely in a way to avoid the MK677 side effects. Therefore, we will determine whether MK 677 is safe to take or not.

Here, we will share the risks of using MK 677, also popular by the name Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, and the results from using it in studies including more. In short, you will find a lot of valuable information in this article if you want to start using MK 677.

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Safety Results of MK-677 From Studies

According to studies and research, as well as anecdotal reports from people who already tried MK 677 for various purposes, MK 677 is a safe compound. This product is going into various clinical trials and human trials. Considering that studies have reached experiments on humans, it means that it is safe for people to take it.

Unlike lots of SARMs, MK 677 (Ibutamoren) has a lot of studies and research. Remember though, MK-677 is not a SARM. Many people consider it to be one and many stack it with SARMs, but it’s actually not as it doesn’t bind to androgen receptors. Anyway, those studies consider it a helpful and safe compound. This is the reason there’s a very high chance that it will soon receive FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

Considering that there are a lot of studies done in human trials (testing this product on humans), it just proves how safe it actually is. Especially because the studies continue to be done because there are some very recent studies on it confirming the safety of it.

MK-677 Safeness…

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that MK-677 (Ibutamoren) is a pretty safe product as long as you do not abuse it. You should make sure you use it in the right doses. You also should pay attention to the cycle length you use it for. But it is not as important because the compound is safe even when you use it for very long periods of time. There are people who use it for a year or two, continuously, and it is still safe. But it’s still important to understand that the longer you use it, the chances of side effects are still increasing. For example, using it for very long could still cause some side effects like water retention.

And not only studies, but there are also a lot of people (including me) who already experimented with MK677 and can confirm it’s safe. Again, the most important thing is to pay attention to the dosage. This product is so safe that it is currently still in clinical trials and it has already successfully passed various human trials so far. Once again, the chances that it will soon become approved by the FDA are very high. And as we all know, the FDA only approves those compounds that are safe and effective.

Let’s explain the MK 677 side effects.

Possible MK 677 Side Effects

Remember that all compounds are capable of causing some negative side effects and MK 677 is not an exception. The good news is that the chances of those side effects appearing are low. Moreover, even if you do experience Ibutamoren side effects, they are very likely to be mild.

Except for the fact that the dosage is obviously playing a huge role in determining how often the side effects will appear and how bad those side effects will be, other factors come into play too. Your genetics, personal tolerance, lifestyle choices (environment), and cycle length are prime examples.

Moreover, some people may experience some specific side effects. Some may get one side effect, others may get another. Some may experience all of them, others may not experience any. For some they could be really bad, for others they could be very tolerable. It’s all different from one person to another.


So, what are the side effects of MK-677 (Ibutamoren)?

Water Retention

When talking about MK 677 side effects, water retention is perhaps the most common, most popular, and most “dangerous” one. Although water retention from MK677 is unlikely to be anything too bad, it’s the most dangerous because water retention can increase blood pressure. It usually occurs when you’re carrying a lot of water retention for a lot of time. The blood gets thicker and this makes it harder for it to circulate, increasing blood pressure.

Both studies and anecdotal reports indicate that MK-677 is likely to cause water retention in some people. This is not necessarily dangerous, however. That’s because of various factors:

  1. It will go away on its own after stopping its use
  2. Water retention itself is rarely causing a dangerous increase in blood pressure
  3. You can control water retention through various methods during the cycle

So, water retention is potentially becoming bad as long as you use it for long periods of time. But again, even then, you could control it by various methods such as reducing the dosage, drinking more water, reducing sodium (salt) intake, implementing more cardio exercises, making adjustments in your diet, and other methods.

Increases Hunger

A lot of people who use MK-677 (Ibutamoren) notice that they are experiencing an increase in hunger. Although it could be a side effect, it’s actually not really a side effect for many people. But rather a beneficial effect. That’s because a lot of people would actually love to eat more food to get bigger. So, for a lot of skinny people or whoever is searching for effective bulking cycles, an increase in hunger is actually a good thing.

But even if that’s a bad thing for you (such as you wouldn’t love to eat more), it’s important to understand – not everyone experiences this. But if you are among those who do experience an increase in hunger and you don’t want to experience it – there are still various things you could do. For example, you could reduce the dosage and this is likely to reduce or help you avoid altogether this effect. Another thing you could do is take your MK 677 dosage right before going to bed. Many people say they experience this effect soon after using Ibutamoren and it lasts a while. Using it before going to bed could help you avoid the increase in hunger effect.

Many people also report that this effect only lasts for the first few weeks after you start taking MK-677 but then this effect subsides on its own.

In terms of its safety, as you can guess, an increase in hunger is not a dangerous effect. Of course, not as long as you’re not eating to the point you’re becoming overweight or even obese. These, of course, can lead to health issues.

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While the first two MK 677 side effects I explained above are pretty likely to occur at a pretty high probability, this one is much less common. Nevertheless, it’s pretty much the last “common” MK 677 side effect that I can mention. There are some people who claim to experience headaches while they are on their Ibutamoren cycle.

Most common (almost always) this is actually a side effect that occurs due to an increase in blood pressure, which is a side effect that occurs due to water retention, as explained above. Therefore, if you do experience water retention, there’s a chance you will experience an increase in blood pressure and therefore there’s a chance you will experience headaches. That’s why the chances of experiencing it are pretty low.

Avoiding MK 677 Side Effects

One of the very first things that you should do in order to avoid MK 677 side effects is to make sure you buy pure and high quality compounds. Low quality stuff is likely to exacerbate unnecessary side effects like those I mentioned. In fact, bunk compounds could also cause side effects that I have not mentioned here at all. And that’s not to mention that the product is not going to be effective and won’t work the way you expect it to work, without offering the benefits and results you’re searching for.

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Except for that, there is one more thing you should do to avoid MK 677 side effects – learn how to run it correctly. By making sure you follow these two tips, you make sure you will go through a safe Ibutamoren cycle.

  1. Correct MK-677 Dosage
  2. Buy High-Quality MK 677

While I already explained the second point, the first one is pretty obvious in itself. A too big dosage of anything can cause negative side effects on your health. The fact of how long you’re using it for (cycle length) also comes into play, but not as much because, as I said, there are people who use the Ibutamoren cycle for years, non-stop, without big issues. But to do that, you need to make sure you don’t experience side effects from it by following these two tips, by making sure your genetics allows you that and making sure you have a proper lifestyle (such as a correct diet, etc.).


Ibutamoren – MK677 Cycle Example

Now, assuming that you purchased pure and high quality Ibutamoren (MK-677) and you want to use it, it’s obvious you would be interested in how exactly you can do that for the best results. Check below some examples of MK 677 cycles that are very unlikely to cause any side effects.

  • But keep in mind, that’s assuming that you have pure and high quality MK 677, your health allows it and you’re having a proper diet and workout plan.

The first example is a four-month cycle length (16 weeks). Some people use it for much longer periods, as said, but many use it for 16 weeks. Some use it for shorter cycles, such as using MK-677 as a PCT. But that’s rare.

A pretty common MK 677 cycle only is 15 mg per day for 16 weeks. This cycle is going to help you yield amazing results without experiencing too bad side effects.

Another common cycle with MK-677 is to stack it with Ostarine. While using 15 mg a day of Ibutamoren for 16 weeks, you add 10 mg/day of Ostarine (MK-2866) for the first 8 weeks. In this cycle, MK-677 is both going to work as a performance enhancer and as a PCT for Ostarine too. You are very likely not to need anything else for PCT because Ostarine suppression is mild and as said, MK-677 can work pretty well as a PCT.

These two products will work in synergy helping you to build muscle and lose fat!

The Verdict – Is MK 677 Safe?

In short – yes, as you can see, MK 677 is actually a safe product. There’s a very high chance that it will receive FDA approval soon because there are a lot of human clinical trials indicating that it is safe and effective. A lot of people who use it for physique and performance enhancement confirm it too – Ibutamoren is safe and effective as long as you use it in the correct dosage and purchase high quality products.

MK 677 Side Effects Conclusion

In the end, as you can see, there are some possible MK 677 side effects, but generally, this is a safe compound. You could use MK677 (Ibutamoren or Nutrobal) without experiencing any side effects at all or even if you do experience any – they are very likely to be very tolerable. Lots of clinical studies and research can prove that.

Make sure you use it in normal doses (up to a maximum of 30-40 mg/day) and get pure MK-677! This compound is so safe that this is almost enough to guarantee that you will not experience any serious side effects.


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