SARMs Side Effects

SARMs are chemically similar to anabolic steroids but with much milder side effects. In fact, the reduced risk of side effects from SARMs compared to side effects from steroids is what makes these drugs increase in popularity so fast and so much.

gw-501516-cardarine-natural-sarmsSARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are similar to steroids in terms of improving physical body image and enhancing performance. However, they are far not as likely to cause unwanted or harmful side effects. Both including physical and psychological negative effects such as testicular atrophy, acne, hair growth on the face and/or body as well as causing depression, aggression, anxiety, and others.

Steroids are affecting your entire body and hormonal system but SARMs are entirely different. Due to their unique ability to be selective in tissues they bind to. So, they do not affect a wide variety of organs in your body. They only interact with specific tissues and most of those tissues are located in your muscles, bones, and fat deposits.


Therefore, SARMs side effects are much milder and much less likely to occur compared to steroids. Nonetheless, do not assume that SARMs are 100% side effects free. People who already experimented with these compounds and clinical trials on humans detected that side effects can cause some side effects.

The good news is that both research and anecdotal experiences suggest the same thing: side effects of SARMs are very limited when you use these drugs correctly. In moderate dosages and moderate cycle length.

There’s one more important thing: the side effects of SARMs in men and women are limited as long as you use high-quality products. Unfortunately, lots of fakes and bunk products float on the market. So, to make sure you avoid fakes – use as a trustworthy vendor of quality products.

Why Use SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, like most other drugs out there, were created for medical purposes. Then people discovered they are highly effective for fitness and bodybuilding purposes. They can help you gain more muscle mass and do it faster. They help lose body fat and help you become stronger too. There are numerous benefits of SARMs when it comes to physique and performance enhancement.


lgd-4033-ligandrol-natural-sarmsBut these compounds were studied and found partially or highly effective for treating the following health issues:

  • Hypogonadism (low Testosterone)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cachexia (muscle wasting)
  • Sarcopenia (strength and muscle loss)
  • Benign prostatic enlargement
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Others as well

Yet, most people seem to search for their anabolism inducing properties.

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Advantages of SARMs

SARMs are mostly appreciated both in medical settings and in the bodybuilding world because of their reduced side effects. While steroids are highly effective too – they are not as safe.

Even those bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids still take SARMs. Mainly because they are able to increase the effectiveness of steroids without aggravating side effects. Some use them as an “initiation” before an actual anabolic steroid cycle.

mk-677-ibutamoren-natural-sarms mk-2866-ostarine-natural-sarms




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Moreover, 3 keys characteristics of SARMs that make them this way are:

  • SARMs won’t convert as easily into 5-alpha reductase that converts testosterone into DHT.
  • SARMs are resistant to the aromatase enzyme too, converting testosterone into estrogen.
  • One last thing – they do not suppress natural testosterone as much as steroids do.

Therefore, the risks of androgenic activity, estrogenic activity, and testosterone inhibition are dramatically lower!

Side Effects of SARMs

SARMs are “new” chemicals as they were discovered only a few decades ago. Scientists have already conducted numerous tests, but they are still not well studied in humans. That’s why we don’t know too much about them. Although some human clinical trials and anecdotal experiences indicate SARMs side effects are far not as bad compared to those of steroids – they are not FDA approved. Because they did not study them enough.


If you are wondering: “Are SARMs Safe?” then we can’t say for sure, but everything tends to indicate – yes. They are safe. But you need to know the following:

Androgenic Issues SARMs Side Effects

Androgenic issues are those that cause high androgenic activity in the body. It’s because of a spike in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. That’s an extremely big problem in anabolic steroids. As said, however, SARMs do not convert into DHT.

Therefore, side effects like acne, hair loss, and aggression, technically, shouldn’t appear with SARMs.

Yet, some people still report them. Usually, only genetically prone people experience them and it seems that those who use SARMs in higher dosages and/or for longer periods of time. How does it happen?

SARMs strongly bind to Androgen Receptors (AR) and this leaves more free testosterone unbound. That testosterone is capable of converting into DHT and some increase in this hormone leads to those side effects.

Estrogenic Issues SARMs Side Effects

Again, SARMs are not aromatizable. They are not going to convert into estrogen, that’s why a spike in estrogen levels is highly unlikely. High estrogen usually leads to the following side effects: water retention, enlargement of breast tissues, erectile dysfunction, and others.

Therefore, you should be safe with SARMs in terms of such side effects. Yet again, some people report them. Similar to androgenic issues – only those who use them for long periods and/or in higher doses and those who are prone to such issues.

Due to the same reason. More free testosterone converts into estrogen and that leads to a bit increase in estrogen.

However, both androgenic and estrogenic issues report rate is extremely low. With proper dosage and cycle length, you are extremely unlikely to experience such issues.

Liver Damage SARMs Side Effects

Some specific SARMs can cause liver damage. The good news is that they are far not as hepatotoxic as anabolic steroids. Proper dosage and cycle length alongside supplementation of liver protecting supplements like Milk Thistle or something similar are likely to protect from any liver issues.

Testosterone Suppression SARMs Side Effectssarms-side-effects-man

SARMs, in theory, do not inhibit natural testosterone production. That’s because they do not directly increase the levels of testosterone exogenously. Nonetheless, in practice, it seems like they do.


Studies done on Ostarine (MK-2866) also indicated that SARMs are actually going to blunt the body’s production of testosterone. Nonetheless, the suppression is far not as bad in comparison to the suppression of anabolic steroids. While steroids can lead to a complete shutdown of the production of natural testosterone, SARMs only suppress it.

According to studies, Ostarine used for a period longer than we would recommend (86 days, but the maximum I recommend is 56 days cycle), dropped by an average of 23% in free testosterone and 43% in total testosterone.

However, natural testosterone production recovers back. In a matter of a few weeks, the body regains normal natural production. By adding a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) at the end of the SARMs cycle, you would avoid low T symptoms and the body regains the ability to produce normal testosterone levels much faster too.

  • That’s why SARMs PCT is important. But due to slight suppression, not everyone seems to need one. Although we would recommend it to everyone in order to avoid low T symptoms and loss of gains made during the cycle.

Dosage and Genetics Dependent

Other side effects with an unknown report rate: increased or decreased appetite, mood changes, stomach upset, muscle/ back pains, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, lethargy, and others.

These side effects seem to depend on the dosage, but on genetics as well. That’s why some people may experience some of these issues even in moderate doses. Everyone has a different response to different drugs.

Nonetheless, a general rule of thumb is – the more SARMs you take, the more side effects you are going to experience. The higher the dosage – the higher the risks of side effects. The longer the cycle length – the side effects might get worse. It applies to all SARMs, cycles, users, and side effects.

That’s why I highly recommend you to be very careful with the SARMs cycle type you plan to run.

Quality of SARMs

Some people associate some side effects with SARMs but they do not use SARMs at all. The thing is that, unfortunately, there are companies claiming to manufacture and sell SARMs but they offer low quality SARMs. Some of them even offer no SARMs at all, but different chemicals. Scam companies do it in order to make profit, but customers have to pay for it. With their money and their health.

So, customers experience side effects thinking they use SARMs, and they blame SARMs, obviously. But instead, they receive contaminated drugs due to poor quality or actual SARMs that are mixed with those chemicals, sometimes even harmful substances.

It’s sad that some companies do it to increase their profit, but people have to suffer. That’s why it’s so extremely important for you to buy the purest SARMs of high quality. This would save your money and your health too. Pure and high quality SARMs are much less likely to make you experience side effects.

That’s why, whenever you plan to buy SARMs – make sure you get them from the best companies. We can help you with that because we created website with the purpose of gathering the best quality SARMs brands in a single place in mind. That’s how you can get maximum quality SARMs, and that’s how you can be sure you’ll manage to keep SARMs side effects at bay.

Types of SARMs

yk-11-natural-sarms s-23-natural-sarms








There are different SARMs on the market and some of them are more potent than others. It’s important to understand that the more powerful a SARM is, the more effective it’s going to be for your performance enhancement, but the more likely it is to cause side effects.

Moreover, they are different. While some side effects of SARMs are similar, each has its own set of side effects. Especially considering that there are some compounds sold as SARMs that are actually not SARMs like GW501516 Cardarine, SR9009 Stenabolic, and MK677 Ibutamoren.

Some examples of popular SARMs, however, are:


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SARMs Reviews

We’re in no way trying to justify using SARMs. In fact, that’s against the FDA rules so we would recommend you to stay away from them. You should buy SARMs solely for research purposes.

You can search for SARMs reviews online and you’re going to find lots of people online on forums, message boards, and comment sections. Make your own conclusion based on those reviews. You’re going to see people suggesting that SARMs are dangerous as they cause side effects, while others would say they are highly effective.

We can assume that SARMs, as with anything else, work differently for different people. It depends on too many people to make one final conclusion that applies to everyone. Your genetics, personal tolerance, SARM type, dosage, cycle length, age, gender, weight, height, stacks, lifestyle, diet, exercise plan, sleep pattern, and so on and so forth – all play a role in how SARMs would work for you if you attempt to use them for physique and performance enhancement purposes.


SARMs Side Effects FAQ

Are SARMs Legal?

Yes, SARMs are legal to buy, but the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned them. It means that if you’re about to have an anti doping test and you’re on SARMs – you would fail it. WADA and other anti doping agencies banned them because of the obvious advantage in performance boost.

Are SARMs Addictive?

No, SARMs are not addictive. People tend to use SARMs in cycles, which means they run them for a while and then easily stop. Using it for longer periods still won’t make you addicted to them, but that increases the risks of side effects. Studies indicate that SARMs have no dependence liability.

Are SARMs easier to recover from than anabolic steroids?

Yes, they are. Studies indicate that testosterone suppression is much lower, cholesterol and overall cardiovascular strain are drastically lower, liver toxicity is far not as bad, and so on and so forth. SARMs do not convert into DHT or into estrogen. They have an overall much milder impact on your hormonal system (endocrine system) than steroids.

They are not going to suppress the natural production of testosterone as much as steroids would. Both anecdotal experiences from people who used SARMs and research prove it.

Generally, a rule of thumb is – the more potent a drug is, the more likely it is to cause side effects. SARMs are not as powerful as steroids, so obviously do not have such high risks of side effects. Therefore, recovering from SARMs is much easier and faster.

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