Stenabolic – SR9009 Benefits

There are lots of SR9009 benefits you can expect as long as you use it right…

Stenabolic is the most popular name of SR9009 which is sometimes misidentified as a SARM. In reality, this is a Rev-ErbA, originally created to support circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the natural state of living organisms.

Stenabolic (SR 9009) has the ability to boost Rev Erb Alpha, which is a specific group of proteins that plays an important role in regulating the central circadian clock. Research indicates that this can greatly help increase the endurance of the users while supporting body fat loss and boosting the available energy levels.

  • Among other SR 9009 benefits, I can mention: improving respiratory function (especially during cardio), and reducing feelings of physical and mental fatigue while promoting fat burning – even the most stubborn body fat. For all these reasons, SR9009 is a highly popular product in sports and fitness circles.

Although it is referred to as a SARM, it’s actually a chemical acting as a metabolic regulator. So, this is not a SARM, but it still works on specific receptors (not on androgenic ones though) and that’s why many people stack it with SARMs. But it is highly effective on its own.

Yet, SR9009 is not a hormonal compound, which is a type of benefit in itself. Not being androgenic and hormonal, means that it will not suppress natural testosterone production. Therefore, the use of Stenabolic (SR 9009) will not require a PCT plan (Post Cycle Therapy) as you would with SARMs, for example.

Moreover, although Stenabolic, AKA SR9009, is popular for bodybuilders and athletes and is still a research drug, it was proven effective at improving the overall health and quality of life of anyone using it. Most people using it report incredible results with it, both for physique/performance enhancement and for health purposes.


Main SR9009 Benefits

Fat Loss

Anyone who plans to lose body fat and lose weight would find Stenabolic an amazing compound. In fact, SR 9009 was proven effective even in people who are obese or overweight. But will obviously help those who aim to lose stubborn fat for maximizing their body image with a hard and defined fat-free appearance.

SR9009 benefits weight loss and fat burning in three different ways.

  • Increases glucose metabolism. It influences the metabolism of glucose in the liver. Your muscle will absorb more glucose instead of it being stored as fat.
  • Increases calorie metabolism. Calories that enter your body as food will not store as much fat as your body will metabolize them way faster. In fact, it helps get rid of the already stored fat.
  • Improves basal metabolic rate. SR 9009 will greatly increase your overall body metabolism. With a higher basal metabolic rate, everything in the body works faster and harder. This way, the body requires more energy. It takes that energy demand from fat. One great advantage is that it does so without affecting your CNS (Central Nervous System), unlike most other fat burners on the market that boost metabolism.


This is perhaps the best and first thing that people notice when they start using Stenabolic. For this reason, SR9009 is referred to as “exercise in a bottle”. It is one of the best things on the market for increasing endurance, energy, and stamina. People using it will notice a surge in energy and endurance, allowing them to perform any type of exercise easier and for longer periods. This yields more results. In fact, even if you’re not working out, it will greatly help accomplish your daily tasks. Reduces fatigue so you can perform better both in and out of the gym.

Muscular Hypertrophy

Among SR9009 benefits we can include the benefit of an increase in lean muscle mass. While it is not a muscle growing product and won’t directly help you gain more muscle and strength (as SARMs would), it aids this process indirectly. As you have more endurance and less fatigue, your muscles can perform better, which means that you can lift weight longer and possibly heavier weights. This will inevitably lead to muscular hypertrophy. Additionally, it activates Rev-Erb A, a protein that promotes the burning of stored body fat and increases mitochondrial activity. It aids the creation of new cells and the rapid growth of muscle.

Reduces Inflammation

If you’re a veteran lifter you already know what it is like to feel sore post-workout. This soreness often lasts for days, stopping you from working out. During the SR9009 cycle, you will notice a huge difference in this soreness. Because it amplifies the elimination of worn mitochondria and stimulates the generation of new mitochondria, it will greatly reduce pain after strenuous exercise. This is also the reason why people with chronic inflammation issues (such as arthritis or others) usually notice a great improvement in their conditions. This is also what helps you work out longer and more intensively, which indirectly helps gain muscle and strength while further boosting fat loss processes.

Liver Related Benefits

SR9009 affects your liver in a positive way. It manages to change the way the body processes glucose. For this reason, people with liver issues report that SR 9009 helps their condition. In fact, the way it works on the liver will greatly help clean the liver, reduce inflammation, and help increase HDL (good) cholesterol and decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol, including controlling the production of fat cells in the body.

Medical Applications

SR9009 benefits do not stop there. This is still a research drug, but chances are, it will become a medical drug for various medical purposes such as:

  • Treatment for Obesity. Because of the way it helps you lose weight and burn fat.
  • Treatment for Type II Diabetes. Because of the way it helps regulate glucose.
  • Treatment for Sarcopenia. Because of the way it helps muscle hypertrophy.
  • Treatment for Cholesterol-Related Conditions. Because of the way it works on the liver.

Significant Stenabolic SR9009 Benefits Noticed by Athletes

  • A great boost in energy, stamina, and endurance levels
  • Improves weight loss and fat burning processes
  • Faster growth of lean muscle tissues
  • Improves blood cholesterol levels
  • Enhances muscular endurance and usability
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Improves cardiovascular function
  • Improves cholesterol values
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Reduces tissue damage
  • Betters the levels of triglycerides in the blood
  • Aids alertness while reducing fatigue and weakness


How to Yield Maximum SR9009 Benefits?

It’s very important to remember that as long as you plan to use this compound, you should be prepared.

  1. I strongly recommend learning as much as possible about Stenabolic (SR 9009). This way, you will know what you can expect from it.
  2. For example, without proper administration, you may not be happy with its results. So you should research the best SR9009 dosage.
  3. Not only that, but SR9009 is a drug and as with any other, it may cause side effects. You should check the SR 9009 (Stenabolic) side effects too.
  4. One last thing to mention, regardless of how you use this compound, it will simply not offer the best benefits (and may even provide more side effects) as long as it’s not real SR9009. You should buy SR9009 from reputable vendors only ensuring your product is real and of high quality!
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