RU58841 Review

RU58841 is still an investigational drug so far that was invented for the purpose of treating androgenic alopecia, a condition that is also popular as male pattern baldness (MPD) or simply hair loss.

According to the research on this compound, RU58841 seems to show an incredible effect when it comes to fighting against hair loss (alopecia). In fact, some research suggests it could be the best product to battle this health condition. The problem with RU58841 is that there is not very much data available on this compound. The research stopped some years ago, seemingly, because of financial reasons.

Despite limited data, this compound has still been proven numerous times, by a lot of different people all over the world, that RU 58841 is actually an extremely effective and helpful tool against hair loss.

  • In this blog post, we decided to talk more about RU-58841, about its results, how it works, possible side effects, how to use it, and many others. With proper use, it could greatly help you in your hair loss needs. It might be helpful to prevent and even deal with hair loss.

So, those who are having hair loss issues (because that’s mostly a genetic condition), would really love to appreciate this article. Especially considering that according to some people with experience, SARMs are mild in terms of hair loss, but some of them can cause such side effects to some people too.

What is RU58841?

RU58841 is an anti-androgenic compound. A French company with the name Roussel Uclaf researched and created this product. According to the researchers, they noticed that RU58841 is a powerful androgen receptor inhibitor, which is capable of blocking DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors. This is impeding hair loss from occurring.

This is a topical solution that people need to apply right on the scalp in order to bind to the hair follicles.


The research on the product RU58841, however, stopped later. That’s because of the potential financial concerns and effectiveness. However, later a company Prostrakan bought it so they renamed RU58841 to PSK3841. The company did several studies on it. But it’s worth knowing that PSK3841 is basically RU58841 in case you’re wondering.

But then later, the researchers lost interest in this product. According to them, the total market value is just mediocre. So they thought that the product was not worth their attention, time, and money.

  • IMPORTANT: RU58841 is still an experimental compound, that’s why it is not approved for human use. The information we share here is based on the clinical data available as well as anecdotal experiences. This is a purely informational article. Do not take it as medical advice because it is not.

How Does RU58841 Work?

In order to understand how RU58841 works, you need to understand why hair loss occurs in the first place and what the main reason for hair loss is.

Alopecia (hair loss) is prominent in men, however, it can happen in women too. Nonetheless, according to research, about 20% of adult men under the age of 30 are experiencing hair loss. However, by the age of 35, the number doubles as about 40% of men suffer from it. What I’m trying to say is that this is a very common thing in males and many of them would love to deal with it.

In almost all cases of male pattern baldness, this condition occurs because of high DHT levels. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a powerful male hormone that is responsible for a lot of processes in the body, especially for a man. Nonetheless, by having high levels of this DHT hormone, in most cases, results in hair loss. That’s because DHT is binding to the androgen receptors at the hair follicles, reducing the hair or completely removing them.

This is the main reason why hair loss is mostly a condition males suffer from – they have way more DHT hormone than women do.

Now, remember I mentioned RU58841 is an anti androgen compound? RU58841 is working by blocking the DHT from binding to the androgen receptors of the hair follicles. The product, therefore, protects the hair from miniaturizing. This is a product coming in a topical solution that you’ve got to apply to the scalp.

According to researchers, there is some data (but limited) suggesting that RU5881 might have the ability to restore the damaged hair follicles. However, it requires more research in this matter to prove it’s actually true.

RU58841 vs Finasteride and Dutasteride

There Dutasteride and Finasteride are compounds that also block the DHT levels, but they are medications that you need to use orally and they block DHT levels from within, all over the body.

That’s why, although Finasteride is pretty much the only compound approved for the treatment of hair loss so far, it comes with downsides. There’s a lot of research done on Dutasteride and Finasteride for alopecia treatment, but RU58841 is working differently. It comes with the advantage of not blocking DHT from within (which is very likely to cause side effects in males) but blocks it locally (at the scalp).

RU58841 Results

There are a lot of people who already seem to have tried RU58841 and they report great results. Similar RU8841 results were noticed in the clinical studies. For example, the first study done in 1994 on hamsters indicated that RU58841 is having great results as a topical treatment of androgen dependent skin disorders like for example androgenic alopecia as well as others like acne and hirsutism.

In 1998, researchers suggested that RU58841 is able to increase the density, ticketing as well as length of the hair too on those people who are suffering from male pattern baldness.

There were also other studies comparing the effects of Finasteride (the only approved hair loss medication) and RU58841. The results of that study are actually really promising.

The researchers found out that RU58841 and Finasteride both increased anagen follicles by about 100%! In fact, RU58841 did an even better job. What’s even more is that with RU58841, there was hair regrowth of about 25% too, which is then again a bigger percentage than with that of Finasteride.

Anyway, in the end, the results of Finasteride vs RU58841 were very similar (although, again, RU58841 showed even better results). However, the biggest difference is that Finasteride was decreasing overall DHT levels. However, RU58841 was having no significant change in the DHT and testosterone levels of the user.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that RU58841 results are so great, without huge risks of side effects. Therefore, it seems like studies on this product indicate it works highly effectively without huge risks of side effects.

RU58841 Before and After

As said, RU58841 results are great. Researchers indicate it, but there are also people who already tried it, despite the fact that it still remains a research drug. Most of them seem to indicate very promising RU58841 before and after results.

ru58841-before-and-after RU58841 Side Effects

Overall, RU58841 seems like an awesome anti hair loss medication with limited or no side effects at all. However, it would be a mistake to assume that RU58841 is actually having no side effects. It remains a potent anti androgen and like any other medication, it’s capable of causing side effects.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that this is still an experimental drug! There are not too many human trials so it’s hard to say what kind of RU58841 side effects you can experience. Yet, you still should be prepared.

However, the good news is that RU 58841 is a product that reached phase 3 in trials (meaning studies on humans). This means that the effects are very promising and it shouldn’t cause a lot and/or dangerous side effects.

Unfortunately, there is not very much clinical data available when talking about the side effects of RU58841. Nonetheless, the limited data already indicates that the product is not causing too harsh side effects. Moreover, there are already a lot of anecdotal experiences proving that there indeed are not too many side effects and that most people can tolerate this product very well, with little or actually no side effects. However, with proper administration.

  • It’s important to understand: RU58841 is a topical compound and like all other topical products, it could cause skin related issues. It can lead to skin irritation, redness, swelling, dryness, and others. As with anything else, some people could be allergic to this product too. That’s rare, but it still occurs.

Androgen Block Side Effects

However, those are just common issues with common products (allergies and skin irritation). What you should be aware of is that RU58841 is blocking the androgen receptors. Some of this solution is entering your bloodstream (topically) and this is capable of blocking other androgen receptors in the body too!

This means that we can’t exclude the possibility of developing DHT related side effects. Some examples of such symptoms (RU58841 side effects) are:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
  • And others too

How to Apply RU58841?

According to research, a lower RU58841 dosage is not very effective. That’s why you’ve got to ensure that you’re using the clinical dosage. That’s approximately 50 mg per day. As said, RU58841 is a topical solution. It is straightforward to use.

When you get a bottle of RU58841, you usually get a dripper that can help you apply it on your scalp or on those areas that are prone to male pattern baldness. There’s also the powder version. People make a solution with it on their own. They are both the same, working the same way.

The liquid RU58841 is applied to the scalp and most users spread that solution with their fingers, rubbing it on their scalp. This takes a maximum of one minute. It’s important to follow this plan on a daily basis. I recommend doing it around the same time of the day, every day.

I also highly recommend applying RU58841 within 20 minutes after showing and drying your hair for the best effects. At least, that’s what most people recommend for enhancing the effectiveness.

The 50 mg per day is the beginner RU58841 dosage because that’s what most people start with when they decide to run this product. I strongly recommend starting with 50 mg a day and working up from there. That’s because only in severe cases do some users decide to increase to 75 mg or even 100 mg a day. But not everyone needs such doses.

If you notice that 50 mg a day works, then there’s no need to increase the dosage. If you do, you’re likely to increase the side effects risk.


RU58841 Cycle Length

It’s important to know that you’ve got to use RU58841 for an extended period in order to notice some results. Do not expect results within a matter of days. At the same time, it’s extremely important for you to stay consistent and make this a daily schedule if you want to notice results.

Some people report that they use it for months in order to get awesome results. However, some report that the results disappear after stopping the use of RU58841. That’s why many people never stop using it.

According to a study, a four week continuous use of this product would help the hair follicle turn back to normal.

RU58841 Buy

Stay tuned for RU58841 for sale. So far, we do not offer RU58841 for sale as we can’t sell products that we haven’t tried ourselves. When we do, we are going to come back with updates.


RU58841 seems to be a really effective product when it comes to battling hair loss. There are no long term studies done on this product, but a lot of studies already prove it works. Moreover, there are a lot of people who have already tried it and suggest it works, with awesome RU58841 results in terms of treating hair loss.

So, while it is still an investigational drug, a lot of people have already tried it and they have had great results. The best news is that it doesn’t seem to have many side effects either. So, if you’re searching for a solution that could help hair loss, you could give it a try. This is a topical solution that could easily help you deal with hair loss as it takes just a minute a day to apply it to your scalp.

RU58841 Frequently Asked Questions

How to Store RU58841?

It is extremely important to store your RU58841 bottle in a dry, dark, and cool place. The best way to store the liquid solution is in your fridge in a sealed cap. Using it after the expiration date or after exposure to heat and/or light – RU58841 is likely to lose potency.

You could make some liquid solutions (so you could have it for a period) out of raw powder if that’s the form you’ve got and still store it all in the fridge.

How Long Does RU58841 Take to Work?

According to research, it takes about two months of daily continuous use to see some results from using RU58841. Some users may notice some effects sooner, after about four weeks of use. Nonetheless, you can expect the real results after about 2-4 months of use.

RU58841 vs Finasteride

Considering that Finasteride is the only approved medication for dealing with hair loss, it’s obvious that a lot of people are wondering which one is a better option for fighting hair loss. Also, what are the differences between the two? Well, both products are highly effective, but some preliminary studies indicate that RU58841 might be an even more promising product for alopecia.

But even if it’s not better, you have to consider another extremely important factor: Finasteride is a very powerful DHT blocker. It lowers the body’s DHT, which is very likely to cause side effects. For example, low libido and erectile dysfunction. RU58841 also does so, but it mostly works locally!

Can I Stack RU58841?

Yes, you can. People often stack RU58841 with other products that can help combat hair loss. The most common stack is RU58841 with Minoxidil. It works highly effectively in protecting hair follicles and allowing new hair to grow back.

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