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Andarine S4 Dosage

The Best Andarine Dosage | S4 Dosage

In this article, you’re going to find everything that you need regarding Andarine (S4) dosage. We’re going to share the best Andarine dosage for cutting and bulking needs. You may also find information about the safest S4 SARM dosage as well as the dosage that was used in human trials. Hopefully, this will be helpful in determining the most optimal dosage for you and your needs.

By researching online, you could notice that almost every article of interest is suggesting that the best S4 SARM dosage is 50 mg per day for a period of 8 weeks. While that’s indeed a very common practice of using Andarine, you should be aware of the fact that this dosage may also cause side effects too. That’s why, if you choose to run this dosage, pay close attention to the side effects. Or you could start with a lower dosage. Let me explain below.

Impaired Vision and Andarine S4 Dosage

One side effect that everyone’s talking about when talking about Andarine is impaired vision (seeing yellow). I personally used Andarine S4 SARM and I personally experienced this side effect. While it’s nothing too harsh, it’s at least not pleasant. Not everyone experiences this side effect, but many do. Moreover, it does seem there’s a strong connection between the dosage that you use and the impaired vision issue (exactly like any other side effects).

In order to avoid the side effect of experiencing a yellow tint in the vision you have two options and you could try one after another.

  1. The first one is to lower the Andarine dosage you use. There’s a very high chance that this side effect is going to disappear or at least become tolerable.
  2. The second solution is to completely stop the use of Andarine. After stopping the use of this SARM, this side effect is sure to disappear. If you completely stop its use, there are other SARMs options to try. One of the best is Ostarine (MK-2866) because of its effectiveness yet mildness in terms of side effects.

Andarine S4 Summary

s4-andarineS4, which a lot of people know as Andarine, is a SARM that seems to be fairly mild when you compare it to other SARMs out there, however, it’s definitely not the mildest. A lot of people seem to compare S4 (Andarine) to MK2866 (Ostarine). S4 Andarine, however, is more powerful than MK2866 Ostarine. Yet, the human trials on this SARM stopped due to Ostarine being a more favored and promising SARM out of the two.

Anyway, both of these SARMs seem to offer pretty similar effects in terms of benefits and potency, although Andarine S4 SARM is more powerful. This compound is suppressive to natural testosterone production, although not as suppressive as others since it’s not as powerful. This is the reason why there are people who manage to recover their natural testosterone production without a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after the cycle. At least, when they use lower doses. But again, not everyone could, so preparing a PCT plan after the cycle, just in case, is never a bad idea.


More About Andarine…

When talking about Andarine S4 SARM human trials, they were never published. The Phase I study on humans was abandoned when the subjects who were using Andarine started to develop disturbances in their vision (as I earlier mentioned). As I said, researchers gave up on Andarine in favor of Ostarine.

Nonetheless, the main benefits of Andarine S4 SARM are still helpful when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. That’s because they are increasing muscle mass, and fat loss as well as reducing prostate size in men. Additionally, it increases bone mineral density too.

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Remember that in this article we’re mostly going to talk about Andarine S4 dosage. If you want to find out more information about this SARM, make sure you check out the link as well as our blog articles.

Andarine S4 Half-Life

It’s very important to determine the half life of a product before you actually start using it. As I explained through other posts, that’s helpful in determining the best way to use it – the administration schedule. That’s also helpful in determining how fast it flushes out of the system.

Unfortunately, there are no studies that were published (as I said) when talking specifically about the Andarine S4 half-life. However, there is other research done on S4 which suggests that the half-life is about 4 (four) hours. We could have trust in that considering that the anecdotal reports suggest the same thing.

But since the half-life of this SARM is only 4 hours, it means that you need to use it multiple times per day in order to maintain stable levels of S4 in your blood. You should use S4 Andarine at least twice a day, but it’s best to spread the daily dosage into 3-4 administrations throughout the day.

Best Andarine S4 Bulking Dosage


As I said, Andarine is not the most powerful SARM out there, that’s why people do not really go for a bulking cycle with this compound. They generally opt for other more powerful SARMs for bulking purposes.

Nonetheless, some still go for S4 for a bulking cycle. With a proper diet and workout plan, you may expect to gain about 5 pounds of lean muscle mass or even more. Additionally, it could help you burn some fat or at least gain less fat than you normally would during your bulking cycle.

Bulking Dosage

The dosage of Andarine for bulking is ranging anywhere between 20 mg and 50 mg a day. There are some people who use as much as 100 mg a day, exclusively for bulking purposes. However, going to such a huge dosage comes with higher risks of side effects. Doses of 50 mg per day are already enough to cause side effects, not to mention anything higher.

That’s why I’m not very sure if going for a dosage higher than 50 mg a day is effective. Even if you attempt it, I would only recommend it to absolute professionals who know what they’re doing and have a vast experience with this compound. Even going for the dosage of up to 50 mg per day requires you to have some previous experience first with a lower dosage. At least, that’s what I would recommend.

  • Regardless of the daily dosage, the cycle length ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. Also, regardless of the daily dosage, you need to split the dosage throughout the day into 2-4 equal parts of the day, used evenly apart throughout the day.

Also, if you start at 20-25 mg a day, there’s a chance that you won’t need a PCT plan (yet, there’s almost no chance that you will not need it at dosages any higher). Even at this dosage, you will still need to prepare a PCT, just in case you notice testosterone suppression symptoms.

Best Andarine S4 Cutting Dosage

The cutting cycle is where S4 Andarine really starts shining. That’s because it does wonder for cutting considering that this compound is a bit stronger than Ostarine and is doing an even better job. If you already know how immensely effective Ostarine is for this cycle, you can imagine how effective Andarine is.

Andarine is sure to preserve all of your lean muscles during a cutting cycle and may actually even help build some lean muscles too. But that’s obviously not all. The compound is likely to help aid in weight and fat loss. While you get muscular, you lose fat. The perfect scenario for a cutting cycle.

For cutting, a dosage of about 20-25 mg a day is going to be enough. Of course, splitting the dosage throughout the day and using it for a period of about 6-8 weeks. Exactly as in bulking, such a dosage may not require a PCT, but having a PCT plan ready just in case is a very good idea.

You may not need any higher dosage, but even if you ever use any higher doses, it shouldn’t get over 50 mg/day. Remember what I earlier said – even this dosage can be high enough to cause some pretty nasty side effects. Especially the vision issues.


Safest S4 Andarine Dosage

According to both the research and anecdotal experiences, people can actually consume up to 100 mg of S4 per day without experiencing any issues, but that’s not a good dosage for everyone considering the yellow tint in vision that people may experience. If you don’t experience it, you may use such a dosage. But not everyone could.

Especially considering that this side effect is pretty serious and could impair your vision pretty badly. It’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t love to mess with your vision. Just use the dosage that is not causing any issues.

That’s why I strongly recommend starting with the lowest dosage which is also the safest S4 dosage – 20 mg a day. While splitting this dosage throughout the dosage.

At this dosage, the chances of it causing vision issues are much lower. At the same time, this dosage is still pretty effective when it comes to boosting athletic performance and helping you develop the physique that you’re dreaming about.

What Andarine S4 Dosage Should I Use?


The dosage that you plan to use is entirely up to you. The exact dosage that is most suitable for you depends on various factors, mostly depending on your goals, weight/height, gender and age, environmental factors as well as personal tolerance to it (genetic factors).

Generally, the dosage of Andarine S4, as you can see, ranges between 20 mg and 100 mg a day. A lot of people use 50 mg per day with high success. Nonetheless, such a dosage, or especially higher, are increasing the risks of side effects. Despite you getting a worse natural testosterone suppression, 50 mg per day or even higher dosages are very likely to cause vision impairment.

Due to all of these reasons I strongly recommend starting with a lower dosage of Andarine of 20-25 mg a day. You may start right away at 50 mg a day, but I strongly recommend lowering the dosage if you notice the yellow tint in your vision. Some people report this issue at even 20 mg a day and if you’re one of them, you may need to avoid the use of S4 SARM and go for other compounds.

  • Women may find that 10-20 mg a day is the maximum they may need to use too.

Remember to split the daily dosage because Andarine has a very short half life. Additionally, the cycle length is commonly 8 weeks. I wouldn’t recommend using it any longer, but you could use it for only 6 weeks with great success. Although, stop its use sooner if you get any side effects.

  • Moreover, with more experience, you could stack Andarine S4 with other SARMs such as Ostarine, Testolone, or others.


Using Andarine S4 can be highly effective both for bulking and for cutting, although it really shines in cutting cycles. However, in order to experience the best results from it, you should use it carefully. You should learn what’s the best Andarine S4 dosage specifically for you because it can vary a lot from one person to another.

Dosages of 50 mg/day or especially higher are tempting because they could offer more results, but remember that with higher dosages – higher risks of side effects, especially when it comes to vision impairments.

  • Moreover, to avoid Andarine S4 side effects and yield the best results and benefits, make sure you buy only high quality SARMs. At you could buy SARMs for sale, including S4, making sure that we never compromise on the quality. Additionally, you can get the nice bonus of saving money for these SARMs.



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