RAD150 Review

RAD150 is a relatively new research chemical (newer than others) that seems to be very promising when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. It is no coincidence that RAD150 is having a very similar name to the popular SARM Testolone – RAD140. RAD 150 is considered an “updated” version of the popular SARM RAD 140.

That’s because this “newer” version of Testolone is having various benefits over actual Testolone, with some of the most prominent ones being better results, quicker onset times, and others too.

However, it’s important to understand that SARMs are research chemicals with limited studies. Since RAD 150 is even newer, as you can guess, there’s even more limited research on it. Therefore, I highly recommend doing your own research about RAD 150 as new things could appear about this compound any day.

What Is RAD150?

RAD 150 is a “successor” of the popular SARM RAD140 (Testolone). These two SARMs are chemically very similar. RAD140 got an ester added through esterification and that’s how RAD150 was born. According to scientists (and a few reports from people who used it), the esterification increased the strength of the SARM and its stability too.

As a result, people believe that RAD150 could help users offer better, faster, and bigger gains.

However, it’s important to know that esterification usually involves alcohol. As we know, alcohol is liver toxic. Therefore, it’s yet unclear whether this new SARM is increasing liver enzymes because of the alcohol or not.

In whatever the case, up to this moment in 2022, RAD150 is a SARM that appears to be like an upgraded version of RAD140 SARM.

How does RAD150 Work?

RAD150, exactly as all other SARMs out there, is binding to the androgen receptor in a selective way. That’s why they are called SARMs in the first place (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). Therefore, this product is working in a similar way to anabolic steroids, however, it doesn’t offer the usual side effects of anabolic steroids, such as androgenic and estrogenic activity.

  • Because of how it works by binding to androgen receptors, this leads to increases in muscle mass, aids fat burning, reduces the recovery times after intense workouts, and is helpful in enhancing the overall strength of the user.


It works in very similar ways to RAD140, however, because of the ester added, RAD150 is supposed to work even better.

RAD 150 vs RAD 140

As I said multiple times, RAD150 is a “newer” and “updated” version of RAD140 Testolone. Chemically, these are two very similar SARMs, but RAD150 has an ester attached.

Because of that ester, according to anecdotal reports, RAD 140 (Testolone) is weaker than its successor RAD 150. It means that RAD140 is less effective, but is also having fewer side effects too. Moreover, we know more about RAD140 than RAD150 simply because it was around for a longer time.

In the end, RAD 150 is just a modified version of RAD 140 so there are not very many differences. It could be a bit stronger, meaning more effective but with more side effects too.



RAD 150 Before and After

Please be aware that in order to tell more about RAD 150 results, we have to wait for more clinical studies to come out. Nonetheless, some people already used RAD 150 cycles. So, what I’m going to talk about here, when talking about RAD 150 before and after results, are all based only on experiences that other people had from running RAD150 cycles. Based on that we can say what type of RAD 150 results they got.

So well, according to those people who already tried RAD150 most of them started to feel an increase in aggression and dominance. It seems like this is among the very first results that people experience after starting the cycle with RAD150.

According to them, the pump is going to be insane if you start using it. You’re going to appear much bigger and fuller on pumps. They wouldn’t only be bigger but would last longer too. So you can stay “pumped” for a good while after the workouts. You will feel fuller and will become harder too!

Another benefit is that you are going to lose body fat. Of course, it depends from one person to another, but it’s not uncommon to lose 4 to 6 % of your initial body fat amount.

Again, depending on your diet and workout plan you’re going to pack on muscle mass. It’s not uncommon to increase muscle mass by at least 8 to 10 pounds. Your strength is going to spike too!

  • One of the best parts of this is that you get all of these benefits all during the same cycle!

People suggest that you’re going to notice the increase in strength and muscle mass as well as body fat loss by about week three of continuous use. It continues until you stop the cycle.


RAD150 Benefits and Results

Well, you could easily understand what are the benefits of using a cycle with RAD 150 by reading above. Moreover, you would get a much better idea of what it is like to use RAD 150 if you ever had a RAD140 cycle. That’s because they both offer similar benefits, but the effects are more pronounced with RAD 150.


The main RAD 150 benefits and results are:

  • Increases muscle mass. RAD150 is doing a great job at activating your androgen receptors and this causes an increase in muscle mass (muscle hypertrophy).
  • Increases strength. RAD 150 is offering almost anything that you need for getting stronger. Your maximum lifts would increase and you can break your personal records in the gym.
  • Burns fat. SARMs, especially powerful ones like RAD 150, increase metabolic rate. This helps you burn fat easier and faster. You are going to look learner and drier.
  • Decreases recovery times. According to reports, people can work out longer and more often too. That’s because they experience less soreness and faster recovery during and after exercises.
  • Enhances endurance. When adding this SARM to your regimen, you’re going to feel a surge of energy, domination, and motivation allowing you to perform much better!

RAD 150 Side Effects

When we think about powerful SARMs, RAD140 is definitely on the list. But now, think of RAD 150 as an even more powerful version of RAD 140. This is going to help you yield even more, better and faster benefits and results. But this is also coming with a higher risk of side effects. Being more powerful than Testolone, RAD 150 is likely to cause nastier and more side effects.

Check the most common RAD 150 side effects:

  • Increases blood pressure. RAD 150 is likely to increase your blood pressure. That’s one of the main reasons why keeping cycles short is essential. Monitor your blood pressure often.
  • Increases aggression. This SARM is making you feel “invincible”. It increases motivation and makes you feel “dominant”. But it could increase aggression outside the gym session too.
  • Acne and/or hair loss. People with genetic predispositions to such side effects seem to experience such issues while on the RAD 150 cycle. But they reverse once the cycle stops.
  • Suppression of testosterone. As with any other SARM, RAD 150 is capable of causing some degree of testosterone suppression. You’re going to need a PCT plan for SARMs after the RAD 150 cycle ends.


Since I started to talk about the RAD 150 PCT, let’s have a closer look at it. You definitely need to learn about Post Cycle Therapy even before starting to use it. You’ll find how to use RAD 150 below.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that RAD 150 is actually a fairly suppressive SARM. You are definitely going to need a PCT plan once your cycle ends. Please have a read about SARMs PCT article to learn more.

Anyway, one of the best PCT plans after a cycle with RAD 150 is with Nolvadex or Clomid.

Usually, you wait 1-2 days after the last RAD 150 dosage (so it would clear out of the system) and have a PCT plan of four weeks.

  • If it’s Nolvadex then run 40 mg/day for the first 2 weeks, then 20 mg a day for the last 2 weeks.
  • If it’s Clomid then run 50 mg/day for the first 2 weeks, then 25 mg a day for the last 2 weeks.

But you can adjust the dosages according to how you feel too, that’s just an example.

RAD150 Dosage and Cycle Length


Half Life

Before you continue learning about the RAD 150 cycle, it’s important to learn about its half life. That’s with whatever compound you plan on using. Knowing the half life allows you to learn how to correctly use it.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unknown the exact half-life of RAD 150. However, some sources suggest it is 24 hours, others say it is 48 hours. RAD140 half life is 60 hours. That’s why I would say that the best thing is to assume it’s the exact half-life as of RAD140.


Now, according to people who already have experience with this SARM, they suggest that there’s no need to use high dosages in order to yield awesome results. That’s no wonder considering that RAD 150 is even more powerful than the already powerful RAD 140 SARM.

I would recommend starting with the lowest effective dosage, which is only 5 mg a day. In case you notice that you can tolerate the 5 mg/day very well and at the same time, you need even more results, you could bump it to 10 mg a day. RAD 150 dosage of 20 mg/day is the absolute maximum. But that’s already a really high dosage! 10 mg/day seems like the standard RAD 150 dosage.

Due to its rather long half-life, you can use the entire daily dosage once a day or maximum split it into two even halves per day.


  • Exactly like all other SARMs, the RAD 150 cycle length is 8 weeks.

That length is enough to offer great results allowing you to get the most benefits and least side effects. Some people attempting longer cycles are likely to experience even more side effects with little to no further benefits.

It goes without saying that an individual looking to grow muscles, gain strength and burn fat during the RAD 150 cycle should follow a proper workout and diet plan.

Is RAD150 Legal?

RAD 150 does not have the approval of the FDA and that means that legally, RAD 150 is not for human consumption, just like any other SARM out there. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop millions of people all over the world from using it and yielding awesome benefits.

One of the main reasons why the FDA suggests it’s not for human consumption and is just a “research chemical” is because of the limited clinical data on SARMs.

However, at the same time, RAD 150 is still legal! You can currently buy RAD 150 legally for research purposes in all countries of the world!

In short, as long as you buy RAD 150 for research purposes, you are not breaking any laws! If you want to find out more about the legal status of SARMs, read the other article: Are SARMs Legal?


RAD150 In Sports

You wouldn’t find RAD 150 specifically in the list of banned substances of WADA or USADA. However, you are still going to fail a drug test if you use RAD 150 in sports. That’s because SARMs in general are not allowed in fair sports.

Professional athletes who are competing should not use RAD 150 or other SARMs because they are going to detect SARMs and you are going to fail the anti doping test. All of that is because SARMs offer a great advantage in terms of physique and performance enhancement so it is unfair to use them in fair competitions.

Where to Buy RAD150

I’m going to be straight with you and not going to lie – I do not recommend you to use or buy RAD 150. It sounds attractive because it’s like a “better” version of RAD 140, but the problem is that it’s still too new on the market. We still don’t know the full effects that it has on the body.

Someone could say that about all other SARMs, but that’s not the case. There are millions of people who used RAD 140, for example, but there are only a few who used RAD 150.

rad-140-testolone-odinI would avoid using RAD 150 because of this. We don’t know how it works and we don’t know the long term effects it could have on the body. RAD 140 (Testolone) on the other hand, is available for a much longer period so there are way more reports and clinical studies on it.

That’s the main reason why we currently don’t stock RAD 150. If anything would change and we would find more information about RAD 150 indicating it’s safe to use, we might start having it in our stock. We care about our customers’ health and that’s why, until something changes in this aspect, we will not have it. We might add it depending on the information we’re going to find about it in the future. So far you can buy other SARMs on our site.


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RAD 150 seems to be a SARM with a lot of hype around it. But I am not sure how worthy it is to use and buy RAD 150. It seems like a better version of RAD 140, but it might as well be a worse version of RAD 140. That’s why I would recommend going for something that’s already tested instead – the actual RAD 140 Testolone.

But if you’re searching for something even safer, I guess everyone would agree with me that the safest SARM out there is MK2866 Ostarine!

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