Andarine Benefits

According to people who already used this compound, Andarine benefits are so versatile that you can fit this SARM into your plans, regardless if you’re searching to get stronger (athletic gains), burn fat (weight loss), or bodybuilding gains (lean muscle growth). One of the special things about Andarine is the fact that it will not interfere with other compounds while it gets the job done. What does this mean? That among Andarine benefits, we can mention its ability to stack with other compounds efficiently.

So, what are the results that you can expect from using Andarine (S4 SARM)? According to research and studies, this is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator with a higher bioavailability. Moreover, the results from Andarine S4 SARM would appear within weeks. Moreover, its efficacy is increasing in a dose-dependent manner. While so are the side effects, most people suggest they can tolerate it well. Moreover, if the side effects seem to be too much, most users suggest that lowering the dosage will deal with the problem.

In the end, the main results that you can expect from Andarine include:

  • Build lean muscle mass. One study suggests that Andarine in castrated male rats provides more anabolic activity and builds muscle mass faster than actual testosterone.
  • Accelerates fat loss. According to users, Andarine rivals Cardarine in terms of fat burning properties, being helpful even in lower doses.
  • Helps build strength. An amazing advantage of Andarine is the fact that it will help boost strength levels. People notice an increase in major lifts during gym sessions.



Anyway, let’s explain in a bit more detail Andarine benefits.

Bigger Pumps

Andarine S4 SARM is highly efficient in making the muscles pumped and drier. This way they appear to be bigger and vascular. Overall, people using Andarine report an almost immediate change in the way their muscles look, being bigger, due to bigger and longer lasting pumps in the gym. Users suggest that this effect will start to be noticeable in the first week as long as you use S4 while following a great workout plan. Stacking can be an amazing option with S4 SARM, but using it alone for 6-8 weeks would be enough to greatly help your body look ripped with a dry and definite appearance.

Maximum Fat Loss

As said, you can experience fat loss from using Andarine S4. Even if you’re not following a cutting diet, Andarine is not going to allow your body to gain as much fat. But Andarine S4 SARM has such a powerful effect in terms of fat loss, that you will notice awesome results when attempting to lose weight and/or burn fat. According to one study, S4 suppresses the production of a hormone popular as Hormone Sensitive Lipase that regulates the metabolism of stored fat. This explains why Andarine won’t only help burn a lot of fat, but also provides a huge energy boost, with users suggesting they are feeling energized, with lots of stamina and endurance. If you put that energy to good use (building muscle or cardio), you help burn even more fat.

Anecdotal reports suggest that you could lose 5-15 lbs of fat in 2-6 weeks of cycle with Andarine S4. Of course, however, you need to follow a proper workout schedule and have a healthy and balanced diet plan.

Better Endurance and Strength

Among Andarine benefits, you are definitely going to notice the endurance and strength boost. It starts to be really visible within 2 weeks, but a lot of users’ reports suggest that this effect will start sooner. One thing that all users report is the fact that they are able to break their lifting records while on the Andarine S4 SARM cycle, on almost all lifting exercises such as deadlift, squat, bench press, and so on.

Increase Muscle Growth

Not only does Andarine help you get stronger, but it helps you build muscle mass too. Andarine is a popular SARM among various athletes. Some are searching for its strength enhancing effects, others for its ability to help burn fat, but others need its muscle building effects. Especially considering that the muscle built is lean and dry. In studies involving Andarine, as well as people who already tried Andarine, it was concluded that Andarine can help gain decent muscle mass during a bulking cycle.

Even if you’re not following the best bulking diet and workout plan, you can still get additional muscle. Now imagine what it can do if you’re following a great workout plan with a good bulking diet. Studies suggest that even a low dosage of Andarine S4 is going to be sufficient to retain muscle mass while you’re cutting. But a higher dosage is even more effective at building muscle. So, 50 mg/day of Andarine with a caloric surplus and hypertrophy training will help you gain at least 10 lbs of lean muscle mass during the first cycle.

Reduces Water Retention

As said, Andarine helps burn fat, but it also helps provide that dry muscle look that makes you appear ripped and shredded. This is because Andarine makes your muscles pumped while helping reduce water retention. There will be no bloating due to water retention in muscles. This is one of the reasons why the Andarine S4 SARM is so popular. It is well known for its ability to help you create that vascularity and chiseled body. This is because this SARM creates a perfect anabolic environment in the body.

Reduces Prostate Size

According to the research, Andarine S4 SARM is effective at suppressing the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor enzyme. This is what helps it be useful against benign prostate hyperplasia. That’s all because Andarine S4 has a positive effect on the prostate gland. This is the reason why some experts suggest that in the future, people could use this SARM as an alternate treatment for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

How To Get The Best Andarine Benefits?

While Andarine benefits are awesome, it is important to remember that you get them only as long as you follow some simple rules. For example, it helps you burn fat, but it won’t help you see any weight loss results as long as you’re not eating right. Moreover, it helps you gain muscle, but it won’t help you gain any muscle as long as you’re not working out right. The point is – Andarine benefits come to people working for this. They just notice a huge boost in their results. That’s simply because the results cannot come out of nothing.

Besides, in order to get some good Andarine benefits, you need real and high quality Andarine. It’s pretty obvious that a bunk/low quality product will not work as expected. Worse – if there’s God knows what in the product, you may even experience more unwanted side effects. While Andarine itself can cause some side effects, most user reports suggest they are usually mild, if reported at all.

  • The good news is that you can buy Andarine S4 for sale at the best quality and cheapest prices on the market directly from Not only that, but you need to learn how to use S4 and use correct dosage to get the best Andarine benefits. Luckily, can help with that too. In short, as long as you’re searching for ways to achieve your physique and performance goals with the help of this SARM, we’ve got you covered!


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